Saturday, 8 January 2011


River Island jacket, M&S tee shirt, tights and shoes, Dorothy Perkins skirt via charity shop, Accessorize bangles, charity shop necklace

First outing of new brogues plus a few other sale finds. I have wanted this jacket for about 6 months after seeing it on Mademoiselle Robot. However, much to my dismay they had sold out of my size in several River Island stores that I tried. Imagine my delight then, whilst in River Island with my boyfriend, to see the print poking out from the sale rail and for the aforementioned jacket to be a size 10! And also may I mention.... £10. Epic win. I am also wearing a rather fetching bow print tee shirt from M&S (£7) and my lovely Accessorize bargain bangles.

Although I am wearing it with another cream item here, I am really looking forward to picking out the red, pink and teal in the print. This just happened to be the best outfit I could put together with the clothes I had at home. I think it will look great with my new teal velvet plimsolls. I am also quite in love with this necklace I found in Barnados just before Christmas for £1- I love the fact it's so detailed for something so small and dainty. I also wore it because I thought it helped bring out the red tones in the jacket, which is something I needed since cream is not my best colour.

Right, let's stop wittering on. I realised I didn't mention my New Year's resolutions in my last post- to be honest, I haven't got any very definite ones, because I think New Year in itself is terribly overrated. But I'm planning on the horrible generic one of trying to lose a bit of my podge, and stop eating so much ice cream, but I am also putting a shopping ban on myself until I make something on my sewing machine. I got the machine for my birthday after wanting one for ages, and have so far not actually used it. How rubbish am I? I'm feeling somewhat shopping-bloated after all my sales buys and have decided that I won't buy anything until I've got off my arse and made something for myself. I may be excused perhaps the odd accesssory though. So, I've ordered two dress patterns for myself, quite nice and easy to lull myself back in gently, and shall hopefully have some results to show you soon. Although it will be a good while yet, since I must get my exams out of the way first. Saying that, I need to go read the Tempest and joint a chicken. By the way, thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post; it was the most I've ever received. Shoulderfox is obviously universally loved!


  1. Lovely jacket and great bow tee too =) Good luck with your resolutions, making clothes is way to taxing for my mind to comprehend but I'm sure you'll do a great job, I would love to know how to use a sewing machine!! Good luck with your exams too!!

    Hannah xx

  2. The jacket looks awesome Hattie! Also I've decided I am going to make more use of my sewing machine this term too. Im going to expand my line of stuff and make cute soft things too hopefully!


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