Friday, 29 January 2010

To sock or not to sock?

Right. There is something I have been meaning to attempt to wear for AGES, and I realised that I potentially had a huge source of help available in the form of you lovely readers, so I would give it my best shot. And that thing is.... socks over my tights. In an Alexa Chung-ian, Isabel from Hipster Musings-ian and general geek chic-ness kind of a way. However, there is one big difference between me and these ladies, and most ladies who I see working them successfully- they have legs that go up to their elbows. I however, am 5"3 with a leg length to match. My legs are fairly good but are shapely (i.e. a little on the chunky side) rather than willowy, and so I have been cautious of covering up my skinniest bit of leg with ankle socks. However, after seeing it just absolutely everywhere, and being overcome with a 'Why can't I make that look good?' jealousy, I decided to do away with my cankle fears and just do it. So, I tried today layering black ankle socks over my lace tights. However, I didn't really know whether to pull them up, or scrunch them down, or fold them down.... you also couldn't really see the black against the black of the tights. Overall, it was a bit of a big fat failure. I'm going to go to town tomorrow and attempt to get some ones which would be more suitable. And perhaps some knee ones, because I think that might be kinder on my legs. I don't know, perhaps I need to do it with heels, rather than these new babies, which in theory are so perfect, but just not on me. With socks I mean. I think this must have turned into the most boring post EVER. I'm sorry people, I'm just so unsure about this... give me guidance!!! Help cure my sock-wearing anxiety!
Ooh, on another entirely random note, whilst out looking for more suitable socks I ended up buying a tuxedo style waistcoat thing from Dorothy Perkins for £7, and this amazing ring, which looks like a great big fat Christmas bauble, or some mystic magical ring from a faraway land. I feel the need after going off on my rant about socks to go off on another about attempting to dress generally in a more boyish and vintagey way, but that's more than enough rubbish for today. Here's hoping you haven't all fallen asleep from boredom at this point.
ASOS dress, M&S men's cardigan, M&S tights, Office shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring, H&M grey necklace, I think the black one was from a Dorothy Perkins a long time ago, and the pearls were a present from my mum.

The appalling attempt at socks over tights, also that's Grant the boyfriend lurking in the background, I didn't mean to get him in the photo, but was kind of putting it on the floor and aiming it at my legs hoping to get an alright picture....and this was the best one. So you're stuck with him there.

I think it looks like it should be in some form of sci-fi/fantasy epic but one isn't springing to mind right now... suggestions please??

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I'm singin' in the rain....

M&S dress, H&M waistcoat, M&S scarf, M&S tights, Office shoes

So, my new Office shoes finally arrived in the post yesterday morning. The postman apparently said when handing them to my housemate, "That's the second pair of shoes she's had in a week!" in a very strong Welsh accent. He obviously wasn't aware of the sale going on at Office. I also got these purple rosey tights from my mum in the post which you can just see at the bottom of the picture, and wanted to wear both the new tights and shoes today, without doing my very co-ordinated kinda look, so instead went for something more casual. Sorry the photo's not great, my boyfriend is visiting home so I took this balancing the camera on the telly!! I love the new shoes; although not the brogues I was originally hoping to get, I feel they're pretty close and I love the metallic colour. I also like that they're a bit more like jazz shoes; it partly fulfills my fantasy of starring in 'Singin' In the Rain'. I've also started tying my hair up because it's finally long enough, and am liking it in a kind of scruffy French way. I've also started doing flicky eyeliner which is something I've been meaning to do for a while, and after Mademoiselle Robot suggested one from Superdrug which I have in my little university town, I promptly went and bought some. It's quite good and not at all difficult to apply. I used to wear turquoise liquid eyeliner a lot when I was about 14 or 15, and obviously the practice paid off. I feel quite wonderfully French with the eyeliner and hair, I think I may be doing this for quite a while. Well, until my ears get cold. Right, that's more than enough rambling for now, off to bed methinks.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Babooshka babooshka babooshka ya ya.....

