Saturday, 29 May 2010

"So I proceeded to get drunk and cry,and lock myself in the toilet for the entire night... "

I apologise for my lack of posting the last week or so. After going blogging crazy when I finished my exams, I just haven't had any terribly exciting outfits the last week or so, what with the very hot weather and the fact I need to do some washing. I also think that generally I'll have less outfit posts to do in the summer, since my summer wardrobe is somewhat limited and I think you'll all get terribly bored of the same things coming round and round again, like some horrible demented carousel. So, I am going to try and do some posts on stuff I've been planning for a while, and just some more general stuff, less me whittering on about my clothes.

So, in the spirit of this, the other night I was doing the washing up and was listening to the new Kate Nash album. (I know this seems like an odd place to start from, but trust me, it will become apparent in a minute). I had a huge pile of washing up to do and wasn't terribly happy about it, but dancing around to Kate's whimsical musings put me in such a happy mood it was a bit silly. I love how her music is not mind shatteringly deep but instead is more a collection of random thoughts and pictures from her day. I always think that her songs are the kind of thing I think when I'm walking along by myself, having a bit of wander in my mind over whatever, and looking at all the strange little things that happen in everyday life. I like how she captures those little moments of everyday wonder. Her lyrics also just make me laugh when I recognise a bit of myself in them. Anyway, I'll stop going on about how much I love her music and talk about her STYLE, what with this primarily being a blog about clothes, although I hope it's a little more than that.

I've always really liked her style as well as her music, and I must admit, the clothes orientated thing that I am, her style probably had an integral role in my liking her music as well. Her style isn't terribly clever or complicated, just a collection of some of the nicest vintage dresses I've ever seen. I'm so jealous of people who have access to loads of vintage shops. If I could get more vintage,I would, but there just aren't the shops around where I live. So instead I do charity shopping and hope I stumble across something vaguely old. Anyway, look at these beauties-

Ok, so that doesn't look terribly vintage, but I love the lilac and the lace and the bow shoes.

I also love her use of coloured tights. Random thing I just noticed- my sister has that amp!

Could look frumpy but looks unbelievably cool on her... *sighs*


I know this isn't vintage, because I know it's Vivien of Holloway. But anyway, what a great photo.

And finally, a tutu as a skirt???!! My friend Kathy's been doing this for a while as well, and now I have a tutu/petticoat I think I'm going to have to try it, it just looks too unbelievably cool.

I also haven't yet mentioned how I think she has the most PERFECT hair. It's just so perfectly scruffy and dishevelled and swingy. That is the hair I want really, but unfortunately, I appear to not have been blessed with it. Kate shall have to continue waving my perfect barnet around. I don't begrudge her it though.
And now I feel the need to go get up and dance around to Kiss That Girl as I get ready. It's a wonderful life.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Kungfu Love

I might have just done something terribly naughty. You know I was talking about how I'd found some sandals that might hopefully solve my summer shoes dilemma? Well, I went ahead and bought them, despite being a poor student at the very end of her loan. But look at them-

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?? I feel the need to explain my dilemma to you.

As you may have gathered by now, I do not like summer. I find it too damn hot and a little stifling stylistically. Also, I don't like exposing myself to the world, and this includes my feet. I know it sounds weird, but I really don't like sandals. My dad said something to me many moons ago about why he refused to wear sandals, about how feet are ugly, but women can just about get away with showing them, but men with all their hairy nobbly toes.... not so much. But this stuck in my mind rather. I just really don't like showing my feet. Also, a lot of sandals I just find so damn UGLY. Sandals aren't elegant, or cute, or make you go 'Woooaaaahhhhh' in an excited manner. They're just sandals. Plus, every sandal on the fricking high street currently is a gladiator one, which I think are the most FUGLY THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I HATE them. There is no way I can stress this enough. They make your ankles look weird and your feet look huge and you look like you have men's shoes on... why, just why? They actually make me physically shudder a little.

So, my options are already somewhat restricted. But, I needed to get some sandals, because much as I love the trainers I've been wearing in nearly every single post recently, the sad fact is that they make my feet smell something awful. And it's not healthy for my feet to be enclosed in all that fabric in the heat. I also have this genetic thing which means the tendons on the back of my ankles are somewhat shorter than normal, which means when I wear completely flat shoes and walk on any kind of gradient my calves ache because they're effectively constantly stretching. So, I had to get some sandals, to save my poor, poor feet. There were two requirements;

1. There needed to be some kind of heel on them in order to combat above problem. A wedge would be preferable, since I'm no good in anything other than chunky heels.

