Wednesday, 24 February 2010

And the green mist descends....

OH GOOD LORD. Today has been ridiculously exciting. Firstly, because I bought this week's Grazia and it blew my mind slightly (more on this in a second) but also because I WAS ON WHAT YOU WORE!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! I'm so happy. I sent the photo into Joe last week but I didn't want to mention it in case I jinked it after the WYW week fiasco. It's just the photo from the library, I feel in hindsight that the Alice In Wonderland pictures might have been better to send in, but oh well, at that point I hadn't taken them, so library photo it is. People may come onto the blog and see them anyway; well, hopefully.

The other thing was that Grazia had a massive Alice In Wonderland spread because Selfridges have got a themed section for the next couple of weeks in anticipation of the films release. Which means a selection of Alice goodies to sit on the page and stare at me with their beauty, saying 'Buy me Hattie buy me.' Not Drink me, buy me. Dammit. Look at them people, look at them, have you ever seen anything more beautiful???????? Urgh, I've not had this much envy for a very very long time. Probably since I saw the Mulberry Alexa. Damn being a student and deciding to go to university in Wales rather than Reading, which would be much MUCH easier for getting to London. I'm going to go and lust after all the collaborations and pretend I live in an alternate universe. Except ooh, I just remembered, I have some photos from the other day of me wearing my new charity shop blazer.

Miss Selfridge dress via charity shop, Urban Outfitters cardigan, M&S t-shirt and tights, Eastex blazer via charity shop, ASOS necklace, Office loafers

Monday, 22 February 2010

Come with us on a journey through time and space....

Dorothy Perkins jumper, Chilli Pepper skirt, Monsoon Fusion jacket, Office boots, Claires Accessories earrings
I've been feeling pretty ill the last couple of days; hence, when I went out to the pub I went for the comfiest combination of clothes I could find without looking like a slob. The above outfit is the result. The jumper is lovely and baggy and the skirt is terribly comfy. I've had it for about 4/5 years now; it cost about £40 when I first bought it but I wear it so much it's been totally worth it, and the jeans detailing always makes me smile. Grant said that I looked like Noel Fielding, hence the title of the post. I think it's the jacket and my David Bowie-esque earrings (although don't tell anyone, I bought them because they remind me of Harry Potter). And of course, the boots. Which I tend to refer to as my space cowboy boots. You actually sort of wrap them up around your legs. I don't get to wear them that often because they don't really fit with my slightly childish usual clothes. But they were so fucking awesome I couldn't help myself but buy them (ah, the days before student loans and having to support one's self). Every once in a while I get the urge to wear them and usually end up basing an outfit around them. It makes me very happy that I can wear my beautiful blue jacket with them. Anyway, I'll stop whittling on with love and adoration. Does anyone else have any items that they adore but don't actually get to wear very often??

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Vintage dress, H&M cardigan, Boden shirt, Topshop tights, Schuh shoes, Accessorize hairband, Bobbypin umbrella

I had the most ridiculous fun getting dressed yesterday morning. And I was late for my lecture, but I didn't care, I WAS DRESSED LIKE ALICE. Well, not like Alice as such, but an Alice In Wonderland inspired outfit. I had a flash of inspiration whilst in the shower, most likely from staring at my pretty OPI nails, and decided to do an outfit with as many Alice-y type things I could find. Which is quite a lot, as you can see. Kathy and I then went on an epic trek into the woody bits of our university campus to take these pictures, despite it raining/snowing and being absolutely bloody FREEZING. That's why the umbrella was originally in these, to stop my hair getting wet, but I think they add to the playful tone of the photos quite nicely. I've done a bit of fiddling as well with the contrast and saturation, which is the first time I've done it on photos I've posted on here, although considering I used to do it with nearly all my Art photos I really don't know why I never thought to do it before now. I've not quite sure I've got the balance on them right though but anyway. We took some photos as well of my jewellery as well, since it's the details of this outfit that made it special, and made me feel like the most co-ordinated person in the world.

Accessorize earrings, ring from the Clothes Show, charity shop cameo necklace, Eccentric Accessories toadstool brooch, H&M belt, OPI Mad as a Hatter nail varnish
I'm sorry that these aren't spaced out entirely correctly; I'm sure you all know how annoying it can be to try and do a post in Blogger with a lot of photos. As you can see, I had far too much fun getting all the little details right. I am so in love with this OPI nail varnish, although unfortunately I had to take it off because it started chipping and I thought I'd try one of the others. I'm going to stop talking now because this post is ridiculously long already. Hope you appreciate our adventuring into the freezing Welsh weather for the sake of photos!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We do it in the library....

Firstly, Kathy, I'm sorry for my plagiarism, I had to use that as a title, it was too good!

Right, back to official business. Have a couple of outfits for you today, after I received a job lot from Kathy. I wore this earlier this week;

Vintage dress, H&M shirt, Topshop cardi, Boden coat, M&S scarf, M&S tights, Schuh shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring

Kathy and I had FAR too much fun faffing around taking photos in the library, I thought I'd try and show you the pretty lining in my coat. I thought the purple on the scarf and tights matched better in reality but perhaps not! I love this dress; I bought it for £15 or so at a festival, and it's one of the most frequently worn items in my wardrobe. It's so useful for wearing with pretty much absolutely everything. It is my form of jeans.

