Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Now you see me, now you don't...otherwise known as adventures in front of a wall.

Right everyone, I'm telling you now, this is going to be one humdinger of a post. It might go on forever in fact. But that's what I get when I don't post for a week; it's my own fault! I would try to split the posts up but there isn't any way really. So, here goes my epic Clothes Show London post-

M&S dress, House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, Topshop scarf, Urban Outfitters necklace

So, this is what I wore on Friday to the Clothes Show. Unfortunately I'm a silly muppet and completely forgot to get Kathy to take a picture of my new charity shop dress on Thursday, so you shall have to see that another day. Probably good because it means the post will be shorter!

However, you may notice something missing from the first photo.... WHERE ARE KATIE AND JOE? Because people, sometimes life is a bitch. A horrible bitch who conspires against you to stop you meeting your heroes. Katie and Joe weren't there on Friday and instead were there on Saturday. And grateful as I am for the Clothes Show tickets, and I got some fantastic things while I was there (and saw Dave Berry 3 times in the course of the day, and I swear I saw Michelle from Skins), the main reason Kathy and I went was to meet Katie and Joe. Not to sound like crazy stalkers or anything, but I am so in awe of these two. Katie's style is so amazing, Joe is so funny and witty, and I just love the idea of them as a couple, they're just so perfect. But unfortunately our meeting was not meant to be. Perhaps one day... now I'll shut up in case they come on here and think I'm completely mental and never allow me to comment on their site.

If any of you have ever had a nosey at my Looklet page (find a link at the top of the page in the sidebar) you will notice somewhat of a recurring theme. In a lot of my looks I use Tatty Devine jewellery. I can't help it, I have somewhat of an addiction. However, in reality, I don't actually own any Tatty Devine, despite knowing about the brand for several years. The thing is, the pieces are quite expensive, and I've just never got around to ordering anything off their website. So, when I found out they were exhibiting at the Clothes Show I was naturally very excited, and marked it as one of the stands where I would spend the very little money I was planning on taking with me. I wanted to get a couple of pieces from them and was very pleased to see that they had 20% off on the 'Best Of' collection, which contained both the pieces I wanted to buy. Top of the list was a pair of these bad boys-

ARE THESE NOT THE FUCKING COOLEST THINGS YOU'VE EVER SEEN??!! I have wanted these for SUCH a long time. I'd even considered trying to make my own with some cheap glasses but thought it wouldn't be the same. Although thinking about it now, I could do it if I took the arms off.... hhhmmm, things to consider. Because, as it turned out I didn't get exactly what I wanted. They hadn't got a pair out on display so I asked the very nice lady if they'd got a pair buried under the table. When I got back she gave them to me but alas, they were the smaller ones! But she'd attached the chain for me since they didn't have them in an assembled form, and I didn't have the heart to tell her I wanted the bigger ones. And she gave them to me with an extra reduction since they were on a silver chain rather than the usual black. So I have the smaller pair, which are not quite so awesome but are still pretty cool. I may treat myself to the bigguns at some point when I've got some money, maybe my birthday in a couple of months.

So, here is the necklace in action. It's teemed with a Topshop tee shirt I've had for a while but don't wear very often because it's a bit of a funny length, but I just plonked it on anyway. I might cut it at some point. I had to wear it because it was just too good a combination-

Topshop tee shirt, Urban Outfitters skirt, Office brogues, Tatty Devine necklace

See???? Ah ha ha, too fucking awesome!! Is it sad how happy wearing this made me? I thought all you amazing internet people would understand. And I had to take the close up shot of the necklace and tee shirt on the bed, because if I ever try to take pictures of my chest area myself I make my boobs look humongous. The skirt is also a recent buy from when my mum, sister and I went to look at universities. I managed to get a look around an Urban Outfitters store which was pretty cool. Lots of nice librarian/Alexa type loveliness. Although much as I love their stuff, I do think it is overpriced and also is really aimed at people with the figure of a twig, not so much me. But I bought this skirt because it's one of those really comfy stretchy ones again, and I don't actually have a plain black skirt, which seems a little ridiculous. The other thing is, despite it being stretchy clingy scary territory, because of the detailing across the front it actually kind of hides my belly and accentuates my hips quite nicely.

