Saturday, 19 February 2011

I didn't think fruit could make me so cheery.

Dorothy Perkins dress, M&S Limited Collection cardi, Laura Ashley vintage belt via charity shop, M&S tights and shoes, Pilgrim earrings

I apologise for this not being the experimental outfit I was talking about posting the other day. This is just a dress you've seen before with a few different bits. Note the obsession of the moment leopard print shoes and the beehive (although it doesn't look very beehivey in these pictures!) which I can now finally do thanks to this amazing tutorial. Also, I bought MAC's Fluidline the other weekend whilst in London after struggling with Benefit's Babecake for so long and it's dreadful smudgyiness. The Fluidline is absolutely amazing and doesn't budge, AT ALL. I went dancing with it on and got quite warm and sweaty and still it didn't move. The colour's not quite as pigmented as I'd like but I'm willing to forget about that for the fact I can actually wear eyeliner every day without it annoying the heck out of me.

Shall try and post something more interesting soon. I am just having one of those slight bleurghy wardrobe stages at the minute. Am feeling the need to do a massive clear out because there's so much stuff I don't get around to wearing. Its not that it's stuff I don't like, but with the appalling clothes storage I have at uni there's a lot of stuff which ends up being sat in boxes and forgotten about. I'm also really busy with uni work at the minute. I'm trying to really crack on with my dissertation now, although it's not due until the 9th May, so I can go home for my mum's 50th at Easter and won't kill myself with stress come then. I'm also feeling quite homesick, and actually trying to figure out what I'm doing after I graduate! I'm assessing the practicalities of doing a Masters in Fashion Journalism at LCF, but am so unsure about everything right now. The joys of being a grown up I guess.

Sorry, I'll stop whinging. Much worse things going on in the world than my silly Western self obsessed guff. I'm also currently debating giving up high street shopping, but I'm not going to get into that now... shall try and write a vaguely more coherent post on that at some point soon. Sorry this is so rambley, hopefully soon I shall get a camera sorted (much as I am ridiculously grateful to Kathy for lending me hers I'm sure you all know how difficult it can be to operate a camera you're not very familiar with!) and will be a bit less snowed under with work, and have some more interesting outfits to show you. I'm so sorry about the blog at the minute; it's such a mess, the camera incident appears to have thrown me completely off course! Right, I'm going to shut up now and post this lovely Kate Bush video to end on a cheerier note:

I'm going through a major Kate phase at the moment. She is beyond amazing. (And I recommend watching the rest of this short film on Youtube, it's incredible).


  1. I love the Kate too. I'm always interested to hear liquid eyeliner tips as have the Chanel brush one now and wonder what might be the best for longer wear and easier application.
    Thanks so much for your good wishes yesterday.

  2. I decided the other day I really need leopard print shoes! They are such a lovely addition to your outfit.

  3. I like this outfit, the dress is pretty! Good luck with all your work I know how stressful it is! Regarding want to do a masters, I did one and even though it was really hard work I was totally worth it. So as long as you do something your really interested in I'd say got for it

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. I've been wanting to do a fashion degree of sorts (probably marketing and managment) but decided that I hate being a student (although I would probably enjoy that degree:P) , and one degree is more than enough! :) Don't worry, everything will fall into place, as it usually does, and I'm sure that if you're meant to study fashion journalism you totally will! :)

  5. Aww, I'm a sucker for leopard print, especially on shoes! Great outfit and I can totally relate to your anxiety about what to do after your degree. You'll figure it out!

  6. I love that outfit, it's pretty random but it works! Thanks v.much for the headscarf tips by the way : ) x


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