Friday, 11 February 2011

I ate so much.

 So, finally, here are a few shots from my friend Katie's birthday trip to London. I'm sorry it's taken so long to upload these, this week's been a bit hectic.

 Painting my nails on the train there (you can tell we left early because I'm wearing my glasses!)

Trying on orange cowboy boots in Pop Boutique in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I decided the orange colour was just not quite what I was looking for. If they'd have been blue or purple however... oh well. Hopefully I may soon get some coloured cowboy boots. It was probably good for me not to spend any more money!

 Trying on Pop's sunglasses with Katie. Kicking myself now for not buying some of these, they were awesome! And it's been quite sunny here for the past few days dammit.

 A small shot of Saturday's outfit. I am really into headscarves at the minute. It's funny, I've just been wearing them because my hair's finally long enough so that it looks ok, but I read on Elle about how they're a micro trend, but I hadn't seen any out and about. Then, I get to London, and BAM!!! They're everywhere! Quite pleased to be back in Aber where I'm one of the only ones rocking them. I didn't like feeling like a sheep!

Snood in action! Doesn't really work with this outfit, but dammit, it was cold!

A really cool bakery just along from the Tatty Devine shop in Covent Garden (I shall reveal why I was near the Tatty Devine shop in a later post!)

Cocktails in Planet Hollywood...

This brownie nearly killed me. After having eaten an appetiser platter and nachos, and then a chicken burger and chips, I thought I had a little room left for something of the chocolate dessert variety. However, they then brought this beast over to the table... can you even SEE the brownie under all that cream??!!
(Also, note to self: Stop pulling funny faces in pictures)

I did battle through and conquered it, although I did sustain injuries. My belly hurt from too much food for several hours afterwards. Also, note the new leopard print cardi I got in Peacocks for £8 and am somewhat obsessed with.

 A lovely bit of cranberry and nut cake from Drink, Shop and Do, where we went on Sunday, after reading reviews of it on Pretty Much Penniless and Bow Dream Nation. It was really lovely to sit and have a nice cup of tea and a relaxing game of Scrabble after the hectic day of shopping that was Saturday.

Right, so that's a little overview of my London weekend..... thanks to Katie and Jenna for the pictures. As far as camera news goes, I took mine along to Jessops yesterday and  they told me somewhat bad news. I can get it sent off for repair, but probably the cost of getting it repaired is the same as buying a new one. To sound like my dad for a second, it does annoy me that this always seems to be the case nowadays. I don't want to buy a new one but I think I have no choice. Am currently borrowing my friend Kathy's dear camera Sheila to take some photos of stuff to put on Ebay, which I have been meaning to do for a while. Current need for a camera fund though has meant I am finally doing it.

Shall try and post soon with something vaguely exciting soon. Hope you all have lovely weekends.

(Also, apologies for this being completely incoherent. Not at my writing best today.)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm glad you went to DS&D, i's lovely there! All your food pictures are making me hungry, the dessert looks disgusting but amazing yumyumyum!! Looking forward to seeing your tatty divine post =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Aw, it really looks like such a wonderful time, as Hannah said! I would LOVE one of them brownies right now, but that's not the smartest of decisions! Plus, coloured cowboy boots totally rock! :P
    I'm sorry about the camera, that sucks big time:(

  3. Ah I miss London! I love your new snood btw. Pop boutique on Monmouth St. is very good. And next time I will def go to the Drink n Do place.

  4. Looks like you had a really fun weekend! I tried painting my nails on the train a couple of weeks ago and got polish all over my hands, with no nail polish remover to hand of course!
    I'm going down to London tomorrow until Tuesday, and again the week after, so if you really want those sunglasses I can go and pick them up for you then post them to you if you want. Send me an email if so :)

  5. Haha that brownie is insane and you look totally rad and adorable in all of these pictures.

  6. Firstly I am so impressed that you can paint your nails on a train! I would have ended up covered in varnish! Also that brownie is immense! Looks like an amazing day out!

  7. Oooh, share your ebay name! Although you are quite a lot smaller than me! I love the headscarf look, but how do you do it?! I can never work it out : (


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