Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr Blue Sky

My hair post the other day didn't tell the whole story. Ever since I was about 13, I have wanted blue and black hair. In my early teenage years, I had somewhat of an obsession with Sky Mangel from Neighbours. To some people this may make no sense whatsoever, but I am hoping that some people may be able to empathise with me! She first appeared on Neighbours when I was 13, and to my impressionable young self she was the coolest thing EVER. She wore these amazing outfits, was feisty, fiercely against conforming to the populist bullshit of her peers, and how could I forget.... THAT HAIR. Ridiculous as it is, a fictional soap character had a massive influence on my younger teenage self. It also emerged that Sky had based herself on a character called Enid Coleslaw, who I naively presumed to be fictional. Imagine my delight when a friend found that Ghost World was in fact a real film! (I've been meaning to do a whole separate Ghost World post ever since I started the blog). My teenage years were spent attempting to emulate the coolness of Sky. However, I never quite achieved that hair... I did get a Babyliss extensions kit with which I could insert various coloured streaks, but never had the nerve to do the blue permanently. Now my hair is getting longer again, and resembling my 15 year old self more and more, I can't but help feel the urge to have the hair again... I have some form of compromise in my blue black hair dye, but unfortunately the blue sheen never lasts that long. I really do want to get the blue streaks, even now when it wouldn't go with some of my wardrobe, but I just don't want to sacrifice my hair for the bleach. Imagine my delight when Kaelah Bee introduced me to Miss Violet Lace's wigs;

I think I must get one. I know I might feel kind of silly, and I'll want to wear my old Sky style clothes as well, which I worry will make me look 15, but I don't care. It's odd because although my style has developed and whatnot, there's still a part of me that really wants to dress like my old self. I suppose that's the thing about clothes; you can put them on, and then take them off and wear something else instead. And if I got this wig, I could do the whole shebang if I fancied reliving my teenage years and then pop on a pencil skirt and heels. I think I tend to get a little stuck in thinking I have to have one certain 'look'; but surely the point of style is that I can change? I hope getting this wig might help me get over it and fully embrace the magic transforming power of clothes.

I'm sorry if this post doesn't make a whole heap of sense. This whole debate between my 15 year old self and my attempting-to-look-older-and-nonchalant self is constantly raging.

Ooh, and a little side note that this whole hair debacle was prompted by my growing hair but also by the awesomeness that is Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. But I'll talk about her another day. Time to stop rambling now and sleep, for I have to get up tomorrow and go with my mum to Waitrose for tasty Christmas food stock up. Wish us luck getting out of my village and to the supermarket!


  1. I was/am still a Sky fan. She's great! xxx

  2. I was always a HUGE Sky fan. I blame her for the urge that I've always had to dye my hair xx


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