So, here is a picture of my new dress. I apoligise for my somewhat red face and flicky hair, I forgot to take the picture before I started dancing and so got myself into somewhat of a dancing-induced hot flush. Thanks to Kathy for taking the photo.

I've got a bit of a weird face going on but oh well. You can see the outfit pretty well. It consists of a Yumi dress, Monsoon cardigan, M&S tights, and Bertie shoes.

Grown up Barbie dolls....

I just discovered the delights of Looklet thanks to Intrinsically Florrie... it's the grown up version of Barbie dolls! Oh dear, I anticipate I shall be wasting MANY more hours on the computer styling virtual fashion shoots. Well, I'm still finding my way around all the many many items, but I was going for some kind of Alice in Wonderland Victoriana type thing...

I want that Mulberry bag and those shoes SO BAD.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's On with Alexa Chung

So.... firstly, apologies to anyone who's wanting a short post, this is probably going to be epically long because I haven't written on here for quite a while and have been gagging to somewhat. And..... I have a photo of myself!! I'm sorry, I am going to try and get better at actually remembering to take photos, it's just it's so difficult to get a half decent photo the effort of attempting just often seems too much. But thanks to the boyfriend, I have a half decent photo for you..... (much as I love my sister she seems to have the shakes like an alcoholic when it comes to taking photographs)

H&M dress, M&S stripey top, Oasis waistcoat, M&S tights, Office shoes, scarf my mum bought for me in Paris

So, I wore this outfit today so I could wear these new loafers I got through the post this morning.... I know I said I was planning on getting some brogues, which I still quite want to, but I saw these on the Office website for £20 and really liked the star detailing.... and I thought it's still a pair of masculine shoes with which I can attempt to wear with my girly stuff. I was trying for a bit of an Alexa Chung look today, I've been trying to get this whole masculine/feminine contrast thing for AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....... but it's just really hard! It's not hard to do in theory because it's one of those things that comes up in magazines all the time, but I find it really hard in practice. I think it's maybe because the people you normally see wearing it are somewhat stick like and have legs up to their elbows... I feel perhaps I have too much boob and arse to be trying to do this. But oh well, I have given it my best shot. Was attempting to 'grandad' up my girly frilly dress with the loafers and the knitted waistcoat, and make it look a bit rocky with the skull-print silk scarf.... would be grateful to hear what you guys think, I'm never sure whether it looks alright or not. These loafers shall have to be a work in progress. On another entirely random note, I bought some really pretty cake shaped soap yesterday.....

Unfortunately however I haven't got to enjoy it yet, because our boiler is currently broken and I had to snatch an electric shower whilst the man was away getting a part and not in the bathroom. I think it was the quickest shower of my life. Also, MY HOUSE IS BLOODY FREEZING. Your breath actually condenses in the kitchen.

I've got a real urge to watch Ghost World at the minute, after reading Tavi's post about dying her hair- unfortunately I accidentally left it at home. Damn. However, I do have the comic book with me, and the DVD of Coco Before Chanel which I got for Christmas. Seeing as my exams are now over and I'm off for a week or two, I am planning to watch it and hopefully get some sewing done after I've ordered my machine. Excitement at the prospect of having my own sewing machine at university! *waves hands around*

Also, on a final note, I read an article about Iris Apfel last night.... that is EXACTLY how I want to be at 88.... she blows my mind.

Ooh, and I should be wearing my new dress out tonight.... I'll try to get a half decent picture, but you know, three in one day could be asking for too much!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

What Hattie didn't wear......

This is all I have to say......


