Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pink, purple and poetry

Bohemia dress, H&M cardi, M&S vest (although I don't really know why you want to know that, it's just a plain white vest!), Carvela shoes, old necklace of my mum's

This is one of the dresses I bought at the weekend. It's a little unusual for me, both in the colour and in the style. I tend to end up reverting back slightly to my younger hippy self in the summer, just because it's a lot more comfortable and a hell of a lot more flattering. Tiny denim shorts are not for me. I've got things in a similar purpley tone, like this cardi, but this is a little pinker than usual. I tried it on though and really liked the colour with my hair. It's a wrap dress which is why it requires a vest underneath, although I think anyone would need a vest, not just me with my rather large chest! (Ooh look, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it). It's also got this really interesting detail on the chest area. I like how it's not just a simple maxi dress, but has the tiers and a long enough wrap around to tie a bow on the front. I've got rather sore feet after being out today with the Carvela shoes on, but it was worth it to wear them with this dress! I really love this old necklace of my mum's, but I don't wear it very often after too many comments about how it looked like a cannabis leaf- oh dear. I loved wearing this dress today- I felt really pretty and girly, and quite summery for me. I also bought these Accessorize earrings today, because I've been trying to get more long earrings since I've been growing my hair and I can now wear longer ones again. I also bought my first bit of MAC make up today. I bought some violet eyeshadow from Bourjois a while ago and really like the purple with my green eyes, but wanted something with a more intense colour, and that I hopefully wouldn't flick all over my face whilst applying it! I asked the ladies at the MAC counter whether they had anything in this sort of colour in a cream eyeshadow; they unfortunately hadn't, but she suggested layering this pigment over a cream eyeshadow which would not only intensify the colour but also help to keep it on. I'm very excited to try it out; I've only ever heard good things about MAC make up, and may adventure back for some lipstick if this stuff turns out to be good.

I've read this post back over now and feel like it's got too many exclamation marks. But hey, I'm in a good mood, I'm going to leave them in. And yes, I did have this photo taken at a train station. Sorry, I forgot to use more picturesque scenery. I've been to Totnes today with my friend Sinead, which is this amazing town about an hour's train journey away. It used to be my favourite place to shop when I was a kid and didn't disappoint when I went back today. But I did manage to curb my purchases today and only bought a couple of books which might be relevant to my dissertation. I found this really old copy of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poetry in a second hand book shop which is great because I'm thinking of doing my dissertation on him. I also bought some silk offcuts from this amazing fabric shop to (hopefully) make some hairbands I can sell on Etsy. I shall post some pictures up here when I'm finished to let you all see what you think. But now I should head off to bed since I am doing my first day volunteering tomorrow and I have a load of ironing to do beforehand! Yes, I know, my life is terribly exciting. I'm sorry, this is what being confined to a small Devon village does to you.


  1. Looove your necklace and earrings! <3

  2. I do think you look so lovely. A great inspiration. I must find Carvela shoes, they look so comfortable and beautiful on you an Katie.
    Un abrazo from the very hot south of Spain- 45ºc today.


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