2. I wanted something on the slightly orthopaedic ugly looking granny side. In a perfect world, I would have loved these Swedish Hasbeens, but I'm sorry, I'm not paying £130 for clogs.

I managed to find some similar clogs on ASOS for around £35 but they weren't really doing it for me. Until, I stumbled onto the above ones; a good sensible heel (from what I can tell!), a nice brown leather (although I don't normally like brown, but for summer sandals it just seems somewhat appropriate), and they made the model's legs look pretty amazing. Obviously she would have amazing legs, she's a model, but what I mean is I could see the leg lengthening potential of these beauties. I also like how they look like they'll hold your feet in and you won't slip out of them. However, there was one slight problem... they were £95. Damn Carvela shoes! So, I went onto the Kurt Geiger website just in case they happened to have them reduced.... and voila, shoes for £50!! Score! I know I shouldn't really be buying shoes currently because I'm somewhat skint, but thought I needed to grasp the opportunity whilst it was there. And also, I really do need them! I realise they're not going to go with all of my things since they're perhaps a little grown up for some of my stuff; but, for my denim dresses and skirts and long swishy skirts they'll work fabulously. I only hope they live up to my expectations. I feel like I've effectively just written a love letter to the shoes. Oh dear, I hope you haven't all got terribly bored. Do any of you out there hate buying stuff for the summer too? It would make me feel a lot better to know I wasn't the only one with summer induced Scrooge-ness!

Tick tock pocket watch

M&S tee shirt, Fat Face skirt, Oasis knitted waistcoat, Dorothy Perkins trainers and necklace watch, Papa Pique et Maman Coud hairclip

Ok, so I realise this is my second post in a day; well, actually technically not, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so whatever. After wearing a completely nondescript outfit this morning to drag myself along to my exam in, I had a shower when I got back and got into something a little cooler since it's turned out to be a bloody hot day. I also wanted to show off my new watch that I treated myself to yesterday because of exams ending. I bought a similar necklace watch from Topshop a while ago but it wasn't anywhere near as big and didn't have all the lovely detailing that this one does. I particularly like the little beads on the chain, and the little black bow. I'd love to have a proper antique pocket watch, but until then I suppose £18 ones from Dorothy Perkins will have to do. I've found my summer dressing dilemma re-emerging today; the problem is, once it gets to the point where I can't wear layer upon layer and tights and tee shirts and cardigans I tend to feel like my outfits get really plain and boring. I don't know, I think this is just a seasonal hazard. So I'm trying to go for some kind of boyish simplicity at the moment in the hope that it looks a little deliberate and not just like I'm trying to not melt in all the bloody sunshine. I added the knitted waistcoat since it provides some interest as an extra layer without adding too much warmth. I also love the slouchy comfiness of it. I would wear it more often, but because of it's length in the winter it's a little difficult to wear, since it pokes out of the bottom of my jackets which looks a tad strange. But it's one of the best things I've bought on sale; it only cost £5 and is always quite helpful when summer once again rears it's ugly head. Trust me, I like sunshine, I just don't like too much heat and the way it makes me wear things that make me feel kind of uncomfortable with my body or a little boring. Anyway, I'll stop ranting. However, I may have found the solution to my sandals dilemma, but more on that tomorrow, I shall devote a separate post to the joys (!) of summer footwear. Now time for bed, 'tis been a long day for little Hat-Tat.
Also, please excuse the way in which my tee shirt in the third photo has attractively scrunched up around my belly. I don't particularly like posting pictures that make my belly look like a great big wobbly mess, but it was the best photo. I hope you people appreciate my suffering for my art.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Strawberry Picking

Dorothy Perkins shirt and trainers, charity shop tee shirt, Firetrap jeans, Cath Kidston bag
FINALLY, I AM FREE!!!!!!!! I did my last exam this morning and handed in my bastard 4000 word essay, so am now back and ready for blogging! Oh, how I've missed it. I'm afraid to say I did base an entire outfit the other day on being able to wear my new bag. Also, shock horror, ME IN JEANS!!! Basically comes down to the fact that I need to wash some tights and sort of fancied wearing some trousers for once. I would have rolled them up more to the ankle in that trendy way that's currently going around but because these jeans are so slim cut they looked really weird, so I just stuck to rolling them up a little. This is also one of the things I bought in that massive charity shop haul the other week. It's a little tight and short but it's ok, I'm hoping it will stretch with time to save me from any more monoboob! Sometimes boobs are such a pain in the arse. Um, I don't really have much else to say, I'm going to go and enjoy reading my Elle and Grazia that I bought earlier in the week as a reward for when I finished. And as that time is now upon me, off I go!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Cowboy Cath

