Monday, 28 February 2011

February's Make Up

So, here is another video post, once again about make up... I do have some outfit posts lined up, but I bought new make up today and was excited so wanted to rabbit on at a camera. Shall post those soon.

Also, please do tell me what you think about video posts. If you don't like them I really will stop doing them.

As I said in the video, now I must go watch Being Human *yay*


  1. Love it Hattie :) you have such a great manner and definitely keep going at getting fashion journo experience. Thanks for the Umberto hair stuff tip I'll give that a go although I don't see the difference from just spraying your roots with hair spray and then backcombing?! Also, I don't know if you've ever tried but this brush was introduced to me by best-mate-who's-a-hairdresser and is a miracle worker. I'd give it a go and at £4.75 it's great.

    More video posts please, you're perfect. :) xxx meryl

  2. Very much enjoyed this loverface, even if I should have been doing French seminar prep on Anyway, just a thought re: lipstick issues, have you tried slathering yourself in Lipcote immediately after applying? That seems to stick most things down! Much love xxx

  3. Your hair looks awesome Hattie! :)

  4. No NO I don't hate them I love them keep doing them :) And make up videos are my very very favourite!! :) And I added Umberto's Giannini's bottle to my list, I can't wait to try it out woo :)

  5. Aw, LOL! I don't hate this video, i loved it and you are adorable:) Thanks for the fun makeup tutorial!

    xx raez

  6. *not tutorial i guess, but cute makeup vid. I do love MACs fluidline! never budges!


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