(photo from picacch on flicker)

Saturday, 16 January 2010


I am starting to worry a little bit now that in fact I WON'T be up on WKW, because it's now Saturday and Joe wrote at the top of the last post that he won't be able to put up the pictures that are too small, and I know I had to compress mine a fair bit so that the email would send. If I'm not up I think I may cry. Also, my exams start in 2 days, and so far my revision has still refused to get going into any sort of concerted effort. OH DEAR. So, panic on both fronts. I was actually wearing an awesome outfit yesterday, but I forgot to get my boyfriend to take a picture. I did however buy a very nice dress which I shall definitely post a picture of as soon as I wear it, which will probably be Wednesday, when my exams are over. I'm going to stop typing now and go and do lots of big mindmaps about Persuasion and Sherlock Holmes. Shall hopefully have a picture for you in a couple of days.

Monday, 11 January 2010


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited, I'm going to be on What Katie Wore!!! I know I wrote about sending my photo yesterday, but I wasn't necessarily expecting to be actually put up on the site. But I got an email from Joe earlier saying I'll be up later in the week!!!!!!! Childish glee and excitement! I feel like dancing around my room like a mad woman. I also feel a bit like this-

Sunday, 10 January 2010

What Hattie wore...

Well, I'm only really doing a new post because I was taking outfit photos for the What Katie Wore challenge; and seeing as I had them, I thought I might as well share them with you. I also manage to not look that appalling as well, not too startled mongoose or double chinned lady, so I thought I would try to prove that I can look like a normal human being. So, here's me in my take on Katie's wardrobe (if some of you haven't seen this blog before I would highly recommend checking it out- it's amazing and was one of the motivations behind me starting this)-

I've just realised that last time I did an outfit post I didn't write down where my attire was from, which I shall from now on endeavour to do, because it really annoys me when I want to know where something is from and I'm not presented with the information. So, I am here wearing a Topshop dress, with a Marks and Spencers stripy tee shirt underneath and Boden cardigan over the top. Also M&S tights and Dr Martens shoes. The necklace is one made by my friend Ruth from uni who has a website if anyone is interested in getting one of these AMAZING donut necklaces- the address is Earrings were a present from my boyfriend, which I was amazed at receiving, since my sister had warned him to never attempt to buy me anything jewellery/clothing/shoe related since I'm a picky bugger and I wouldn't be happy with it, a fate she has unfortunately been privy to (my apologies darling sis). It makes me insanely happy to be co-ordinating my food based jewellery, I think they make a lovely pairing. Ooh, also thought I'd take a picture of my Minnie Mouse ring since I found it a while back and am yet to post a picture-

Oh crap, I just put my foot in Deidre's (my kitten) water AGAIN. Oh dear, now I have a soggy floor and carpet. I don't know how well you can actually see that but the bow's picked out with an engraving type thing. Sorry, I used my macro, but I think my bog standard camera is perhaps not worthy. Oh well. Finally, just because she was sat on my bed and actually still for two seconds together (we've nicknamed her Deidrey-Dora the explorer because of her escapades), I thought I'd take a picture of my very cute kitten to share with you.

Hope you enjoy the cuteness!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Ok, so this is somewhat of a random post, since at the moment I have absolutely nothing to report on regarding moi style-wise. I've been staying in the house and once again wearing that attractive Mickey Mouse jumper and my jeans (shock horror! I hardly EVER wear my jeans, unless I'm having a hormonal moment or I'm going on a walk or something) to attempt to keep out the insane chill. However, I was just browsing the Grazia website so I at least felt a little bit up to date in the world of fashion, even if I have so far been unable to buy this week's copy because I haven't left the house since Tuesday, and my eye was drawn like a magpie to this beautiful picture, full of Peter Jensen goodness. I felt the need to share this with someone because I want that jacket very badly, and because nobody else would really understand, or at least nobody I have access to stranded in the middle of a devonian village. So just feast your eyes upon this bad boy....

