Thursday, 16 December 2010

Everybody wants to be a cat...

Numph cat tee shirt, H&M black tee shirt, H&M skirt, Dr Martens shoes, Dorothy Perkins hair bow

Ah, back in the library again. Firstly, please ignore the fact I have one red eye in the top photo. Windows Photo Gallery would let me fix one but not the other, I think because it's obscured somewhat by fringe. How annoying.
Anyway, here is my new cat tee shirt. Ok, so it's not new; I just wore it, forgot to take a picture and didn't wash it for yonks because I hardly have any white washing. It is absolutely massive on me, but they only had larges left and it was only £9 on the ASOS website. I could not leave it. I hope you like the ironic wearing of my leopard print shoes with it as well.
I can't think of anything else to say.... I'm going to go read the Tempest for my seminar tomorrow. And possibly paint my nails. Then should start packing really for my trip home on Saturday... really looking forward to getting back. And it will be the blog's first birthday soon too!


  1. great look! merry christmas :)



  2. haha, love it!
    i really lik ethis post, i dont know why, just what you said and they way you said it.
    love your blog :)

  3. Love it!! Im a cat person so it's totally something I would wear.

    new follower!


    would love if you stopped by my blog sometime

  4. Wow, awesome t-shirt - it's right up my street! xx Comtesse xx


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