Thursday, 29 April 2010

Greater Shakespeare

Well, following on from my last post, I'm currently watching Blood, Sweat and Luxuries, which is so far proving to be pretty bloody awful. I'm meant to be doing a post but just don't really want to now, this is just awful. If anyone hasn't seen the programme, the basic premise is that a group of British teenagers are sent to somewhere where the luxuries we buy on our high street are produced, and have to take part in the production process. This current episode is about the leather production process, and it's proving to be pretty horrific. Even though right now I'm feeling a bit awful about being a Western consumer, I do have pictures to post. So, in an effort to use all the clothes I have, here are some outfits with long lost items...

Warehouse tee shirt via my sister, M&S cardi via charity shop, homemade skirt, TK Maxx tights, Bertie shoes, Accessorize scarf which was a gift, Topshop earrings
This is a skirt I made myself after seeing one in Topshop but simply refusing to pay £50 for a fairly simple skirt that I could easily make myself. I absolutely love this fabric; it's just so fabulously tacky and I love the colours. I wore my ice cream earrings to match the 'holiday' theme of the skirt.I must admit I didn't wear these shoes out today; beautiful as they are, they're just so damn painful! This scarf was bought for me by my friend Becky, and despite the fact I love the drape and the stripe, I couldn't figure out what to wear it with because of the colour. However, I saw it this morning and saw the green in the skirt pattern so popped it on. I've really loved wearing this today; I don't get to wear this skirt often in Aberystwyth, what with it being the windiest place in the whole world, but today there was a fortunate respite, and I dug it out.

ASOS skirt, M&S tee shirt, charity shop belt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Paper Planes bag
I love the print on this skirt from ASOS, and seeing as it was quite warm yesterday I grabbed the chance to wear it. I tend to think it looks best just with a plain tee shirt and try to style it in a sort of 50s way. It made me really happy how the stamp print on the skirt worked with the 'mail bag' feeling of the satchel. Oh dear, I'm a bit sad. Ooh, also, what do you think of the red lipstick? I know you can't really see my face properly, but you know, you can sort of see. Kathy had come around yesterday and we were trying on our dresses for the May Ball, hence why I had lipstick on, since I don't normally wear it. I'd really like to be able to wear lipstick on a regular basis, but many years of wearing braces and then working as a dental secretary means I'm a bit paranoid about bad breath, and so I don't really like the feeling of anything on my lips because I feel like I can't lick them. I know that sounds a bit weird but I always feel like my mouth is too dry and the lipstick somehow seems to exacerbate it. However, I'm going to make myself wear it for the May Ball, since I'm wearing a pretty retro outfit (post to come shortly). Anyway, tell me what you think from the tiny bit you can see of my face!

RSC tee shirt, really old H&M cardi of my sisters, M&S skirt and tights, Office shoes, Eccentric Accessories earrings
I've never actually managed to wear this tee shirt apart from as pyjamas, despite thinking the 'Greater Shakespeare' print is really cool, because I'm a geeky English student. I think it's the ribbed neckline; somehow it always seems to look kind of mumsy and 90s in the worst possible way. Anyway, I decided I thought I'd give it a go with this skirt and voilĂ ! As you can see, I desperately need to chuck these shoes out but I love them too much to let them go! Ah, damn Office shoes being so beautiful but not hard wearing. I hate the fact I'm so hard on shoes. Anyway, overall, wearing these forgotten items this week has been really fun; it's given me a real sense of achievement to finally figure out how to wear some of these pieces. Long may the wardrobe revival continue!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

'Cuz we are living in a material world....

