Thursday, 19 August 2010

Greasy hair and a belly... it was a good day.

vintage M&S top via charity shop, old Topshop hoodie of my sister's, Only denim skirt, Converse trainers

I bought this top from work recently because I thought it was just too damn pretty to pass up. However, I then found it was going to be somewhat difficult to wear, being pretty damn tight and very, very short. My worry was that my constantly expanding belly would be bulging out for all to see. Now, I'm not saying that layering this vest underneath entirely solved the problem, but I think it definitely helped. I tried to dress the top down with the hoodie and trainers to make it a little less boobalicious. I'm still not entirely sure how comfortable I was wearing it; the top really is just a little too tight. Oh well, I shall soon return to uni and a diet of not much, so hopefully it shall become a little less tight.

Also, please excuse how disgustingly greasy my hair looks in this photo. It was a really hot day, and I was also in need of a haircut.

Ooh, and trainers were found in a bargain bin on holiday for 30 Euros, so saving about £10!

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