Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Decent photos coming soon!

Dorothy Perkins dress, Boden shirt, vintage blazer, M&S tights, Faith shoes, charity shop belts, bangles and badges (ok, so a couple of the bangles are from the high street or my mum)

I'm sorry for being such a shit blogger. I think this may be the longest I haven't posted for apart from when I was out of the country. I've been back at uni for a couple of weeks now and what with crazy amount of fresher's events, duvets to buy (I forgot mine-FACEPALM) and friends to catch up with, blogging has taken a back seat somewhat. My clothes are also still in a state of chaos somewhat due to the lousy amount of wardrobe space the Accommodation Office feels is sufficient for a student. WELL I'M SORRY UNIVERSITY, ONE TINY LOUSY WARDROBE IS NOT GOING TO ACCOMMODATE ALL OF MY CRAP.

Sorry, rant over. I've been feeling kind of up and down and all over the place lately as well, due to unexpected accommodation situations and... I'm not sure what else. I think it's just proving a little more difficult settling back into student life than last year.

Anyway, onto the outfit. Despite being back with my beautiful Kathleen, we are yet to spend any time together prancing around in the library taking photos. So, you've just got me standing in my room staring at my feet again.

Look at the awesomeness that is the blazer! A friend of my mum's found a load of her 80s clothing in her house and very kindly donated a tweed suit to me. Let's not talk about the skirt. Suffice to say, waistlines have definitely got thicker. I was trying to go for some kind of country/schoolgirlish type thing. I also wanted to whip out all these amazing badges I've been finding in charity shops recently. And then I thought, hell, let's shove on crap loads of bangles too. Was also attempting to layer my belts but I don't think that worked quite so well.

Also, feel like I may finally be succeeding at putting my hair up in some kind of messy topknot thing. But my feelings towards my currently growing hair change all the time. I have a major case of growing pains.

Right. I must go to bed. Contemporary Latin America lecture in... 9 hours. Whoops.

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