Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Kitchen Floor Photography

Vintage denim dress, Dorothy Perkins stripey tee shirt, Topshop cardigan, M&s tights, Faith shoes, Topshop necklace

Well, I'm going to apologise now people, because you're probably not going to be able to get this necklace off me for the next couple of weeks. I EFFING LOVE IT, and am basing every single outfit around being able to wear it. Also, I decided to try taking pictures sat on my kitchen floor since I have no photographers here and have to do my best leaning my camera against vegetable basket draws. Anyway, I think it turned out alright, you've all seen the dress and cardi before, and showing you the shoes was the important thing and they're there in all their glory so it's all good. These were my first pair of brogues/jazz shoes and I wore them quite a lot when I first got them, so much I've nearly worn out the sole. I've rediscovered them recently and am wearing them if I want to add a bit of coloured brogue rather than metallic brogue to an outfit. I got a haircut today; it's not drastically different from before but I've had the colour redone so am all nice and bluey black again and have had my fringe sorted out and hair generally trimmed. Also, managed to get the most amazing floral shirt in Oxfam- I realise it's not Easter Sunday yet but I couldn't help it, it was just too good to pass up. It's like big oversized denim shirt but in this floral brushed cotton fabric- I'll do a post on it soon. Also, after Passport Smile's comment on my last post about the CEO of American Apparel being somewhat of a pervert I went off to have a read on the tinternet. I'm not quite sure what I think- similar to the whole recent scandal with Terry Richardson, I can't help but feel much as these men imply that they are creating an environment where women's sexuality is celebrated and 'free', the sheer level of objectification that appears obviously clearly demonstrates that these men are still getting some form of sexual gratification out of these situations. Although both Charney and Richardson say that the women who participated in sexual acts with them were consenting, surely their vastly superior position of power would imply otherwise? I've just starting reading 'The Beauty Myth' by Naomi Woolf and so may perhaps be able to express myself more articulately on this subject at some later point. I've been doing a Women in the Third World module in Politics recently which has reignited my interest in feminism, and I'm currently attempting to educate myself with some literature. Perhaps at a later date I'll go off on a great big feminist rant. But later. Now off to go and pick up my sister.


Ok people, I'd got an outfit post planned but just had to do a post on these when I found them whilst looking for some of those fabulous two tone American Apparel tights;

WHAT THE FUCK????!!!!!! Apparently they're meant to be sexy, I have absolutely no idea how. Well I can sort of see it, but I thought generally boys hated tights because they're a pain in the arse to get into and really not sexy at all, but who thought it would be a good idea to have all the annoyingness of tights but to just leave your arse hanging out??? I really do not understand people sometimes. According to the reviews they're really hot, personally I'm really not seeing it. I don't know, maybe they're reminiscent of porn or something. That's the only reason I can think of. Sorry, this is completely random, but I just felt the need to see if anyone else thought these were insanely weird.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Through the looking glass

M&S dress, Warehouse tee shirt, M&S tights, Office brogues, also Kathy's room and Nathalie's knee

M&S shirt (a discarded one of my sister's), Gestuz skirt, M&S cardigan, Office brogues

family ring, Topshop necklace, Accessorize hairclips
So, today was my first attempt at wearing my new mirror necklace which I was going on about yesterday in my video post. Because I haven't got many clothes with me I've having to make do; although my sister gave me a pile of her old shirts which she doesn't want any more which I'm very happy with, what with the whole 'I will dress more boyish' thing. Because I haven't got many girly things with me, I decided to pair it with a masculine shirt and brogues in the hope it would be a bit of a contrast. Likewise with the other accessories. The ring is a recently discovered old family piece; my mum had it sat in her old jewellery box and wasn't wearing it, so when I went on a rummage and found it I promptly asked if I could commandeer it. I love it, it's so beautiful and dainty, and I really like wearing something that has a bit of history. I like knowing that other people wore it and hopefully had many amazing experiences wearing it. Oh dear, I'm showing that I'm somewhat of a romantic aren't I? I tied the ribbon around my wrist to tie in with the pink ribbon on the mirror, and also clipped my fringe out of the way with these little pearly bows. Sorry the full outfit picture's not great; now I'm back home I've lost Kathy's photography skills and am in desperate need of buying a tripod. First photo's just from the other day which I hadn't got around to uploading. Overall, I think the 'scruffy boy/girl in boarding school uniform' look is going rather well.... dare I say it, I almost welcome the return of the sun and the challenge it will bring! I know I'll regret that later.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Did you know I'm actually a little old lady in disguise?

Sorry it's been so long everyone. I've been ridiculously busy the last week with essays and getting stuff done before the end of term. But I'm back home now for a couple of weeks so normal service should resume, although there may not be many outfit posts because obviously I've only got a finite amount of clothes and so, outfits may not be terribly inspired. Although with the end of the shopping ban soon I may have some new purchases to make things a bit more varied, although I am also incredibly skint so maybe not so much. But anyway, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a video blog.

