Saturday, 3 July 2010

A rather inarticulate post in which I get far too excited about a trench coat.

M&S coat, Miss Selfridge dress via charity shop, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt (just seen), M&S tights and belt, Office shoes, bag via charity shop, Tatty Devine necklace

This is one of those items that I have had in my wardrobe for a very long time and have yet never worn. When I bought this trench coat I absolutely loved it. However, my reservations about the sandy beige colour on me never really went away and so I have never worn it. But I do just absolutely love all the unusual detailing with the pleats and the collar, and decided the other day that I WAS going to wear it. Then I wore it out yesterday and am kicking myself for not having done it before! I felt so cool for having such an unusual coat. I tried to pair it with other school wear-type items, such as my pinafore and the satchely bag. (And by the way, how fucking awesome is this bag???!! I found it in Oxfam the other day, but I do need to find a strap for it, since as you can tell the pink strap doesn't really go). I tried to make it a bit quirky though with the coloured tights, glasses necklace and metallic brogues. I really really loved this outfit and am looking forward to being able to wear this coat again. Sorry, I'm being kind of gushy about the coat! I'll shut up now. I've got some really nice dresses in sales at the weekend that I'm really looking forward to showing you. Also, starting volunteering at the St Lukes Hospice shop this week so am probably soon going to start coming home with even more random old lady things!
I'm sorry, this post is really inarticulate. I shall endeavour next time to sound more like an English university student and not some excitable 14 year old.


  1. grrreat bow belt! and really diggin those purple tights!!

    jess s//hello from LadyFLASHBACK!

  2. Love the belt and that you get your treasures from charity shop. Love it all.


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