Seriously, how insanely amazing is that jacket, with the people print which looks a bit like little matryoshka dolls, and the beautiful trim along the pockets, and actually, pretty much all the stuff in the photo? I wouldn't kick that checked dress and flowery duster coat thing out of bed either if given the chance. Or that scarf or the fish bone earring. Not so much with the boots though, but that may be more to do with the fact that they're being worn without tights which is one of my pet hates in life, let alone in fashion. I mean, I just don't understand it, WHY WEAR BOOTS TO KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND NOT WEAR TIGHTS???!!! And also, pretty much every person, save ridiculously skinny famous people, end up looking like they have tree trunks for legs. Every single time I watch Friends and Rachel does it it makes me angry. That's a point, does anybody else agree with me that actually Rachel's dress sense is appalling???! It makes me sad that she's meant to be the fashionable person when pretty much everything she wears gives me a massive winky eye (definition since you people who don't know me won't understand what a winky is- it's basically when something really irritates you and you get an uncontrollable twitching in your eye. You may not have done it yourself personally, or may not have realised it, but next time someone you know is getting angry or irritated, watch their eyes, you may just have a treat in store. Me and my sister also use it as a handy signal when something is annoying us but we can't say aloud, so we just look at each other and wink a couple of times. Try it, it will revolutionise your silent communication with people. However, don't do it too much with contact lenses in, something that I just learnt as I sat here at my desk.) Just on another random note, the only vaguely fashion-y thing I've discovered or rediscovered in the past couple of days is electric blue eyeliner. I used to wear it a lot as a 14/15 year old, and found some in my drawer the other day. I'd forgotten how pretty it makes my green eyes look. Am also still continuing to LOVE the crimpers- I think I may finally have found something that makes my hair look a little messy and shaggy, which has been one of my main aims in life so far, vain thing that I am. SSSOOO, for a post that started off as a short one to just point out the beauty of that Peter Jensen jacket, this has turned out to be a somewhat epic rant again. Ah well, at least I'm doing it on here and not to the imaginary voices in my head (that's a joke by the way).

Monday, 4 January 2010

Crimp away....

Sorry for the delay of this post, I have been attempting to chivy myself for the last week or so into getting some revision done for my upcoming exams- unfortunately, this hasn't really been happening and I've been doing nice but rather useless things like far too much shopping. SO, I had the most epic of fails when out the other day when it came to purchasing myself another pair of brogues or cowboy boots. I tried on the PERFECT Topshop brogues- not too chunky but just the right amount of masculine, cool studs along the front section, just battered enough to look awesome- apart from that they were not perfect in one rather important way- the fit. For some really weird reason, they were really baggy at the backs around my ankles, which doesn't seem to be a problem normally. Strange Topshop shoes. Anyhoos, the cowboy boots I was planning on getting also sold out in my size. Bugger it. So, decided to buy myself some crimpers as consolation- I've been wanting to buy a pair since I saw Shaz rocking this awesome hairdo in Ashes to Ashes-

Ok, so can I actually find a picture of her with her amazing crimped hairdo? No no, I cannot. However, after trailing through the galleries, I thought I should share these other Shaz gems with you-

(photos courtesy of the BBC Ashes to Ashes website)

I look at this pictures and wish so desperately that I lived in the 80s. Stripes, berets, spots, great big dresses, bright colours, crazy hair, pearls, pixie boots, the New Romantics.... *sighs* So, apologies for not actually showing you the bloody hair, but I shall show you what crimpers have done to mine. I have the neatest hair ever (my friends at secondary school christened it 'Legolas' hair because whatever I seemed to do it still stayed neat) apart from a terrible tendency to flick everywhere. It's pretty damn straight, and at it's current length completely unable to curl because else it just turns into the flicky hairstyle from hell. So, I bought crimpers in an attempt to add a bit of oomph and texture. I haven't quite got the hang of using them yet, but so far I am quite liking the results.... verdicts please??

Apologies for looking like a 13 year old emo posting pictures on their MySpace account, but as I've said before, I am very unphotogenic when smiling. You can imagine those chubby cheeks do not look good when pushed up my face like some bad-ass cleavage in a push up bra. Also sorry that it's a bad webcam photo, I would be completely unable to take a photo of myself with a bloody camera, it's been hard enough with a webcam. Anyhoos, I must go do reading on The Cold War, joy of joys.