Thursday, 25 November 2010

Brogue beauty

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Am currently in the midst of a bastard of a 4000 word English essay, and have a 2500 Politics one to get done next week. I shouldn't be blogging right now to be honest, but wanted to share these lovely things that I found;

I've been wanting to get some new brogues for quite a while, but was held back by a lack of funds. I was planning on getting this silver pair from Office, because I thought they'd be sufficiently neutral to go with lots of things but were still a bit snazzy. But then I thought they were maybe just a bit too shiny. I then thought I'd get them in black and white instead, because those would still be snazzy but not quite so futuristic looking. But now they have sold out in my size, just as I was about to put them on my Christmas list. So I was trawling the Internet (otherwise known as procrastinating) when I stumbled across these beauties on the River Island website. The first pair are really reminiscent of a Paul Smith pair that I'd love but cost an extortionate amount of money. And the second pair are black and white but also glittery! To be honest, I'd like something in leather that looked a bit more substantial (I'm ridiculously hard on shoes) but I think if I had both pairs and could spread out the wear they might be alright! Plus perhaps a trip to the cobblers to get some good soles on them before I start stomping around in them.
I should go. I still have 1000 words of waffle to write on The Turn of the Screw. I hate my degree sometimes.


  1. ahhh I love your header! and your fashion sense is really great!
    keep on blogging!

  2. i adore oxfords! great picks.

    xx raez


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