Friday, 27 August 2010

So long ambition.

Laura Ashley playsuit, M&S cardi and tights, Clarks brogues, charity shop bag

I am a happy bunny today.

Not to sound incredibly up myself or anything, but I think today I NAILED the Granny chic look, thanks to this marvellous Laura Ashley playsuit I purchased yesterday.

I have got a massive backlog of outfit photos to show you, and I apologise for being somewhat lazy recently and not posting as often as I should. In the interests of chronology, I shouldn't be showing you this outfit yet, but I was just too damn excited to wait.

I popped into Laura Ashley with my mum yesterday. Now, don't scoff. Despite it's main clientele being 40 year old mumsy types, I have something of a soft spot for dear old Laura. They always produce very well made clothes and they have the most incredible cardigans (some of my favourites are ones I bought from L.A. on sale). I also bought my absolute-favouritist-jacket-in-the-whole-wide-world from there. Said jacket was bought for £45 instead of £120 (it's the most perfect 40s style leather bomber jacket and makes me feel like a film star), and likewise, playsuit was a terrific bargain for £21 reduced from £85. I originally thought it was a dress and took it into the changing room thinking it would be good for the Cath Kidston-granny-landgirl look, before realising when I attempted to put it on that it was actually a playsuit. But, I actually prefer it like this; I feel it makes the 'look' seem more modern and less like I raided my nan's wardrobe. I know there are loads of girls who can pull off a completely vintage outfit and look really current and edgy; but I'm sorry, I just don't think I'm that kind of girl. Maybe it's the fact my hair never looks artfully dishevelled enough (although I admit it's doing pretty damn well here), or the fact I have a pretty damn dollish face with no cheekbones, or maybe it's just the fact I don't have legs that go up to my armpits. Anyway, the fact it was a playsuit allowed me to put together this outfit and feel really damn clever. I know it's not clever, or terribly stylish, but I feel like it's the beginning of my autumn wardrobe... I am going to do the granny chic look! And I will conquer socks over my tights! And will get used to lipstick!

List of things to help with conquering said granny chic-heritage thing-
- tweed or wool shorts
- big chunky knit cardigans
- knee high socks
- a pair of flat brogues (have my eye on some silver ones from Office)
- some nice vintagey shirts

Also, I think I might sew some elbow patches on this cardi, just to 40s it up a bit more.

I'm going to stop going on now with all this ridiculous pretentious talk of 'looks' and such.

To bed and dissertation reading for me (with the new We Are Scientists album to bop my head to).


  1. I am glad to see that you are back, and will be posting more often ( I missed you through summer).
    I like your granny look, so sweet!!
    Visit my blog sometime for a cup of tea and cakes, he, he

  2. I can really relate to your enthusiasm for clothes, shopping, and looks. You don't come off as being the least bit pretentious! And I love the red lipstick (although I am a bit biased, as I wear it daily myself :)


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