Monday, 10 January 2011

Dame Edna

Laura Ashley 'twinset', Boden skirt, M&S tights and shoes, Accessorize bangles, Tatty Devine necklace, glasses a gift

Ok, so today was 'ironic librarian' day. Anyone able to spot the subtle ironies in my outfit? No.... well obviously it's just me being pretentious again. Oh well, these little things make me feel happy.
1) It's a twinset- but not a proper twinset- a tee shirt instead of a knitted tank;
2) The glasses are around my neck and not on my face.

Except... oh, I see they are!

You see Kathy today gave me my birthday present which she had unfortunately misplaced for quite some time. But look, now I have Dame Edna glasses! And I think they may be the coolest thing ever. I do want some proper cat eye ones with prescription lenses, but currently a lack of funds prevents me from doing so. I'm sure this dress up pair will do in the meantime.
(And I do realise I have a double chin in the 3rd picture, but I thought it was funny, so I'd include it anyway).

I got this really nice wool mini skirt before Christmas and have been meaning to show you for ages but kept forgetting.... anyway, it's perfect for the days when I wish to dress like a librarian. I'm sure there are other things I could do with it, but that's how I like it right now.

Other item of interest is the lip colour. I recently went to MAC with the intention of getting myself a pink lipstick, something quite bright and almost on the raspberry side. Unfortunately, when I got there I discovered they didn't have anything in that kind of colour that wasn't in a hideously shiny formulation. I really really don't like shiny lipstick, and I absolutely hate lip gloss. No disrespect to shiny lipped ladies out there, but I just find it looks over the top and far too Cheryl Cole for the likes of me. Anyway, to get back off that tangent, the very nice lady suggested I try the Pink Nouveau colour which is a Satin finish, only one above my Matt Ruby Woo. It was a little lighter than I was hoping for, but I was quite pleased with the bubblegum colour. Now, to be confusing, what I'm wearing in the post is in fact not the lipstick but the accompanying lip liner, in Magenta. This was more of the colour I was originally hoping for and so far I have yet to use the lipstick but have been enjoying the lipliner. It works fantastically just over the top of a bit of lip primer to give it a bit of moisture. I shall shortly get around to wearing the lipstick to show you all, but thought the magenta really clashed nicely with the gold and mulberry colours in the outfit.

Ok, I really must go to bed now. I was just far too excited at the glasses to not post this today! (And apologies if this is somewhat garbled with too many ellipses, that would be the excitement)


  1. Mad outfit with all those patterns but I love it! Cute glasses (both) and I ADORE that lip colour. I always buy lipstick from Mac, I think they have the best range at a fair mid price. Love the librarian joke too =)

    Hannah xx

  2. Love all the different tights.
    Email me at my blog for a feature lisa xo

  3. Your hair is so glossy, I'm jealous!

    Great tights, too. x

  4. Love your little glasses pendant.

  5. The glasses are IMMENSE! I so love glasses like this but just feel weird wearing non sun glasses. They look super good on you though.

  6. cute little necklace! i like your real glasses too, though!

  7. I used to have a pair of glasses just like that! And I'm a huge fan of Dame Edna :) Your outfit "ironies" are amusing, especially the combo of wearing glasses on your face and around your neck.

  8. haha I love these photos! As a librarian myself, I think you definitely look like a stylish librarian :D i've always wanted to do a mini photo shoot in the library too.

  9. I love this picture, I work in a library and this is a look I need to try and rock in work.
    I need to take photos with all the old books, it would be amazing

  10. that skirt with that top? epic ass combination


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