Saturday, 10 July 2010

I just need a deckchair to complete this outfit...

Miss Selfridge tee shirt nicked from my sister, Laura Ashley cardigan, homemade skirt, charity shop belt, M&S tights, Topshop earrings

Is it sad that I planned an entire outfit around my eyeshadow?? Well, I don't care, because the MAC pigment is INCREDIBLE. I've got it layered over a Benefit cream eyeshadow in Stiletto. It's the most amazing intense violet colour and makes my eyes look really bright and sparkley. It also stays on really well. Usually my eyeshadow flakes a little or creases, but this hasn't at all. It's probably also thanks to the cream eyeshadow underneath, so I must thank Benefit also. I want to wear it every single day. I'm sorry the close up shots aren't great; I tried my best but it's pretty fiddly to take pictures of your own face. I also apologise for looking a little demented in the photo with my eyes looking upwards, but I was trying to show you how the colour contrasted with my irises.
Anyway, this is the skirt I made myself. I'm aware this outfit isn't terribly flattering, but I wanted to wear something purple and wear my new shell belt. I could have done with making the skirt a bit longer and the elastic perhaps a little smaller, so it sat more on my waist than on my belly. If I make another one I shall endeavour to do so. I once again paired the skirt with my ice cream earrings to continue the holiday theme, likewise with the belt. These tights are also some new ones I recently discovered in M&S. I'd had some sheer ones from Topshop, but they were a bit prone to laddering and they also cut into my belly somewhat. These ones from M&S are much more comfortable and better quality. They perhaps aren't the best look with a skirt this short but it was hot, so I don't really care.
I just said to my dad that I'm never quite sure how to finish off my posts. He suggested, 'Ta ta for now, cocoa calls.' So that's how I'm going to end it!


  1. I <3 your dad's comments. Does he have a blog?!

  2. I find you and you capacity to pair outfits very interesting, so I am keeping an eye on your lovely posts.
    Un abrazo Sacramento


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