Thursday, 6 January 2011


first outfit- Dorothy Perkins blouse, Dorothy Perkins vintage skirt via charity shop, Schuh boots

second outfit- Dorothy Perkins dress, M&S tights, Schuh boots

I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long. I went up to my boyfriend's last Thursday for New Years, and have been spending the last few days with my mum and sister before they had to go back to school. I've also been attempting to chivy myself into revision which hasn't been going very well at all. Hopefully when I'm back at uni on Friday I can get on with it a bit better. Right now I just cannot bear to read Virginia Woolf!

So, here are a few recent outfits, with the main reasoning behind them being to... SHOW YOU MY NEW BOOTIES! My boyfriend had actually bought these for me as a Christmas present, but I only got my hands on them last week. I am quite, quite in love. Despite them not being my usual style, I've found they look great with so many things. I'm also surprised at how flattering they are. What with them being ankle boots, I thought they might make my legs look quite chunky, but I don't think they're too bad at all. They also have some magic foot shrinking ability which is also a plus for my size 7/8 self! Sorry I don't have a close up, but my shoe-photography skills are somewhat lacking. Sneak a look at them on the Schuh website if you'd like a closer look.

Although saying all this, I am currently freaking out that I may be developing a bunion.... I have some pain in the exact section in your foot where you develop bunions. I have been wearing these shoes for about a week solid which almost definitely has something to do with it. Oh dear. I really think I could do with getting myself better fitting shoes. The problem is, I have this hereditary thing where the tendons in the backs of my legs are too short, and wearing really flat shoes makes my calves ache. But now heels are making my toe joint ache.... I may go see the Doctor. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac but I'm also very freaked out at the thought of developing a bunion so young! Sorry, I'll shut up and stop passing my bunion paranoia onto you all. That's more than enough talk about feet.

What do you think of the fox jumper??!! I got it for £17, reduced from £32, and am really pleased with it. I wore it out on New Years Eve and got lots of compliments. I am now known to several of my boyfriend's friends as 'Shoulderfox'. Jumper dresses make me quite nervous; not so much because of the belly clinging aspect, although that's obviously an issue, but more because of the VPL! I had quite a hilarious encounter with an old lady in the M&S toilets today, who told me that it looked fine whilst I was sort of staring at my bum and smoothing it down in the mirror! Grant also thought the whiskers were earrings *shakes head at obvious boy fail*

Other photos are just a few other bits I got in town today. Finally got some new brogues; these were £25 from M&S and I've been waiting for them to come into stock in my local branch for an absolute age after seeing them in Grazia. I had been debating buying some from Office, but decided against it. I have a lot of Office shoes because they're just too damn beautiful, but they are never comfy and never last long at all. I reckon cheapie M&S ones will last just as long as £60 Office ones.

I also got myself a lovely new pencil case and notebook from Paperchase in attempt to be more organised next term and not forget to take pens to lectures, and a couple of bangles from Accessorize I've wanted since seeing them on Pretty Much Penniless.

Right, definitely time now to shut up now I've gone on about bunions and smoothing down knickers. God, I'm such an old woman! Sorry this post is so long; I suppose that's what happens when I'm a disorganised arse and don't post for a week! Something to remember for the year ahead.... Ooh, and I hope you all had lovely New Years.


  1. I love that fox jumper! It's so sweet :D great buy!! xxxx

  2. I am sooooooooooo glad to see you back. Thank you so much for your comment.
    Mil besos.

  3. Foxy fox dress! I loves it! Yeah, M&S shoes are top quality, Office has become quite tatty in a lot of its wares I've found - and the prices!!! - unbelievable. I guess you're right about my 1970s obsession working well with the old long hair look - the 1960s are also a workable reference point because of it xx Comtesse xx

  4. I love the fox jumper, looks really cute!

  5. Looking great,love those boots.

  6. Thats such a fun outfit!

  7. that fox sweater is super cute!! xx

  8. Excellent update here darling, very much enjoyed it to the extent that I actually lolled slightly. Congratulations are in order on the boot front, I think Grant was very brave to buy YOU shoes, but a commendable choice - you have brainwashed him well! My sympathies on the jumper dress front, might I suggest LEGGINGS darling; they hide all manner of underwear related sins and are frankly much warmer at this time of year, especially when worn with tights on top :P I also enjoyed the picture of your actual face as featured this week, MUCH better than that awful refugee pose you love so much (yes I know the reasons, but I want face dammit!) The fox jumper is also rather fetching, and probably will cause less controversy than our old fox hunting debates at school :P Was sad not to see you again but hope you have a nice term - may drag the boy over to see the SEA and YOU <3

  9. Didn't see this post but I LOVE shoulder fox too =)

  10. love love love those shoes!!! And that fox dress of course


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