Also, I finally managed to get a haircut which you might be able to see in the photos... back to being all nice and black and lovely! Right, going now, this post has taken forever. But I hope it's been worth the wait!

And I've just remembered I haven't mentioned the other Tatty Devine necklace I bought... another post Hattie, another post.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A post which should have been taken in a meadow.

M&S tee shirt, Laura Ashley skirt, Tu (at Sainsburys!!) cardi, Carvela shoes, Accessorize necklace, vintage earrings

Firstly, please forgive me for my really weird feet. Damn my father and his ridiculously long toes which I have had the misfortune of inheriting. I almost didn't put this picture up because I didn't want you to all think I'm some kind of weird foot mutant, but then I got a grip on myself and posted it anyway, regardless of my vanity. This skirt is one of my favourite summer pieces. It always makes me feel nice and relaxed and pretty. The sensation of all that material swishing around is really nice, and it's good to have something where you don't have to bother shaving your legs! I normally just pair it with a white tee shirt since I think it's so vibrant by itself it doesn't need much else with it. Although saying that, the multitude of colours did make finding a cardigan to wear very easy.
I still can't decide whether these shoes are good or not. The annoying thing is, they're so close to being perfect it's a bit ridiculous. They are really comfy apart from one very important factor- THEY DIDN'T PUT ANY KIND OF PADDING IN THE INSOLE. The insole is completely flat and shiny. This means, despite the fact the heel height is quite comfy because of the platform, after wearing them for a day the soles of your feet are sore and the blisters are a-forming. I cannot understand why Carvela didn't put any kind of insole padding in them. For a £95 pair of shoes (although I didn't pay that for them), I'm sorry, I expect some kind of foot upholstery. And it's not like there appears to be a huge amount of craftsmanship or material that would warrant the £95 price tag either. Ah well. I've been wearing them with some gel insole thingys and they've been making it somewhat easier.
I'm going to shut up whinging about the shoes now because I have something far more exciting to talk about. You know the Suzuki Challenge I mentioned a few posts back? Kathy and I won a pair of tickets! So, on Friday we shall be heading to the Clothes Show in London, and shall hopefully be meeting Katie and Joe of What Katie Wore fame, since they should be there with Suzuki. We're beyond excited. WKW was one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place; to meet them would be like meeting my blogging heroes. Kathy and I are hoping we can contain our excitement and not look too much like crazy obsessed stalkers. It's proving somewhat of a nightmare to organise getting up there and is costing me money I don't really have, but it's a really fantastic opportunity and should be so much fun. I just have to be careful not to spend too much (which means any really) money! I found a 50s style shirt dress in Oxfam today which I might wear to go but I'm not sure yet. I may enlist your help to advise me on an outfit tomorrow. Saying that, I should really get to bed since there's a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow. Night everyone.
PS. But looking at these photos, I realise this skirt really belongs in a photo taken out in a meadow somewhere, most preferably in a Clothes Horse setting.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Off with his head!

Only tee shirt (from France), H&M cardi, Gestuz skirt, M&S tights, Office shoes

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. After going to see Grant last weekend, I then this weekend went 'up North' (to Manchester and Sheffield) with my mum and sister so she could have a look at universities. I'd been taking photos last week but had somehow forgotten that I had. I'd completely forgotten I'd even worn this outfit. Oh dear. The heat and lack of structure to my days is obviously wearing down on my brain. I've therefore got a couple of outfits to show you, but shall break them up into separate posts because it's just much easier to write them like that, and it looks a lot better layout wise.

So, here is a tee shirt that I've been meaning to show you for absolutely ages, since I bought it at Easter. I know I had worn it at some point with the intention of taking photos and then somehow just didn't get around to it. As you can see, the Alice in Wonderland obsession shows no sign of abating, although I thought this was quite toned down in comparison to some of my other Alice outfits! It's not a terribly flattering tee shirt, something about the fit isn't quite right, but whatever, it's got the Queen of Hearts on it, I don't care. I also wore it with the heart earrings from this post. I wasn't sure whether to wear red tights and black shoes, or black tights and red shoes, but then thought if I wore black there would be far too much grey and black in the outfit. I can't really think of anything else to say now. Onto the next outfit post!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

One student in search of a job...

