Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cath Kidston and apologies

charity shop dress, Tommy Hilfiger knitted waistcoat via second hand shop, Hispanita shoes from my mum! (it's a hand-me-down kind of an outfit)

Firstly, apologies for being so crap and not blogging for so so long. As I'm sure you all realised, I only got around to writing one post before I left and so didn't have many to schedule in. I got back on Saturday but everything's been a bit crazy since then what with washing and ironing and birthdays. I've got some stuff to show you from holiday (not a massive amount but some) and also have a really exciting post to do, but I thought I would ease myself back in gently.

How ridiculously amazingly beautiful are these shots from the new Cath Kidston Autumn range???!! I want pretty much every single bit of the clothing, but especially that teal velvet pinafore. It just looks like it would be so nice to touch, and so comfy, and would make you feel so effortlessly chic. I love the 40's landgirl vibe that they have going on (third picture is me doing my 'landgirl digging' pose), and am going to attempt this in my autumn wardrobe. I tried to do a summer version with this shirt dress and knitted waistcoat. This is the other dress I wore when I went up to London with Kathy but forgot to photograph it for you all. These shoes are some ones recently donated by my mum since they don't really fit her; I really like the mary jane style and the slight brogue-ness from the different coloured sections. They're also pretty damn comfy in the heat, and have a slight heel which helps with my funny tendons (for my beautiful information about my weird feet, see this post.)

Also, thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, it was good to hear from others that the outfit was just slutty in my head! I've decided I am going to attempt to dress a little more provocatively, because really, I'm nearly 20 for God's sake, I should be able to wear sheer tights and heels and not feel horribly uncomfortable. I'm going out for my birthday on Saturday night, expect to see an attempt after then...

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