Saturday, 8 January 2011

A few old friends got back in touch.

Topshop cardigan, Miss Selfridge dress via charity shop, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt (just seen), M&S tights and shoes, Accessorize bangle, charity shop necklace

I think I may apologise now. I think I may well not take these brogues off for quite some time. So, get used to them! This outfit consists of a few new bits plus some old rediscovered treasures. I am really pleased with these new M&S tights; my mum had previously bought my sister some floral knitted ones from Topshop, but unfortunately the embroidery on those meant both of us could only pull them up as far as our knees before they wouldn't stretch any further. Damn Topshop and their skinny legged customers! Anyway, these M&S ones do not have the same problem. Sure, they're not as stretchy as tights usually are, but I can actually get them on.

The dress is one I found in a charity shop, but don't wear too often due to the fact it's not exactly suitable for Aberystwyth's wind- there were more than a few near misses yesterday! It's also got these really annoying ties around the waist which I don't like doing up around the back since I'm usually wearing it with a cardigan on top and I'd end up with a big lump under my cardi. So, I'm usually forced to sort of wrap them round and tuck them in, but they often come untucked and dangle down my legs! I think I'll have to have a fiddle and unpick them.

The cardigan is one of the very first things I ever bought from Topshop, and I was really pleased when I found it had fallen down the back of a drawer! It's especially good at the moment since it's wool and keeps me nice and toasty.

Kathy is back today and so hopefully I may have some decent photos for you tomorrow :)


  1. I adore those tights - they're really lovely.

  2. Cute outfit, love the tights =)

    Hannah xx

  3. gosh how cute are those tights!! i love patterened tights! xx have a great day

  4. Dude dude dude, yes, tights! how do you have so many cute tights!


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