Sunday, 31 October 2010

Granny is back.

Zara blouse, vintage Jaeger skirt from charity shop, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, belt from charity shop, necklace from little shop in St Ives

Seems odd to be starting blogging again with an outfit that screams 'granny'; not exactly full of vitality and eagerness! Oh well, I have been meaning to show you this outfit for aaagggeeessss. I found this skirt in Oxfam at home over the summer and couldn't leave the fabulous print behind. However, the original plan was to re-hem it, somewhere just above the knee probably. After relegating it to the sewing pile, I then promptly forgot all about it until I found it when packing to come back to university. By this point however I had read all about the new 'midi' length in various magazines, and so decided to attempt to style it at the current somewhat awkward length. It was actually surprisingly easy; I just made sure to wear a tight top half and to belt it at my waist to try and keep some form of shape going on. Also made sure to wear some sheer tights, since I have been told many times by Grazia that this skirt length requires some calf flash-age to ensure you retain some degree of sexual appeal, and don't look like someone's actual granny. Out also came the amazing pink Clarks shoes that I also have in electric blue because they were just too awesome and reduced for me to leave them (£25 for suede shoes in amazing colours!) There was also a rather freaky coincidence in Barnados that day; originally I was wearing a black belt with this skirt, which looked a bit rubbish but was the best I could do, but I then went into Barnados and found 4 suede or leather belts which fitted me perfectly in various bright colours. There is the pink one pictured here; a turquoise suede one, a bottle green studded suede one, and an electric blue suede one. Which I got for £1.99 each. The charity shop fairies were looking out for me that day.
Sorry this post is a little jumbled. Just excited to be writing again and need to catch up; shall try and post something a little more coherent in the next few days!

Ooh, I'm also meant to be dressing up for Halloween tomorrow night, but still can't figure out what the fuck to wear as a costume.... any suggestions?? I'm finding it very difficult with my hair at such an inbetween length.


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