Also sorry about the crappy quality, combination of a not great webcam coupled with having to compress the file so it would upload.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Those were the days....

Topshop hoodie, Urban Outfitters tee shirt, ASOS skirt, Office Converses, really old earrings from a little shop in Plymouth

Yumi dress, Vampire Bunnies cardigan, M&S tights, Schuh shoes

This blog seems to be turning into pictures of me spinning round in skirts. After my 13 year old outfit from the other day, I decided to just go the whole hog and relive a bit of my early teenage years. It felt pretty weird but also pretty awesome, and somehow strangely liberating. The blue feather fell off one of the earrings at some point in the day so thats why it's missing! I have been enjoying being able to wear my longer earrings again now my hairs getting so long (well, long for me). I realise the general formula of my everyday outfits is becoming very apparent recently (if you haven't figured it out- tee shirt+cardigan+skirt) and I apoligise if this is getting a little boring. Hopefully when I can clothes shop again after Lent I should be able to get some things to shake it up a bit-emphasis on SCRUFFY BOYNESS. If I'm not doing this, and dressing too overtly girly, please tell me and remind me! I'm going to stop talking now, because I'm absolutely knackered from doing an essay all weekend and I've got another one to do in the next couple of days, and I'd probably just whitter on even worse than usual. Ooh, but one last thing- I bought the Company High Street Edit earlier today as a reward for my essay- it was actually really good, and I also saw these beautiful Hush Puppies shoes which I want quite badly-

I also just saw the trailer for Remember Me on TV and am quite concerned that I'd quite like to see it. No Pattison you're not sucking me in now!!!! *shakes fist*

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sesame Street

Next (men's) tee shirt, ASOS skirt, Monsoon cardigan, Timeless shoes

This tee shirt is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It's not glamorous or terribly flattering (it makes my breasts look somewhat balloon like, and NOT in a good way), but it makes me feel geeky and cool, which for some people would be somewhat of an oxymoron, but not for me. I'd quite like to dress like a great big geek all the time if I could, damn great big geeky man frames looking bad on me. However, these are my actual glasses; I realised I hadn't done an actual post without my contact lenses so far. I have a slightly confused relationship with my glasses; I don't particularly like wearing them because they make me feel about 15. Which doesn't make me feel particularly attractive, but I thought I should show them to you anyway. Urgh, I must sound terribly vain and self obsessed now; I do worry what you all think of me. But I haven't been massively internet trolled or anything so I think it must all be alright. Ooh, and talking of feeling 15, today I also popped on a load of jelly bracelets that I found in Poundland the other day (oh yes, 50 jelly bracelets for a pound! A pound I say!) I must say, I rather enjoyed reliving this part of my youth- I still think they're flipping awesome, even if the way they make my wrist all clammy hasn't gone away with the years.
I also love this sequined skirt and am quite surprised I haven't worn it on the blog already. Although, thinking about it, I haven't worn it for a while generally. I am once again in need of doing some more washing so am wearing random coloured tights. I shall try and get some more interesting outfits together for you next week when I've (fingers crossed) got two essays done this weekend. Le sigh. Ooh, and just to show you this pair of ASOS dungarees I saw in Elle and really really want despite the fact I know that they'd just be the most awful thing on me EVER.

Can you imagine??!! Arse the size of ALASKA. Ok, I know Alaska isn't particularly big, but in comparison to the rest of my body, it's pretty damn big, and the dungarees are white and I liked the alliteration, so it's staying. Although I could have used America, or Asia, but that doesn't sound quite so good, does it?

Monday, 15 March 2010

All that glitters

Topshop cardigan, H&M tee shirt, Gestuz skirt

H&M tee shirt, Topshop cardigan, Chilli Pepper skirt, Office boots, M&S scarf, Pilgrim bracelets

Apologies for my untidy brows in the top picture, I had plucked them that morning but it was late and I think I must have rubbed them into the untidy mess that you see. Well, this is a bit of a shmusch post, the accumulation of several less than great outfit photos. I had a bit too much fun turning myself into a twinkly Tinkerbell with the aid of this facial glitter, although, I must admit, it did take bloody ages and I don't think facial glitter and contact lenses mix terribly well. But I was very pleased with it. Also apologies for the double chin in the picture, I've started forgetting to take the photos until just before I go to bed which never results in great photos. Tired me and tired Grant equals bad photos. Grant was getting me to tip my imaginary cowboy hat in the other photo, and as always, the silly photo happens to be the best one. Oh dear. I love these little bangles which I've had for several years now. I thought you'd like to see the little gun and dice and rude lady. Oh dear, what with the Betty Boop earrings in the other photo, it's like the naked lady jewellery post. I'm not going to be able to post very often in the next week or two, I've got two essays to get done before the end of term. And so, on that note, I should stop blogging and watching Gavin and Stacey and start reading about South Africa. Toodlepip everyone!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Minnie Mouse Take 2

