Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I know I'm somewhat useless.

This is just a tiny post to apologise for being crap and not posting in like, over a week or something equally crazy. I have shit loads of outfits to post, I'm just not being a terribly disciplined blogger and have a couple of things that are perhaps distracting me from my usual blogging time. One being the fact my boyfriend now lives in a separate flat to me (we had lived together previously) and so in the past, I would happily type away whilst sat in his room. Except now I am round at his without my laptop and therefore not blogging. Also, an equally pathetic reason, I used to blog whilst sat on my bed; however, am now confined to sitting in my desk chair whilst using laptop due to university accommodation's silly not wireless network.
These are both crap reasons I know, apologies once again.
I am currently at home for an extended weekend but shall be returning to my own laptop tomorrow and promise to post again then.
Thanks for still bothering to glance at my inarticulate ramblings.

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