Topshop cardigan, t-shirt from a concert, Urban Outfitters skirt, Office brogues

This is the sort of outfit I wear when I'm feeling like I can't be bothered somewhat. A concert t shirt plus cardigan is one of the most comfy combinations ever, and when combined with this stretchy skirt, it's like wearing pyjamas. I apologise for my slightly strange eyes, result of fiddling because of red eye due to being inside.

I received my ASOS parcel yesterday and have applied my beautiful glittery OPI nail varnish, as well as wearing the floral tights I ordered. Although, unfortunately, I am having to wear knickers OVER the tights to keep them up. Oh dear. The reason nearly all my tights are from M&S is because they don't fall down and keep my back warm! I am actually about 20 billion years old. Anyway, the OPI nail varnish is great, for glittery varnish it gave amazing total coverage with only 2 coats. My mum is so clever she had actually already bought me two of the shades without me realising. I got the parcel from her this morning and she'd also sent a beautiful purple button necklace, which I'm planning to wear very soon. I really need to start writing down ideas I get for posts when they pop into my head; for I fear just my outfit posts are somewhat dull for you all. I must inter-splice it with other titbits. Ooh, a random thing to just throw in at the end; I was just looking at Topshop a second ago (which I haven't done for AGES) and saw this skirt, which I feel I really need in my life. It could be a replacement for my denim skirt with the broken fly, although not so versatile I admit, but it's just so damn pretty! Look at the beautiful little bow belt loops! But I decided to give up shopping for Lent. Oh dear...

Friday, 12 February 2010

Granny Betty

Obviously, to address the issue that's been at the forefront of all fashion blogger's minds today, I have to mention the passing of Alexander McQueen. I feel it's a little inappropriate to harp on about his genius since to you readers I've never mentioned him before, and I wasn't completely engrossed by his work as some were, but of course I have to say, British fashion has lost a real innovator, almost a magician. And that's all I'm going to say. RIP.

Onto a more cheery note. Thanks to my friend Kathy, I have some photos for you of my newly acquired ugly granny jumper, one of my charity shop buys from earlier in the week.

Charity shop jumper, Gestuz skirt, M&S tights, Office shoes

I've been wanting to buy a really ugly granny jumper for ages, because for some reason I really like wearing kitsch tacky things that other people would pass by, like knitted waistcoats and Mickey Mouse jumpers. Ooh, talking of ugly tacky things, Kathy's good camera macro managed to capture my Betty Boop earrings which I was wearing in this post;

She's actually got a cutout section on her behind which you can't see here. I always feel a bit naughty wearing them, having a Betty Boop in my ear with her arse hanging out! I know, I'm so damn adventurous, wearing naughty earrings. Oh dear. I've got a couple of other posts which I can do using Grant's scanner, but hopefully I shall be buying myself a new camera soon, so hopefully photo posts shall recommence shortly. Can't think of anything else to say really, other than stuff which I should save for other posts. Ooh actually, one other thing, I just ordered the new OPI Alice in Wonderland nail varnish! Expect to see some beautiful glittery nails soon!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A wonderful example for you all of what a great big clumsy arse I am.

Oh dear, oh dear. A GREAT BIG FAT OH DEAR. The camera is well and truly buggered. It may have been alright if I'd just put new batteries in it- but I went and leant on the lens whilst it was stuck out and now it can't do anything. So, urm.... wish for me that I get a camera courtesy of the magic camera-fairy? I'm going to have to buy myself a new one, I can't do the blog without it. Why is it, in the whole 4 years I've had that camera, I've never really needed it, apart from possibly whilst doing Art projects, but now, when I'm actually using the thing daily, I decide to go and sit on it. Yeah, so once again this is a picture-less post.... :S Which is a shame, because I went charity shop-shopping earlier, and got some pretty cool stuff which I wanted to show you. But it shall have to wait. This week's issue of Grazia nearly made my head explode with all the prettiness- I shall do a great big fat post tomorrow on that issue, because there were quite a few things which made me feel the need to come on here and rant, as well as lots of pretty things. But to save that for later, not a good idea to be ranting about Emma Watson before bed, I'll get too angry. Anyhoo, I'm going to float off to sleepy bye-bye land. Night.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Back to Basics

