Friday, 3 September 2010

I am not 17.

Dorothy Perkins dress, Cache Cache jacket, Dr Martens boots, Pilgrim earrings

I had seen this dress about a month ago, but decided that £45 just wasn't a price I was willing to pay for it. However, when I found the last one on the sale rail which happened to be my size I took it for a try on. I wasn't entirely sure about it because it isn't quite as well fitting across the bust and waist as I'd like it to be. But, I thought if I made sure I had on a fairly 'phwoar' bra it would probably be alright! I have felt a little self conscious today; you probably can't see in these photos but I did have a fair bit of boob out. But then again, my entire body was covered, so I think it was ok! I've gone up to a D cup because I've put on quite a lot of weight the last year or so, and I think I should probably make more use of them really. As my friend Maddy used to say, boobs to distract from the belly! I've also been trying recently to dress a little more grown up, after an incident on holiday where yet another person thought my sister was older than me (this might be because she dresses like a middle aged woman and as you know, I dress more like a 6 year old). I turned 20 last week, and whilst I know I'll be grateful for it later, right now getting mistaken for 16 or 17 is kind of embarrassing. Hence buying a long dress in an attempt to feel somewhat elegant. I can't decide what kind of dress this is; I think it's a bit 40s because of the chiffon, but also a bit 70s what with the length, and then I've kind of styled it a bit 90's... I don't know. Oh and I'm sorry, I know I keep wearing these boots and saying I'll do a post on them. I promise to take a picture next time I wear them.

PS. I thought you might appreciate seeing 'blooper' photos of me being battered in the wind! These pictures were taken at Greenway, the National Trust property which was the holiday home of Agatha Christie. My mum and I went on a little trip today, and it was damn fantastic. Not to sound really geeky or anything, but I bloody LOVE National Trust properties; I think the romantic in me likes prancing around and pretending I'm in a novel. You should all go and immerse yourselves in the rugs and wooden staircases and old paintings. I'm going to stop talking now before I sound a billion years old.

PPS. Oh yes, and you are right, IS THAT LIPSTICK AGAIN?? HELL YEA!!!!


  1. Gorgeous dress, it does make you look grown up but in a cool trendy way!!! I love it with the denim jacket too! My 23 year old friend was asked for ID in our local the other day, mental! She doesn't look under 18 but I think it's the way she dresses i.e. band tees and hoodies. Loving the windy swept photos too x

  2. You went to Greenway without me?! Laaaame, you know I could have given you a guided tour :P Anyway what did you think? Hope you enjoyed it ^__^ Looking fit as here by the way darling, very much like the dress and definitely pushing 18 appearance-wise :P

  3. i love this outfit, especially this jacket


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