I did have an outfit post planned with an outfit from last week but unfortunately, I had left my memory card in the laptop when I took the pictures and so had to take the photos on the internal memory card of the camera. Which of course needs a lead to attach it to the computer, which I of course can't find, probably because my room looks a little like this-

Er, so yeah, that's why I can't find the lead. And the thing is, this is my room being pretty tidy. This is the problem of living with your boyfriend; you pretty much end up spending all of your time in his room and then your room just turns into a dumping ground and a bed to sleep in. Oh dear. Anyway. So, since I don't have an outfit to show you but I did receive a parcel earlier today- here is my beautiful new Cath Kidston bag!!

I would have preferred it if it was a satchel but seeing as I got it for £25 rather than £38 I'm not complaining, and the messenger style is pretty much the next best thing. I love the print; it reminds me of the mattresses on my Nanny and Grandad's bunk beds when I went to stay with them as a kid. I also love the starry lining and the stripey strap. It's also big enough to carry my uni work in, which is always a plus. Anyway, I should go beds now; despite getting one exam out of the way earlier, I still have 4000 fricking words to write on Agamben in two days. Urgh.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Choo Choo

So, I decided to dress like a Victorian schoolchild. Some of my favourite films as a child were ones set in the late 19th century/early 20th, such as The Railway Children, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. I know these photos of The Railway Children don't look terribly like my outfit, but I think you can sort of see the inspiration. The sailor pinafore-ness, and the white tights that look a little Alice In Wonderland, and the black Mary Janes. I basically wore this because I really wanted to wear these new tights, but hadn't really found anything that worked with them, and I'm still not entirely sure that this outfit does. I also amped up the girliness by wearing my mirror pendant and cameo ring. Is it a bit sad that I really like how the trim matches on the dress and jacket? I shall take some more photos of this jacket at some point, I bought it because it reminded me a lot of this Luella one. It's got some hook and eye detailing and dungaree fasteners like the ones which featured heavily in the A/W 2009 collection.

So people, what do you think of my efforts with the tights?

Monday, 10 May 2010

"You look like a sausage wrapped in tin foil...."

TK Maxx tee shirt, French Connection skirt, H&M cardigan, ASOS tights, Melissa shoes, Amelie Blaise ring
As I predicted, I should be reading about Foucault, but am in fact posting. Oh well, I'll try and keep the procrastination brief! This silver skirt is another very old buy, although I do wear it a lot, so perhaps it's not really a forgotten item but more just one I've forgotten to show you. I'd seen it in an issue of Vogue but put it to the back of my mind because of it's £95 price tag; imagine how pleased I was when I went into a fancy boutique with my mum and found it reduced to £28! I think it was £28, it was such a long time ago now I can't quite remember. But muchos bargainos anyway. It's pretty handy for throwing on with things since it's fairly neutral if somewhat sparkly! I got these tights from ASOS a while ago but hadn't show them to you yet either. Despite being beautiful, they're not terribly comfy since unlike my trusty M&S tights, they haven't got much in the way of elastic and I am in fact wearing a pair of knickers over them to hold them up. I know, I am the sexiest thing ever. I also don't wear these shoes often; I'm not sure why because they're fricking awesome. I saw them on the Topshop website and had to buy them, what with the Tinkerbell fabulousness. The ring is the one I recently bought on the ferry. It cost £25 but I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and at that point my student loan payment was imminent so I just damn bought it. I did paint my nails specially to match! Oh dear. Right, back to Foucault and Agamben; ah, life as a Politics student is so thrilling...

And yes, one of my friends did say that to me when wearing this skirt.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cinderella shall go to the ball....

Debut dress from Debenhams, Topshop bolero, M&S shoes, bag from a little shop where I live, pearls also from a little shop where I live, petticoat from Pretty Flamingo in Aberystwyth (if there are any Aber readers out there!)

