Sunday, 29 August 2010

The green eyed Russian peasant monster

M&S shirt of my sister's, Dorothy Perkins skirt, vintage waistcoat, Dr Martens boots, charity shop belt, Pilgrim earrings

We all have blogging envy occasionally. Sometimes it's containable, at other times not. Hence I attempt to restrict how often I look at Sea of Shoes, else I worry I may scratch my laptop screen to shreds in a green eyed fury. For any of you not familiar with the blog, Jane writes the most beautiful creative posts, with stunning pictures of outfits comprised of vintage treasures and a vast selection of designer pickings.

I allowed myself a peek earlier today just as I was meant to be getting changed for dinner with my parents and their friends. Suddenly, I was overcome with a desire to wear something elegant and dramatic; to look quite unlike my usual dumpy self. I've been thinking about this skirt for several weeks now; I need to wear it for a fancy dress costume (oh dear, I'll tell you about that later) and so it's been lurking at the back of my mind somewhat. Despite the fact that I don't wear it very often because I worry it makes me look somewhat gothic, today I put it on since I knew it would provide the desired swishiness. I already had the shirt on, and reached into the wardrobe for something else to put on. Lo and behold, I found this vintage waistcoat of my Mum's which I have never managed to actually wear, due to the rather vibrant embroidery and the fact it didn't quite fit me at the time of donation. But today I thought it would be the perfect thing to make me feel like some upmarket Russian peasant. The boots are a new purchase; I shall do a separate post on them at some point but today they added the needed height plus a contrasting texture against the corduroy. Basically, today's lesson was that I should wear whatever I want regardless of whether I look a bit gothic or like a Russian peasant. I am making a pledge right now to attempt to look at my wardrobe with fresh brave eyes to see all the possible combinations before me.

So, thanks Jane!


  1. I like your (artfully described) "upmarket peasant" look, especially the colorful waistcoat. Good luck with your outfit-building adventures!

  2. That´s the idea to see other blogs, more than getting jelous is to get inspire like you with this lovely waistcoat.
    I do love Sea of Shoes for inspiration as well as Karlas Closet. I am sure they have some good help with the stunning photos.
    Your blog is very authentic and that is the reason I follow you.
    Love from the very hot South of Spain.

  3. Sea of Shoes is like this glimpse of beauty in my life every so often. It fills me with this crazy longing to recorate my entire room as well as my wardrobe. Also it has made me hunt for a guys silk shirt to wear for aaaages. Also, waistcoats are awesome.

  4. what a beatufil uppers shown by wearing a beautiful girl its a amazing art.........
    i love it


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