Monday, 24 January 2011

Video attempt no 2 with some help from Fearne

Er so I tried to do another video post. I actually tried to upload this on Friday, but Blogger was just being completely uncooperative and I tried for several hours but to no avail. So instead, today, after returning from home, I got myself a YouTube channel and uploaded it on there. I didn't really want to go on YouTube but have since found out I can make my channel unlisted anyway so shouldn't get trolled too bad. And since this was meant to be posted on Friday, please ignore the last bit where I talk about the weekend, because it's obviously happened now. (And I also didn't end up going to the Museum for dissertation research today, because I've found out there's an relevant exhibition starting on Saturday, so I'm going next Wednesday instead) But after all the kerfuffle I couldn't be bothered to do another ending and re-edit, so here it is in it's original format.

I hope it's not too awful. Please tell me what you think, I always like to know what people think of my blog, suggestions are always welcome. Sorry it's a little long, my editing skills are not up to much. And for those of you wanting lip gloss, leave me your email and I'll email you regarding sending it to you.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is how happy I am with how many subscribers and comments I've been getting recently. I'm now up to 39 followers which is fantastic, and I had 15 comments on my last post. *proud beamy smile* Hello to everybody new, hope you don't mind my rambling, whether it be on camera or via text! So just thanks to everyone for their kind comments, I hope I can continue to improve the blog and keep you all entertained.


  1. your video had me laughing!!! the make up collection seems all right but totally not worth £40, bloody hell fearne!!! I like the looks of the eye liner pencils though =) send me a lipgloss =) I can't decide between the pink or red so maybe you can choose for me (or send me both haha)! I really enjoyed the video, it's always nice to hear what us bloggers actually sound like. Don't think I'd do one though haha, hate the sound of my own voice!!

    Hannah xx

  2. what's you emails address, mine is

  3. I'm sure you've heard it so many times but i really like your accent haha :)
    And your video is cute and funny!

  4. That hat box set looks amazing! *0*
    I totally wish we could get stuff like this in the US.

  5. Tatler, video was an interesting change from the usual wordiness. Had much fun listening to your rambling, just one suggestion; maybe get someone in the room with you/pretend you're having a skype conversation with a very quiet person (who has been awed into silence by your wisdom) - might make it sound a bit less ARRRGGGHHH WHAT TO SAYYY-ish :P But did very much enjoy hearing your voice. When are you next in Birmingham?! Or perhaps I should make a trip to the seaside...


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