So, on Friday it was the long anticipated May Ball. Kathy and I have been terribly excited about this for several months, since we found out S Club Reunion were playing, and also because of course we cherished the idea of being able to dress up in ridiculous dresses. My outfit is actually pretty much all old stuff of mine- this is my Year 11 prom dress, worn with the same shoes and bag, and the bolero was bought for my year 13 prom, but for another dress. The pearls are also ones I've had for absolutely ages, and despite thinking they're beautiful, I hardly ever seem to wear them. I'm not sure why. Anyway, the only new thing about the outfit was the petticoat that I bought to add a bit more shape to the bottom of the dress. The dress did already have some netting underneath it, but I felt it needed a bit more for the 50s look I was going for. There were a couple of things I unfortunately didn't get around to doing in the preparation because Kathy and I were doing our friend Ruth's hair- as you can see, my own hair is a bit of a mess since I only really pinned the top bit up, and I didn't have time to do my nails to match my tootsies. I also didn't really have time to apply this damn lipstick properly, which is why it looks a little crap. I think I am going to try and do this lipstick thing again at some point, because I do think it looks good with my colouring, but I've just got to get used to the sensation of it on my lips. And learn how to apply it in a rush! Sorry the pictures aren't fandabedozey; as you can see Kathy and I were taking them in the foyer and people kept walking in front of us. I was thinking about buying a new dress but I really couldn't be bothered with all the hassle, and since no-one at uni had seen this dress anyway, I thought I'd just wear it again since it still fitted and I knew the shoes were comfy. A wonderful evening was had full of S Club, dancing, sweating (along with the dancing), cheeseburgers, oxygen bars, beanbags, bungee jumps and dress evaluating. I'd written an article for the student newspaper about buying dresses for the ball but the issue unfortunately wasn't published on time, although I was pleased to see people wearing a lot of the sorts of dresses I had suggested. But even if they had followed my suggestions, I'd forgotten what applying a ton of fake tan and wearing shoes that you can't walk in does to an outfit. Oh dear, sometimes I do despair for my generation. Sorry, that made me sound like a patronising arse. But I'm sure you all know what I mean. This might be my last post for a while; I've got a really busy fortnight ahead with a bastard of a 4500 assignment to do, plus 2 exams. It's not going to be fun. Although actually, I'll probably be posting to procrastinate. But anyway, in an ideal world, I wouldn't be spending time blogging and would have my nose to the grindstone like a good little student. Speaking of that, I must go and get up to get on with this work. Hope you've all had a good weekend, hopefully speak again when I've achieved something to warrant that £3000 a year I spend.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shopping and sausages

Laura Lees dress via charity shop, Vampire Bunnies cardi, M&S tights, Schuh shoes, Accessorize hairband, I can't remember where the bangle's from, it might be Claire's Accessories

So, this is the crowning glory of the charity shop haul yesterday. It's a Laura Lees dress, which I know retail for about £60, but I got it for £6! I love it because it's actually got some sleeves, and is quite a decent length. It's also pretty damn comfy, apart from the fact it is a little tight on the bust, which is why my breasts look somewhat trussed up- because they are. I like the bib detailing on the front and it's also got a pretty little slit and button to do it up at the back. Also, the amazing embroidered details!! That's what makes the dress so awesome. I would have worn the blue tights I've been wearing recently with my blue skirt, but unfortunately they weren't clean and so I had to make do with these purple ones. I decided to amp up the tattoo-ness of the embroidered patches by teaming it with my sailor cardigan and new button earrings. I feel perhaps I could have styled it up in a less twee way, but I was in a bit of a rush earlier and just thought I'd go overboard on the girlishness instead, because it's a lot easier. Anyway, I'm going to go now and enjoy Channel 4's Alternative Election Night; although I may go and cook some sausages first. Yum sausages.... yes, definitely going.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ugly Betty