Topshop dress and scarf, M&S tee shirt, H&M belt, Dr Martens shoes

Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been away at Grant's for a couple of days and so did not have access to my laptop. This is the scarf that I bought the other day from Topshop; they have both a skirt and dress in the same print, but my current state of finances meant I could only afford to buy the scarf. I'm currently trying to find myself a job to keep myself busy in the huge 3 month summer holiday, and just to get myself a bit of money. However, it's not going very well and I am feeling somewhat dejected. I want to get myself some driving lessons but am unable to do so until I get some income. I also just want a bit of Independence and just something to do. Because lovely as a three month holiday is, without any money you can't exactly do a lot with the time you have! Is anybody else out there currently seeking employment and struggling to find a job? To be fair, I've only handed out 15 CVs, I could be doing a lot more. Fingers crossed something will come along. In the mean time, I've got a load of sewing projects lined up to keep me busy. Shall hopefully have something to show you soon. I'm going to go and continue to tidy up my room in the never ending process of unpacking. I'm taking so long in an attempt to keep things more organised throughout the summer, but not sure if that's how my mum sees it!
Ooh, one other thing, it would be great if you could vote for me over at the Suzuki Challenge at What Katie Wore- just leave a comment if you like my outfit! Thanks!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Ichi dress, Laura Ashley cardigan, Schuh shoes, Accessorize belt, necklace a present from my mum

Ah, I'm liking being back at home with all of my clothes. I had rather unwittingly left this dress at home, which was a very stupid idea, since it would have been really useful in the heat of the last couple of weeks. But anyway. I got my mum to take these photos for me since I needed a decent one to send into What Katie Wore for their Suzuki challenge. I put on the most colourful outfit I could think of. I really love the print of this cardigan, but unfortunately don't get to wear it that often since it's hand wash only. I also popped on my tutu that I bought for the May Ball to add a bit more volume and a bit more colour. I've loved wearing this today; I've just been prancing round the house continuing to unpack my stuff (it's taking forever) and probably should have saved the outfit for a day out, but I needed to get the photo in sharpish.

In the other thrilling events that have made up my day, I've been unable to stop watching the Alejandro video. I'm still listening to it as I type! I wouldn't think of myself as a massive Gaga fan but every time she brings out a song I get completely obsessed and can't stop listening to them. I wasn't sure whether I liked her or not because I can't figure out whether her whole thing is merely a ploy for publicity or whether she really is that weird. I just cannot figure her out. But now, after my addiction to Telephone, and then Speechless after I heard someone sing it, and now Alejandro, I think I am going to have to get the Fame Monster. If only just so I can stop having to press replay on Youtube! I got a few bits in town yesterday when I went in to see a friend and they shall be up in outfits shortly. I shall keep the post short and sweet for once and head off to continue unpacking whilst dancing around to 'Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale Alejandro, Ale Alejandro'....

Also, I had an epic lyric deciphering fail. The line 'At this point I've got to choose/Nothing to lose'; I thought was 'At this point I've got to choose/The vindaloos.' Oh dear.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A cloggy Miss Minchin? I hope not...

M&S lace top, Warehouse stripey tee shirt, Only skirt (from France), Clarks clogs, Dorothy Perkins watch necklace

I'm sorry everyone, we're back home and back to my crappy windowsill shots. I shall try and get myself a tripod soon so I can get some half decent photos. These are really not good enough. Now, onto the outfit. These clogs were ones I bought several years ago in an attempt to find the long elusive perfect sandals. I didn't end up wearing them very much and they've been sat somewhat abandoned in my shoe draw for quite some time now. How pleased was I then when clogs came back into fashion! I don't normally pay too much attention to following trends and just wear whatever I fancy, but seeing as I'd got these tucked away I thought I'd dust them off and let them have a little outing. I realise they're not the trendiest of clogs since most of the new ones are modelled on those Chanel beauties and therefore have a wooden heel rather than a wedge. But screw it, I wasn't going to buy a new pair! However, I found a rather large problem with wearing them with tights; they kept slipping off when I tried to walk! But I found some grippy insoles to pop in and then they were fine.
I'm not sure why exactly I wanted to wear the clogs with this outfit. I just got it into my head somewhat whilst I was in the shower and the outfit wouldn't budge from my mind. I really like this lace top but don't wear it very often due to the fact it makes me look a little like a Victorian matron. Or Miss Minchin, which is not a good association. But I really like the pleats and ruffle detailing, although obviously the lace sleeves are my favourite part. I like layering them over this stripey tee shirt because I like the way the patterns overlap. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to wear my new necklace watch again. Anyway, I'll stop whittering on. Tell me what you think of my efforts with the clogs. I'll be dressing up in something ridiculous tomorrow for the What Katie Wore challenge so hopefully some interesting photos for you all. Well, just perhaps more interesting than these!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A post in which I wished men didn't pee outside...