I was planning on doing a post about my outfit from today but it’s somewhat late and I haven’t taken a photo yet, and feel the need to talk about this instead. Sorry I haven’t posted for so long, I’ve been trying to get an essay done, and will have exams and another 4500 whopper due in a couple of weeks, so it might be all quiet on the Western front for a while. But anyway....I’ve been thinking rather a lot recently about the whole idea of shopping in itself. After an interesting discussion at the Methodist Society about materialism, I felt the need to share with you chaps, since I guess it must be a dilemma that affects you too. My main problem is; much as I love clothes, I’m constantly aware that I don’t really need them. Not in a ‘I don’t need that micro trend crazy gold jumpsuit’ kind of a way, in a ‘I have more than enough clothes to wear, and I don’t ever really need to buy anymore, unless all my clothes wear through at the elbows and knees’. There are so many people in the world without clothes, or shoes, and even without food and access to water, I just feel guilty for spending my money in such a frivolous way. It seems completely wrong that here’s me who has all this money to spend on shoes and handbags and completely pointless things when there are so many people who don’t have anything. This is obviously coming from a very ‘Western colonial guilt’ perspective, and I realise that it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment, especially with shopping, and completely forget about these sorts of things. But I always think it’s important to view these things in perspective. Do I really need that denim jacket that will apparently make my life so much better?? When that money could go towards a water pump that really would change someone’s life? I try not to buy things from shops that can’t viably produce their clothes without some form of exploitation, but even with that, I just feel sometimes that this whole thing is just so wrong. I enjoy fashion and style as a hobby, and appreciate it as something fun to do, but because it’s so based on this capitalist form of exploitation I feel that my enjoyment isn’t relevant at all, not when it has such wide implications. Of course not just because the West exploits others to produce their cheap clothing, but also because this endless production of clothes is bad for the environment. This is why I prefer charity shopping if I can, because not only does the money go towards helping these people, but because I’m not sustaining this endless production of more and more clothes. Although, to counterbalance this, I feel like I need to buy things to help the economy, since if we have a weak economy people don’t have jobs and if we don’t have money we can’t give money to charity.... Urgh, why can’t we just do away with this horrible capitalism and all live in a great big clothes-sharing commune? I’m debating after my shopping ban for Lent that I may give up high street shopping, and only shop in charity shops and in vintage shops. Although there are no vintage shops near me, so that’s just charity shops then really. And although it would be difficult, I think it might inspire my style to branch out in another way, having to adapt my wardrobe to fit with the things I find. I don’t know, I’m not sure if there’s any solution to this. I think I’ll just start by making a concerted effort to use all the items in my wardrobe. Right, enough Communist ranting for today. Tell me what you think, I'd really like to hear some other opinions.

Monday, 19 April 2010

The staring at my feet motif continues...

Sorry it's been so long everyone, somehow with the end of France I got very lazy and kept trying to force myself to do my work whilst also trying to get my first article for the student newspaper finished, and just couldn't be arsed to do any posts. So, here is one heck of an outfit dump, whilst unfortunately consists of the same dress twice, and a couple of other outfits. Sorry.

New Look dress, charity shop shirt and belt, Office brogues, Papa Pique et Maman Coud bag

TK Maxx tee shirt, Topshop cardi, Gestuz skirt, TK Maxx tights, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Papa Pique et Maman Coud hairclip, Topshop earrings

Lipsy dress, Zara cardigan, M&S tee shirt and tights, old Converses, and I really can't remember where I got the necklace from... it's a Disney one anyway that matches my rings.

New Look dress, Cache Cache jacket, M&S tights, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Boden scarf, charity shop belt

Items to note- new denim jacket! Hoping to get lots of wear out of this in the next couple of months, and new floral bag, from the amazing French shop Papa Pique et Maman Coud, which my sister and I spend obscene amounts of money in every time we're in France and get the chance to visit one. I've got a load of other random photos from France to post, mainly of food and flowers, but can't really be bothered now and thought that would be too many pictures really. Also got an AMAZING ring on the ferry- oh dear, the approaching student loan payment is obviously making me a little reckless. It's times like this when I remember why I went on a shopping ban!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When the Lord shuts a door, somewhere he opens a window... or in my case, he provides a kitchen worksurface.

New Look jumper, Gestuz skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Boden scarf

Despite the fact that my sister has many wonderful attributes, she still continues to be an appalling photographer. I have therefore resorted to again using the doorway looking down pose, this time a kitchen counter acting as my tripod. This is my new jumper that I got the other day from New Look. I felt that it needed something a bit more exciting than plain black opaques so went for these pink ones because.... basically because it was the best I had out of the tights I’d brought with me. Oh yes, and because it matched my nails which I’d painted the day before. It also makes me really happy that these new trainers my mum got me match the jumper perfectly, because I’m a bit sad. I realised it looks pretty damn 80s but anyhoo, I really liked it, and it was really damn comfy.

