Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A post in which I talk too much about my youth and now feel OLD.

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This is a slightly random post, prompted by something that came up on my MSN Today window about Fearne Cotton. I have always loved Fearne, ever since she first appeared on the Disney Club, and so thought I would put out a little bit of Fearne love to show her that there are some people who appreciate her. Ok, so that sounds really creepy now, but I think you all know what I mean... the blog could do with something that isn't me prancing around in front of a camera.

Anyhoo, I have always had something of a soft spot for Miss Cotton. I think she must have first appeared on TV when I was around 8, presenting Diggit. I can't remember whether her clothes were particularly impressing me at that point (it was a long time ago!) but I know I started lusting after her wardrobe when she presented Smile. I remember that at the time she was in a fairly punky phase- one outfit sticks in my mind (I remember because I drew it) which I think was a tee shirt with a stripey tee shirt underneath, and jeans and converses. And quite a few bangles up her arm. My love of her clothes hasn't diminished with time; I still really admire her use of bright colour and print. I also love the way that she never looks too 'done'. I'm still striving to achieve that Alexa-Fearne-Aggy nonchalant-ness. I think it may be a hopeless quest. I'm far too flappy to be nonchalant.

Moving on... I also really like how she often incorporates a masculine/feminine contrast in her outfits, whether it's in the form of shoes or another piece of clothing. She also always has really good shoes and bags! I am particularly jealous of those purple suede lace ups.

This isn't going to be a very articulate post, trying to write about someone else like this feels kind of weird. And to be honest, I'm writing this post as a distraction from tidying my room.

But, basic point... Fearne, there are some people who love you. Can I please be your friend?

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