Mango tee shirt, H&M skirt, Zara cardigan, Bertie shoes, vintage necklace, belt from Lipsy dress, hairband was a present from a friend, Urban Outfitters watch

This is my Minnie Mouse outfit in all it's glory, complete with the tee shirt and the insanely uncomfortable but beautiful blue shoes. I also had to use this hairband because I'd forgotten to bring any netting back with me to uni, but I think this hairband is an adequate substitute. Much as I absolutely adore these shoes, they are just so painful to wear. I can walk for about 5 minutes before they start to cut into the back of my left ankle and rub at my left toes, and for the balls of my feet to be throbbing with pain. When I first bought them I thought I could wear them in but unfortunately I think it's a lost cause. I shall just have to wear them on days where I'm not planning on doing much walking! Does anybody have any shoes they love but simply can't wear?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I wish....

Recently, I've been feeling a little deflated with my wardrobe. I don't know if anybody else gets this, but sometimes I look at other blogs and just think to myself, 'Why don't I dress like that?' I feel a little like I've gotten stuck in a great big girly rut. I mean I love wearing all my silly girly things, but I just feel the need to liven it up somehow; I feel the need for an injection of some tomboyish scruffiness. I don't want to look 'edgy' in a leather trousers/great big gladiator sandals kind of a way, because I'd just look ridiculous, and I just found those sort of things a bit ugly. I want some denim shirts and jackets, and boyish slouchy shorts and crumpled rolled up trousers and some great big clunky granny sandals. For my clothes to look somehow less like clothes- to look more lived in, and less like it came out of a Topshop bag. Just generally to look less done..... basically, I want to dress like Alexa Chung. Which is probably an awful thing to say, with all it's conforming associations and abandoning my own style sort of thing, but really, I'd just like to be able to carry off that awesomeness, just a little bit. Partly the reason I'm still very firmly rooted in skirts and dresses is because I don't know whether I can pull off this sort of silhouette. The main reason I stopped wearing trousers was because I could simply never find pairs that fit. I've got a fairly sizeable arse and a smaller waist; generally speaking, this doesn't translate well into buying trousers on the British High Street. Everything leaves a great big gap at the back unless you buy all your trousers from M&S. And as much as I love M&S, having to buy all my jeans from Per Una for a few years made me feel ridiculously middle aged and frumpy. I'm also only 5"3 and find that skirts and dresses make me look taller by hiding where my legs start. Somehow this is all intrinsically linked in my mind with the approaching summer. I know for most people it seems it will never get here but for me it is looming far too close for my liking. I absolutely HATE summer; I don't cope at all well with the heat and tend to become very lethargic and grumpy. It's like permanent PMS. I burn like toast under the sun so I've absolutely nothing to gain from all that bloody sunshine. I also don't like showing my upper arms or my legs past my knees in summer, due to being a little squishy in said areas. It is however insanely difficult to get stuff on the high street that has decent sleeves (never cap sleeves, those are some of the most awful things ever created) and come down to the knee. Which normally leaves me feeling very frumpy in my middle aged clothes. And, whatever my boyfriend thinks, most girls thighs do meet in the middle, and dresses and skirts minus tights in the summer heat does not always equate to the most comfortable of outfits. So, I desperately need to get myself some trousers so I'm not having to apply Lanacane every two minutes. I don't even know what the point of this post is anymore-perhaps a plea that other people suffer from a complete loss of style identity in the summer? Tips for places to buy trousers that fit? I don't know. Anyway,rant over. I'm going to go and get up and enjoy putting on tights and cardigans and vests, safe in my layered loveliness.

Ooh, and just to say that the new header is not mine, it's a picture I took of a card by Gail Goodwin. But isn't it amazing?? I thought it summed up my attitude to clothes quite well.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dorothy Perkins dress, Warehouse striped tee shirt, M&S tights, Dorothy Perkins belt, Office shoes.
I like to think this makes me look like a raggady Parisian street urchin. Or an Edwardian orphan. Or maybe not.