H&M tee shirt, M&S skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers

I'd completely forgotten Kathy and I had even taken these photos. On a very very hot day a few weeks back, we decided to adventure into Aberystwyth's castle, just outside my house, for a photo shoot of sorts. Well as close as you get with fairly bog standard cameras and not the most photogenic of models! Anyway, I thought it was high time I showed you one of the prettiest parts of Aberystwyth. I apologise for the fact my eyes are somewhat half shut in all the photos; as I think you can tell, it was a very bright day and I was struggling to keep them open without squinting! Also, the slight uncomfortable face in the first photo is due to the fact that the staircase smelt really strongly of pee! Urgh, horrible drunk students defacing the amazing-ness that is the castle.
I've had this skirt for quite a few years now. However, despite really liking the 50s shape and applique detailing, I just couldn't figure out what to wear it with. Then I got my Betty Boop tee shirt and the problem was solved. It probably would have looked better with my hair down but unfortunately it was just too hot, my hair had gone absolutely mental. I'm hoping that this summer with the aid of some of my new pastel things I'll finally be able to give this skirt the outings it deserves.
I'm back at home now and am trying to get myself unpacked. I've also been going through my clothes and discarding those ones which my boobs just simply do not fit into anymore. Hopefully this will free me up to actually wear some summer outfits I like rather than being constantly depressed at my podginess in comparison to this time last year. Oh well. I also managed to find my camera cable whilst packing and so should be able to finally post that outfit from the other day.
On a completely random end note, I never knew Glenn Close could sing until this evening when I found a video of her singing 'As If We Never Said Goodbye'... Cruella De Vil has many more talents than I gave her credit for.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"I wanna do bad things with you..."

New Look dress and H&M cardigan via charity shops, charity shop belt, Melissa shoes via Topshop, Topshop bag, Pilgrim earrings, charity shop brooch

I didn't intend to dress mostly in charity shop today, it just happened like that somewhat. It's been another really hot day today in Aberystwyth and I finally got around to washing this sundress I got from Barnados last week. I had an urge to wear a girly sundress rather than a shirt and denim skirt; I think it's because I've been devouring the second series of True Blood and wanted to inject a little bit of Sookie Stackhouse style. Although I'm wearing black, which is not very Sookie, I think you can sort of see the inspiration. Just simple girly clothes for the hot weather. I particularly love Sookie's outfit in the top picture; that yellow cardigan was just to die for. I was quite, quite jealous when watching. I absolutely love this cardigan; I remember seeing it in H&M but I think I was out of a job at the time and so deemed it to be an irresponsible purchase, since you may have realised I own enough cardigans to clothe the 5000. I'm thinking about embroidering this dress since at the moment it's just a very simple black dress. I bought Jenny Hart's 'Embroidered Effects' a while ago and have been meaning to get around to adorning something with irreverent stitches, and this dress seems like the perfect thing. I'm going to go now because I could witter on forever, but Grant has now found out he has to leave uni a day early, and I have packing to do myself. I shall show you the pictures of my room soon since they require a whole post by themselves. Let's just say I sorted out my clothes for washing and realised I owned an insane amount of stuff that I probably don't need. Donations to my friends Kathy and Ruth shall be taking place shortly. But I'll get that post done at the weekend. Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine and to all those students out there, hope you're enjoying your freedom; or the other option, that your revision is going well. I'm going to go and attempt to sort through a year's worth of Grazias. Oh dear.