Vintage waistcoat, Dorothy Perkins shirt, M&S skirt and tights, New Look boots, necklace was a gift
So, yet more hidden items from the depths of my wardrobe. Opinion remains divided on this knitted waistcoat that I got from a crazy vintage shop in Totnes. I bought it at the time because I loved it for it's damn ugliness, but other people have not been so kind. Grant and my mum and sister both think it's bloody awful. However, I thought you my internet buddies might appreciate it; there seems to be a bit of tacky sweater collective going on in my blog roll. The few times I have worn this since I bought it I'd styled it up proper Ugly Betty stylee- with a purple wool pleated skirt, a chiffon scarf and my glasses. But I thought I'd try something a bit different today and try to make it look a bit more modern with the skirt and boots. I think it would look better with some kind of tee shirt but none of mine seemed right so it had to go over this shirt. I was contemplating cranking up the 70s hippie vibe by teaming it with my bleached denim skirt but thought you'd seen that skirt a lot recently, and this might be a more modern way to wear it. Sorry about my photos not being terribly detailed; I shall try and endeavour to get myself up to campus soon so Kathy can take my photos, and because I've got a sod load of revision and essay work to do the next couple of weeks and I need to shut myself in the library really. Also, very exciting news, I had the best charity shop haul of my life earlier- I got two shirts, two tee shirts, a cardigan, a dress, a belt and a Mickey Mouse brooch- which all came to about £30- which was perhaps not the best idea since I'm a little skint at the moment. But you know, you can't leave things in a charity shop else they'll be gone when you next go in. And, to be fair, it was £30 that went to Oxfam, Barnados and Cancer Research UK, so it's all good. I didn't mean to end up buying so much but I just kept finding fantastic things and it helped alleviate my pre menstrual bitch syndrome no end. The dress I found was a Laura Lees one that I know sell in Topshop for about £50- and I got it for £6! Ah, so excited about showing these new bits off. Speaking of that though, I should go and pop them in the washing machine so I can get the gladrags on tomorrow!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Art Teacher

Oh dear, I really need to remember to do posts more often rather than doing these triptych posts I've ended up doing recently. I've been endeavouring to continue to utilise all my wardrobe items, and so decided to dig out one of many berets. I used to wear a lot of hats but don't tend to so much now, they kind of irritate me. But I do like wearing berets because I like to pretend I'm French and an art teacher. I'm amazed I haven't put this dress on the blog already; I wear it a lot because it's very comfy and I really like the fact it looks like a great big over sized shirt. This M&S scarf is great for tying outfits together; because it's got so many colours in it, it makes putting outfits together when you're running out of tights really easy. Sorry about the smudges on the photo, don't know what those are about.

H&M dress, M&S scarf and tights, Accessorize beret, Office shoes, charity shop belt

New Look dress, Boden tee shirt, House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, Dorothy Perkins trainers, mess of bangles from charity shops, jumble sales and my mum's jewellery box

I'm aware this isn't terribly innovative since you've all seen this dress a lot recently and for that I apologise. But I thought I hadn't worn this tee shirt for a while and these tights don't often get an outing, and after the positive reception the black ones received the other day, I thought I'd show them to you. And the scarf is a recently rediscovered item so I thought the outfit generally counted. And I don't wear these bangles very often despite loving them... so yes, it definitely counts. Also, I wanted to design an outfit around these earrings I recently made.... look at them in all their wonder!!!

I made them out of some buttons I bought a while ago. They were from a little set of all sorts of sea themed things; I also got some sea horses and starfish. It makes me so happy to have Ariel in my ears!! Ah, I'm so sad. I also had a really cool idea for turning the dress I bought off Kathy into a Little Mermaid one using this scrap of a nightie I've saved for many years. Anyway, these earrings have been making me very happy for several days now. Amazing how a pretty pair of earrings + sunshine + new Kate Nash album + finding out I didn't fail an essay makes for one very happy Hattie.

I especially like the recently acquired elephant one from Oxfam :)

Topshop vest, Only skirt (from France), Dorothy Perkins cardigan, M&S tights, Office shoes, Pilgrim bracelets

I once again wore these earrings today and quite enjoyed wearing them with my 'pirate' top. I hardly ever wear this top because it's very thin and can only really be worn when it's pretty toasty. Also, because my mum told me it made me look pregnant and looked like a nightie. Oh dear. Anyway, I like wearing it occasionally, and thought I should wear it considering the new wardrobe aims. I've also been wearing some new pastel eyeshadow recently which I've really been liking; but unfortunately couldn't get a very good picture for you. I shall try and get Kathy to take a decent picture at some point. I may have just been a bit naughty and ordered a Cath Kidston bag... but it was reduced and had the cowboy print that reminds me of the print on the matresses at my nan's, and makes me think of staying at my nan's as a child and sleeping on the bottom bunk bed, and I have wanted it for ages. I might have to live off lentils for a week though, even with the reduction. Oh well. Oh my, I just watched Disturbia in the house by myself, that was a bad idea. Terrifying! Anyway off to bed now Grant is home and can protect me from serial killer neighbours!