Oh dear. So people, I have a little dilemma.... my camera is broken. I was turning it off and the lens got stuck halfway as it retracted. Now I can't switch it on. I'm hoping that new batteries or fully charged ones may heal it, but for the moment, this shall have to be an outfit-less post. Which is good probably because I'm not wearing anything magnificent, otherwise known as.... I need to do some washing. I've been thinking that I needed to buy a new one anyway since this one is 4 years old and hopeless at actually taking a picture in focus, or as described by; ' If you intend to take any photos indoors then this camera is definitely to be avoided!' Urm..... that was sort of my plan, yes. However, being a poor student I can't really afford to buy a new one at the moment. Although, if anyone has any suggestions for good cameras under £100, any help would be most appreciated! Perhaps I'll just have to live off rice for a month or two. Sooooo, I have actually been meaning for a while to do a post on something else for a change other than me posing like a loon, and after reading a blog post somewhere talking about spring basics I thought I'd wade in with my twopenny on the issue. The thing is, I've never really been a person who's bought into this whole '12 pieces your wardrobe can't function without' kind of thing. Especially trench coats. I've just never got it. Sure, I'd like to look like Audrey Hepburn, but the point is, when I put a trench coat on, I just look a funny colour because of the beige (nudes are a trend I resolutely refuse to adopt or even attempt) and look somewhat matronly because it makes my breasts and arse look somewhat humongous. I've never quite understood why they are so apparently vital to a woman's wardrobe. Likewise, I have a pair of black trousers but have only worn them on perhaps 5 occasions, which were probably funerals or something equally thrilling. White shirts don't fill me with huge excitement, although I did use to wear a lot of shirts in the summer since I don't like showing my arms, and I do find shirts useful for layering under dresses/pinafores. I only have one pair of jeans, which I only really wear when I'm slopping around the house. Although saying that, my denim skirt and dress are pretty indispensable, although I broke the skirt zip several months ago, and really REALLY need to buy a new one. I keep having to wear tops that are long enough to cover my bulging crotch. Anyway, moving on from that, I basically just don't think this idea of a basic wardrobe is a good one, or one which inspires a lot of creativity. I'd much prefer to have ridiculous printed skirts which require some time to style in the morning rather than just throwing on a white shirt and black trousers from my Gok prescribed 24 piece wardrobe. Although I feel somewhat bad for saying all of this, since I watched Coco Before Chanel yesterday, and obviously Coco looked fabulous in her simple dresses in comparison to all the frills on the other ladies. Although I do quite like the frills. But anyway, I think my point is, that I'd prefer to be doing something a bit different. Perhaps just for the sake of it, which may seem pointless to some, but it's just the kind of person I am. Long may the ridiculous skirts continue.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Four leaf clover

Sooooo, it's been a while since I posted, although this means I have a great big backlog of outfits to show you- I am getting better at remembering to take them every day. Although not so much as doing it at proper times of the day, rather than at 11 o clock at night, which is why I look somewhat tired, apologies. Right, here is firstly the second attempt at socks over tights worn today....

Mango dress, Laura Ashley cardigan, New Look socks, Clarks shoes and yes, those damned lacy tights again! I can't help it, I love them! And have three pairs so I have plenty!

I was going for some sort of 40s landgirl/farmer type thing, I'm not sure how well it worked. Earlier in the day I'd got the socks up over my knees so they looked more like stockings, but they were kind of cutting into my legs and giving me a mini leg muffin-top... but then I found I could fold them down and still have the pretty lace bits on show. Sorry, I would take another photo so you could see them a bit better, but my camera batteries have died. Anyway, tell me what you think. I'm still not entirely sure, Grant's been telling me all day that I look like a granny or a Morris dancer. Thanks love.
Right, the other really exciting thing for this post..... I LOVE THIS DRESS. Seriously head-over-heels, fawning over, stroking and staring at it, madly, passionately in love with it. I found it in Oxfam for £9 and had to try it on first because it was a size 10 and I wasn't sure whether it would fit over my somewhat recently-expanded chest; and then my friend rang me in the changing room. Trying to answer the phone half undressed in an Oxfam changing room which is full of cardboard boxes with two tiny little Welsh ladies outside was somewhat interesting. I absolutely love the colour and it makes me feel all 50's-esque and fabulous with the full pleated skirt. I also got the belt for £2.50 in Cancer Research. Overall, the charity shop trip went rather well.
Next tee shirt, M&S tights, Office shoes, Eccentric Accessories necklace

Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, M&S tights I think..... although they may be Topshop, and the Office brogues again.

How cool is the split up the back?? This is actually me wearing it on two different days since I wore it on Saturday night and felt one evening's wear didn't really justify putting it in the wash, and I really really wanted to wear it again. I apologise for how often stripy tee shirts appear in my clothing, but I do find them the most fantastic basis to most outfits. They look so cool and clashy against bright colours or other prints. Think of them as my jeans. I was going to try and get a picture for you of my Betty Boop earrings but unfortunately the macro on my camera seems unable to capture them properly. Perhaps I shall try again tomorrow. Right, I'm going to stop whittling on now, because this post must be HUGE by this point. Ooh, but I just remembered, I have another outfit to post. I shall not comment on it though and just leave it for you to digest devoid of extra blabberings....

Dorothy Perkins waistcoat and shirt, Gestuz skirt, Office loafers, Eccentric Accessories earrings and brooch.... although, just to say, this is somewhat of a red-faced photo, but whatever. The other ones in this post are quite good so I can cope. You know I'm not always a little tomato headed person.