Vivien of Holloway dress that I acquired from Kathy, Boden white shirt, Accessorize belt, Office shoes
This was Kathy and I at Alice in Wonderland on Saturday night. We had a lot of fun getting ready although we did end up being a little late... whoopsies. Although anyone reading this who knows me also knows that I'm pretty much late for everything. I didn't bother taking loads of close up shots because it's pretty much the same details as the other day, apart from wearing my new heart earrings. The film was absolutely amazing. It looked just beautiful and some of the clothes... Kathy and I nearly had a clothes-gasm. If anyone out there's seen it, you know which red dress I'm thinking of.... I'm debating turning this blue dress into it with the aid of some ribbon and netting. I wasn't even watching it in 3D; unfortunately Abersytwyth is so out in the sticks we don't get it in 3D for several weeks yet! The other outfit is just the one I was wearing yesterday; I know it seems a bit random to have shoved it in but I'm getting somewhat of an outfit photo backlog and so needed to get it out of the camera! Sorry this post's a little random, I wrote another one earlier today in my English lecture because W. H. Auden wasn't proving to be terribly interesting. All I want to write is this great big rant, which I'll do in a sec, but I should do a separate post. Oh dear, I never know how to end posts, I just don't know what to say.... urm, goodbye???

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Material Girl

Lipsy London dress, H&M tee shirt, M&S tights, Office Converses, Topshop necklace, Pilgrim ring

So, here is the tacky dress I bought at the weekend. Amusingly enough, several people commented on how 'colourful' I looked yesterday; it was said with a slight air of 'Oh good lord, that dress is blinding me'. Anyhoo, I liked wearing it. I was going for some sort of Madonna 80s sort of look with the pearls, and I thought if I wore anything else than trainers with this in the daytime I'd look like I was trying WAY too hard. And also, any excuse to get the beautiful sides of these Converses out. I've had them for about 4 years now, and am getting a bit terrified that if I wear them too often I'll wear them out; damn limited Office collaborations! I'm pretty sure they're not available anymore, and that makes me very very sad. Anyway, quick post because I need to go and get some dinner cooked before I go off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight :D And if you think the Alice outfit from the other day was perhaps a little extreme, wait and see what Kathy and I are planning for tonight..... mwhahahahaha

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mary Mary

M&S dress, really old H&M cardi, TK Maxx tights, Bertie shoes, charity shop belt

Firstly I must apologise for this top picture; because I took it last night inside the colours of my outfit look completely different from how they actually do in reality. I'm still finding my feet with the new camera and wasn't quite sure what would have been the best colour setting to use. So, this second photo is to try and show you the actual colours. The dress is a slightly strange colour to be honest anyway; depending on what you're wearing it with, it can look quite orangey or, as it did last night, a very vivid pink, almost like a rich highlighter colour. I hope the second photo of the clothes bundled on my floor shows this somewhat better! The tights were a lavender/dusky blue colour. Also, this outfit is actually a maternity dress. I'd seen one on the M&S website that looked exactly the same; upon seeing the print in the shop, I picked it up to find it was the maternity version, and there was only one left, which happened to be my size. I went and tried it on anyway since I loved the print so much (little Mary Poppins!!) and it actually looked alright. It's also great for me in the summer because it's lightweight but has decent sleeves and comes down to my knees, which I want when I don't have the luxury of wearing tights. It looks somewhat more maternity-esque if I don't have a belt on with it since the elastication under the bust becomes more apparent; but I think generally, it's not that noticeable. Also, I'm sorry this is not the promised Madonna floral outfit; I'm currently desperately in need of doing some washing, and I know I need a particular cardigan to wear with the dress that is currently lurking in my pile. This lack of clothing explains me wearing this dress in the first place since I thought it would be too cold really, but needs must, and with nothing else looking particularly inspiring, I turned back to my Mary Poppins. I shall try and do the Madonna outfit by the end of the week- now off to the washing machine!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Images Galore

SO, I had a very exciting weekend at home. Most importantly, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!! It's a Panasonic Lumix FS7, and so far, seems pretty damn wonderful. I got a bit snap happy on Saturday and may have taken, er.... 159 photos. Of nothing in particular. I'm therefore now going to bombard you with images, of nothing in particular. (Oh dear, I'm quoting the Smiths subconsciously).

Ok, so I'm going to try and not write too much and just let the images speak for themselves but just a bit of background information.... a selection of Swiss reproduction postcards we got whilst on holiday.... my other OPI nail varnish Absolutely Alice... some earrings I happened to be wearing.... my current favourite bag which I bought in the vintage section at the Clothes Show at the NEC in Birmingham.... just pictures of my room which I thought I'd put up since I'm very proud of it after my lovely sister Ellie and Ann put up all the bits I'd never got around to doing, plus a few more... some tins that contained coffee that my dad had brought for him back from Disneyland which I absolutely had to keep.... and the last one's fairly self-explanatory, the Alice obsession continues. As well as having a lovely restful time at home, my lovely mum brought me a wonderfully tacky 80s Madonna-esque dress which I'm planning on wearing tomorrow, and I also finally got some FIMO, which I've been planning to get for ages, inspired by my friend Ruth's amazing jewellery. Right, shut up now Hat, that's more than enough for now. Till tomorrow and my attempt at a reincarnated floral neon Madonna.