Monday, 27 December 2010

Sequins and streaks

first outfit- Dorothy Perkins shirt, stripey tee shirt, and skirt from charity shop, Boden velvet plimsolls, Accessorize scarf and sequined beret

second outfit- H! by Henry Holland dress, Laura Ashley cardigan, M&S suspender tights, Office shoes, Pilgrim necklace, ring was a gift from my mum, Dorothy Perkins hair bow and Claire's Accessories clip in hair extensions

Just a couple of outfits from the last few days, mostly worn in the house with Dr Martens boots on when I had to venture outside into the snow. I'm really pleased with my new velvet plimsolls and am hoping that now the snow has thawed it won't be too wet so they will get some show outside of my house. I also really like this recyled ring my mum bought me for Christmas; I specifically wore this dress just so I could wear it. And in the spirit of 15 year old hair- messy bun with blue and purple streaks!

Now I've started writing about my hair on the blog, I can't seem to stop- I'm having a haircut on Wednesday and am thinking of getting a platinum blonde chunk in my hair in a Cruella de Vil/Daphne Guinness kind of a way. I probably won't get it done this time around, but if I decide to do it influences whether or not I get my hair dyed blue black again- my hairdresser told me that the blue black would turn it green, so I am wondering whether getting plain black would elevate this problem. I know I said in my post the other day that I was terrified of bleaching, and I am somewhat, but I feel this would be a less threatening place to start. If I had it, it would probably be in my lower layers as well, so roots showing through shouldn't be a problem. What do you think, to bleach and black or stick with the blue black?


  1. Those plimsolls are extremely cute and I love the H! dress. 2 great outfits! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas =)

    Hannah xx

  2. That sequin beret is just too darn cute! All of my berets are in solid colors, so it would be so fun to have one in sequins :)

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such an insightful comment! I love hearing people's inputs on the clothes that most people wear in today's society. I agree with you: people in the 1940's managed to look sexy, but still so classy as the same time!

  3. lovely outfit! its so colourful :) happy new year!

    BM - The Flower Girl


  4. thanks for yuor sweet comment : in answer to your question I have some clip in extensions that I just sort of semi-curled and then plaited loosely. They are great for when you are growing your hair out :)


    The Flower Girl


  5. That beret is awesome.
    OK, so the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell & they're a bit old so they're hard to find. I bought mine on UO but they're sold out of a ton of sizes. I would just suggest searching "jeffrey campbell mary janes" in google or something & hopefully an online store in your region will pop up. But yeah, it might be hard b/c I was just lucky my size wasn't sold out yet since most already were.

  6. Hey! the H! dress is awesome! Thank you for your comment sweetie- hope you like the new look!



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