Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Frying tonight!!

top from... I can't remember where, it's some obscure brand I bought in an outlet shop and now the top's in the wash, Urban Outfitters skirt, M&S tights, Office shoes, Claire's Accessories earrings

I have a complicated relationship with lipstick.

On the one hand, I love it. I love it's classic 50's lady like connotations, the fact it can look so great dressed down with simple outfits, and I do just love the look of lips densely coloured in red like a child scrawled over their mouth with a fat felt tip pen. I've always loved red as an accent colour, and used to use it a lot in my school artwork. I like the fact it's a colour with so many confusing and contradictory feelings attached to it..... love, hate, anger, passion, blood, war..... yeah, you can tell I used it a lot can't you? It symbolises far too many things in my mind.

But, moving away from my ridiculous pretentious tangent, I can't really be getting on with lipstick. I had braces of some kind for about 5 years and worked as a dental secretary for a year or so back when I was 17. Hence, I have a slightly bordering-on-the-obsessive concern with how my breath smells, whether I have crap stuck in my teeth, my mouth is dry, blah blah blah..... And I also feel like my lips are never as moisturised and smooth as they could be. Hence you can see why I find it difficult to get on with lipstick. I am also somewhat cautious when it comes to make up anyway. I am always terrified of looking like some 15 year old chav who can't apply it properly and so therefore always border on the slightly safer side at the worry of looking cheap and nasty. I've watched countless tutorials about how to apply lipstick, and know all about the lipliner, and applying with a brush, and blotting, but I'm still never entirely sure whether it looks alright or whether I look like that child with a felt tip pen.

Despite really liking the red against my pale skin and dark hair, I was also worried I looked a little like this-

.... ie. a bit dead and vampy.

(Ah, Carry On Screaming... one of my favourite films as a child... let's just say my grandad had a slightly wicked sense of humour and not the best judgement when deciding what was appropriate for a child to watch!)

I think I probably just need to get used to the feeling of lipstick and train myself out of the habit of licking and chewing my lips all the time. So, I am asking you all, what do you think? Worth the effort and extra 10 minutes it takes in the morning??

Ooh, just to say, I am heading off to Austria with my family on Saturday and am hoping to get a few posts written to schedule in while I'm gone before then; however this may not happen and there shall be a blog hiatus of some length whether I get them done or not. I shall be back on the 15th with hopefully lots of exciting stories to tell you.


  1. See, I love lipstick :D The red looks lovely, but I find if you go for a slight pink it looks a bit less... vampy
    (ps RIP pacman cardigan :( )

  2. I like the color of your lipstock ;)
    new post - new inspirations < 3

    Bisou Bisou ;);*

  3. You look great with that lipstick! and I love the shirt


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