New Look dress, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, M&S tights, charity shop belt, Office brogues, Accessorize earrings

I know this looks like it’s missing something. The thing was, because of the big bow on the neckline, I didn’t feel like I could wear a necklace or a scarf. I think it needs some great big bracelets and maybe a hairband or something, but I have limited resources. It’s strange because although it’s one of those items that will go with so many things, when it’s on, it looks a bit too simple, and I just want to add more and more stuff. I do tend to do that and add things when they’re not needed; perhaps this is a good thing to train me out of the habit. Also, my boobs look really weird because I’m sort of slouching because I’m looking down... oh dear. But I did win on one front.... look at the earring match! I could have done that with a necklace too, but as I said, thought that would be bow overload.
And here’s a load of random pictures from France so far that I can’t really be bothered to explain, and so shall just leave like so. Also, I kind of like sometimes just having a great big stream of random images- it’s sort of refreshing.
Ooh and one last thing- I’ve been watching Mad Men and feeling like a complete failure of a woman in comparison to Joan. She is so damn fricking HOT.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flowers in France

TK Maxx tee shirt, Monsoon cardigan, Fat Face skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Boden scarf

Oh dear, I am not photogenic. Especially when the photos are being taken by my sister. She took about 40 and these were the best- yes people, it was that bad, even with the aid of the usual magic function of Burst. Anyway, I am now En France and having a very nice time doing very little. Although I should be getting on with quite a lot of work, but let's not talk about that. This is on the beach just down from the house we are staying in. Mum bought me this skirt on Friday in an attempt to get me a new denim skirt with a functioning fly zipper. I'm attempting to get over this podgy knee issue and so wore it sans tights today, although it was perhaps a little chilly for it. But by the time I shut the door behind me, after all the effort of shaving and exfoliating and moisturising, I wasn't going to go and put the tights on! And it was strangely quite freeing. I think my mum is right when she says that people aren't examining my knees as I walk by. I got a little snap happy whilst I was out, enjoying the fact that I now have a decent macro far too much,

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One shirt, two outfits... plus a few pastel purchases

top photo- Marks and Spencers shirt via charity shop, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, Gestuz skirt, Office brogues, Topshop necklace
second photo- vintage dress, Vero Moda jacket courtesy of my sister, Boden scarf courtesy of my mum (it was a right steal of an outfit!), M&S tights, Converses
So, this may end up being the longest blog post I have done so far, due to the sheer epicness of the shirt and the fact I may have gone and spent far too much money in Plymouth today. I wore the first shirt outfit yesterday with the Topshop necklace and cameo ring, and then the one that makes me look like a 6 year old today. I'm not sure which one I prefer. I do really like the combination of the scarf and the shirt though. It's technically my mum's though, so pinching it may be a bit fiddly, I'll just have to make sure she gets me one when she next does a Boden order. I also really like this denim jacket of my sisters and have been trying to find one for myself for ages now. I was dragged into Primark by my friends and saw a really nice one in there but couldn't bring myself to buy it despite the £13 price tag. I couldn't help but think of the poor little Indian children, and also, the fact that I'd probably see it on other people absolutely everywhere. The rose earrings are some old ones of my mums that I found in a jewellery box; I think they're just lovely. I wanted to buy the ice creams last time I was in Topshop but plumped for the mirror instead, and when I saw these hairclips I had to have them, since they matched pretty much every purchase from the rest of the day and I've been trying to use more hair accessories now it's getting a bit longer. I know I could have been using clips and things when it was shorter, but it's just my hair is very slippy and things don't tend to stay in; but I've decided that I will get used to the feeling of stuff in my hair and will continue to search for things that will grip my damn slippy hair. These ones seem pretty good. The sweatshirt was from New Look, which I got for £10.50 thanks to Grazia's Easy Chic Week vouchers. It's a kind of lilac mauve grey colour, which actually goes really nicely with my hair. I've been surprised at the fact that these pastels don't actually look awful on me; although they'll definitely not be worn on days when I've been in too much of a rush to put make up on, with a good face of colour corrector and some foundation they're alright. More cartoon tee shirts- I think I may have a bit of a problem. But they're just so damn amazing! I've had my eye on this blue denim dress from New Look for quite a while, but couldn't buy it due to the shopping ban; however, Lent is over and the Grazia voucher allowed me to buy. I'm debating whether it's too short to wear in the summer without tights or not. I'm not terribly fond of my somewhat podgy knees but am trying to get over this because it just makes summer a nightmare. And finally, I bought some stranded cotton to make some friendship bracelets after seeing loads in Accessorize and thinking, 'I could make those with a few bits of string!' Now panting after that blogging sprint of a post!
Ooh, I also had a fiddle last night with the layout- what do you think?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

