Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Who wears short shorts??? I do, finally!!!

first outfit- Dorothy Perkins blouse, shorts and waistcoat both Limited Collection at M&S, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, Dorothy Perkins watch

second outfit- shorts as before, Boden shirt, M&S cardi, watch as before, really really old Faith shoes

I've been wearing these shorts to death since I got them whilst visiting home a few weeks ago. I have wanted a pair of shorts for forever, but have been completely unable to get a pair that weren't so tiny they rubbed up in between my somewhat hefty thighs and made me look like a watermelon. Hence, imagine my excitement when I saw this M&S pair. None of this Topshop hotpant rubbish, I should have known to look in my treasured place of sensible, comfortable high street clothing. I'm a bit obsessed with M&S (you may have noticed nearly all of my hosiery comes from there- NO ONE does better tights than Marks) and trusted them to come up with a pair of shorts that are suitable for those of us with less than colt like limbs. They're also damn stylish as well as comfy, what with the tweed and the roll ups and the free belt. I realise tucked in they're not the most flattering thing but I don't care. Although I do apologise for the camel toe on the second picture! I'm also relishing being able to be out and about in Aberystywth and not worry at all about my skirt/dress blowing up. They are pretty much perfect in every way; other than the tiny weeny problem that the tweed is a little itchy if you haven't got really thick tights on. Hence the woolly wonders in the top photo, which are also keeping my legs nice and toasty.

I'm going to stop gushing now. Basic point- I LOVE THESE SHORTS. They are everything I ever dreamed of. Here's hoping I can find some more to preserve my modesty in the upcoming winter months!!

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  1. Loving the top picture Hattie! You look so happy in your shorts and I love long waistcoats. :)

    Since I discovered tights and shorts in second year I have worn them to death. Actually over the summer I wore your old shorts nearly every day...


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