Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Take on me

New Look tee shirt, customised by moi, M&S Autograph skirt, Monsoon Fusion jacket, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, Claire's Accessories gloves and beads, various bangles, charity shop belt, vintage bag, Accessorize beret


I couldn't decide what to dress up as for Halloween. I originally wanted to go as something creepy, and perhaps dark and lacy and a bit sexy, but I couldn't think of anything. Then, after a suggestion from Mademoiselle Robot, I thought I could go as Wednesday Addams. But I still wasn't entirely happy about that idea... I was having a look through the blog archive to see if there were any outfits that lent themselves to costume... and then I of course found this. Then I thought of dressing as Shaz; how had I not thought of it before??!!

I must say, I felt so damn cool in this outfit. I had to buy a few bits in, such as the necklace, gloves and tee shirt to customise, but I'd already got the skirt, beret and belt. I improvised the bottom half since it's not in the picture.

I've ended up wearing 80's outfits all week because dressing up was so much fun. I've always struggled with berets; they just didn't want to stay on my head, but after wearing it on the side rather than on the back like I usually do, I've found it much more comfy. I even ended up in the hooker outfit again! I shall post pictures soon.

Hope you all had good Halloweens; I know I certainly enjoyed mine!


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