And I'll teach you how to fly, and how to sing a lullaby...

Ok, so I know I said there probably wouldn't be many outfit posts to do this holiday since I've got a limited wardrobe, but for some reason, something entirely different seems to be happening. Probably since because I'm not at uni (which doesn't mean I haven't got a TON load of work to do- far from it) I've got too much time on my hands. I'm off up to Yorkshire tomorrow to go and see my dad's side of the family and am terribly excited about seeing my very cute little cousins. Which of course means I won't have my laptop and so won't be able to post 'til Tuesday, so thought I should get one last post in there, and a couple of outfits for you. I seem to have dried up on the comments recently; I don't know if my sparse handful of followers (the grand total of 9 which still surprises me since I haven't been at this long) haven't been reading or that I've just got boring, please tell me if you think it's the latter! I realise I do need to do some stuff to inject a bit of variety into the blog; but as always, doing the research and stuff will take time, whereas just rambling on about my outfits doesn't seem to take too much. Sorry, I shall try and spice it up a little. For the moment however, here are my outfits from yesterday and today;

Topshop dress, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, charity shop belt, Topshop necklace, TK Maxx purple tights and Henry Holland for Pretty Polly ones over the top, Office brogues
I really love this dress but don't end up wearing that often a) because it's a bitch to iron, and b) because it's cotton and not very warm. But layered up yesterday with a vest and tee shirt plus two layers of tights meant it was ok outside in the British summer(ha!)time. I wasn't planning on layering these tights but the weather demanded two layers of leg protection. I've managed to find a couple of places in my house which are good for taking photos, even if the light isn't great. Sorry this isn't the best angle of my legs but oh well, it was the best way to show you the tights.

Dorothy Perkins oversized tee shirt, M&S tee shirt underneath, M&S skirt, Office brogues

Firstly, please ignore the towels and toilet and contact lenses boxes. The doorway to my bathroom seems to be the best place for taking pictures; I can balance my camera on the windowsill opposite and get under the light, which is a lot less yellow than in the dining room as in the previous photo. The under tee shirt and skirt are both new; my mum bought them both for £3 in the M&S sale, and although she thought I might not like the skirt, didn't want to pass it up at £3. I was expecting it to look bloody awful since it's a stretchy bodycon one, but actually, it doesn't give me VPL and is ridiculously comfy. Obviously, long loose tee shirts are a must to stop me looking slutty, and I was quite pleased with this outfit. This tee shirt as well is one of my sister's that I pinched which I think she got in a sale anyway, so overall this outfit probably cost £10 or something, minus the shoes obviously. I like the stars cutout detail on the back; normally when I wear this I wear it with a pink tee shirt so the colour peaks through, but didn't feel that would work with the colour palette. So left it as it was. I think I may have been subconsciously inspired by Isabel's AA work outfit, else I'm sure the mirror necklace would have come back out again. I shall try and get some pictures this weekend while I'm away, hopefully perhaps of something more interesting than me flouncing around. Ooh, I've also been listening to Jose Vanders recently since Kathy used her song Peter Pan on one of her videos, and currently can't get her out of my head. Listening to it right now actually. Right, that's more than enough to be going on with, this is probably more than 4 days worth! Oh well.