Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Yes, I am a magpie.

It's silly early in the morning. I am sat on the sofa still in my pyjamas since the shower is refusing to give me hot water and I can hence not go into work. ARGH. You know I mentioned how I was going to post all my work outfits? Well then I realised that was a stupid idea, because you've seen all the outfits already. So, instead, here is a ton of new jewellery I've bought recently. And apologies for the flash. Damn Macro needing flash to be in proper focus.

birdcage earrings and lips ring- Topshop
Babyliss feather hairclip
red flower ring and clock earrings- Accessorize (earrings a present-thanks Ann!)
shell earrings from local jewellers (another birthday present)
flower earrings and bangles- charity shops


  1. Totally amazing bird cage earrings - I heart!

  2. Buytheringbuytheringbuythering! But it does bend quite easily and i'm fearful of wearing an 'ove' ring instead of a 'love' one :/
    Are wetherspoons burgers good? I'm looking forward to an epic fish finger sandwich from one of the pubs n Notts lol

    Thank you for your comments as always sweetie


  3. the earings are just as i pictured, just as you discribed! i loe love loe LOVE them!


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