Thursday, 25 November 2010

Brogue beauty

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Am currently in the midst of a bastard of a 4000 word English essay, and have a 2500 Politics one to get done next week. I shouldn't be blogging right now to be honest, but wanted to share these lovely things that I found;

I've been wanting to get some new brogues for quite a while, but was held back by a lack of funds. I was planning on getting this silver pair from Office, because I thought they'd be sufficiently neutral to go with lots of things but were still a bit snazzy. But then I thought they were maybe just a bit too shiny. I then thought I'd get them in black and white instead, because those would still be snazzy but not quite so futuristic looking. But now they have sold out in my size, just as I was about to put them on my Christmas list. So I was trawling the Internet (otherwise known as procrastinating) when I stumbled across these beauties on the River Island website. The first pair are really reminiscent of a Paul Smith pair that I'd love but cost an extortionate amount of money. And the second pair are black and white but also glittery! To be honest, I'd like something in leather that looked a bit more substantial (I'm ridiculously hard on shoes) but I think if I had both pairs and could spread out the wear they might be alright! Plus perhaps a trip to the cobblers to get some good soles on them before I start stomping around in them.
I should go. I still have 1000 words of waffle to write on The Turn of the Screw. I hate my degree sometimes.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Sunglasses, spots and suspenders

first outfit- vintage dress from charity shop, H&M jacket, Dr Martens boots, Pilgrim necklace, Accessorize beret, Claire's Accessories gloves

second outfit- Fashion Temple jumper from local boutique, H&M skirt, M&S suspender tights, ASOS brooch, ancient Topshop earrings, Dorothy Perkins hairclip, boots and gloves as before

I told you I'd been getting my 80's on. Don't really know what to say about the first outfit other than I got some weird looks that day. Second outfit appears less interesting but has many more exciting details. This is a new jumper that I splurged on the other day (£24.99! Much more than my usual charity shop £5) but I desperately need some more jumpers/cardis to keep me warm. I do admit that I probably own about 30 cardigans (I have a bit of a problem), but not many of them are that thick or hence warm. I liked this jumper because of the bat wing shape and the sleeves, and to be honest, it's just so damn comfy. It's also got these little pearl buttons going down the middle of the sleeve that look very pretty, and I think would allow the jumper to be worn in a less 80s way because it puts it just the right side of retro. Other exciting new purchases- suspender tights!! I've been wanting to get some of these for ages but just hadn't gotten around to it. Imagine my excitement then when I found out M&S were selling a pair! They did cost about £10, and I put a ladder in one pair the first time I put them on, but I've learnt to be more careful with the second pair that I'm wearing here. I especially like the little bows on them. I've only worn them a couple of times, and actually with things like this skirt that cover the tops up, but I find something thrilling in the fact that people can't see them necessarily until the wind picks up my skirt a bit or I sit down. They're also really damn comfy, and the bottom bit is 60 denier so they're really warm! I might try and get some more when I go home for Christmas perhaps. And finally, I thought this sunglasses brooch I got from ASOS for £1 would add a nice bit of extra 80's kitsch to the outfit.
Ooh, and one other thing, I've recently discovered the joys of the stats tab (don't ask how it's taken a year for me to notice it's there) and was pleased to find more people than I thought look at my posts, it's just not many people comment. I really love getting comments and feedback on stuff so if you're reading, please leave me a little note! It would make my day.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

'You look a bit mad, and French.'

first outfit- Dorothy Perkins shirt, Laura Ashley skirt via charity shop, Dr Martens boots, old braces of my dads!

second outfit- Primark jumper and Motel skirt both via charity shop, M&S tights, Schuh shoes, braces as before, M&S beret

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Who wears short shorts??? I do, finally!!!

first outfit- Dorothy Perkins blouse, shorts and waistcoat both Limited Collection at M&S, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, Dorothy Perkins watch

second outfit- shorts as before, Boden shirt, M&S cardi, watch as before, really really old Faith shoes

I've been wearing these shorts to death since I got them whilst visiting home a few weeks ago. I have wanted a pair of shorts for forever, but have been completely unable to get a pair that weren't so tiny they rubbed up in between my somewhat hefty thighs and made me look like a watermelon. Hence, imagine my excitement when I saw this M&S pair. None of this Topshop hotpant rubbish, I should have known to look in my treasured place of sensible, comfortable high street clothing. I'm a bit obsessed with M&S (you may have noticed nearly all of my hosiery comes from there- NO ONE does better tights than Marks) and trusted them to come up with a pair of shorts that are suitable for those of us with less than colt like limbs. They're also damn stylish as well as comfy, what with the tweed and the roll ups and the free belt. I realise tucked in they're not the most flattering thing but I don't care. Although I do apologise for the camel toe on the second picture! I'm also relishing being able to be out and about in Aberystywth and not worry at all about my skirt/dress blowing up. They are pretty much perfect in every way; other than the tiny weeny problem that the tweed is a little itchy if you haven't got really thick tights on. Hence the woolly wonders in the top photo, which are also keeping my legs nice and toasty.

I'm going to stop gushing now. Basic point- I LOVE THESE SHORTS. They are everything I ever dreamed of. Here's hoping I can find some more to preserve my modesty in the upcoming winter months!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Take on me

New Look tee shirt, customised by moi, M&S Autograph skirt, Monsoon Fusion jacket, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, Claire's Accessories gloves and beads, various bangles, charity shop belt, vintage bag, Accessorize beret


I couldn't decide what to dress up as for Halloween. I originally wanted to go as something creepy, and perhaps dark and lacy and a bit sexy, but I couldn't think of anything. Then, after a suggestion from Mademoiselle Robot, I thought I could go as Wednesday Addams. But I still wasn't entirely happy about that idea... I was having a look through the blog archive to see if there were any outfits that lent themselves to costume... and then I of course found this. Then I thought of dressing as Shaz; how had I not thought of it before??!!

I must say, I felt so damn cool in this outfit. I had to buy a few bits in, such as the necklace, gloves and tee shirt to customise, but I'd already got the skirt, beret and belt. I improvised the bottom half since it's not in the picture.

I've ended up wearing 80's outfits all week because dressing up was so much fun. I've always struggled with berets; they just didn't want to stay on my head, but after wearing it on the side rather than on the back like I usually do, I've found it much more comfy. I even ended up in the hooker outfit again! I shall post pictures soon.

Hope you all had good Halloweens; I know I certainly enjoyed mine!