Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Absence explained plus a few bits.

Right, so I re-filmed the video this evening and it's now only 10 minutes and I managed to do it all in one take.... yay. You can tell how tired I am from how much I'm slouching in this video- my waist has completely disappeared! Sorry for sounding so tired and not terribly articulate.

And... yeah. I'm sleepy. I'm going to watch some Peep Show. 

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  1. i find it pretty sweet that you have to make sure you read every post and always go back through your facebook feed. love the news shoes, the colour is insane but totally amazing.

    oh your skirt look nice, glad you rediscovered it by chopping it up and what a colour too, so vibrant!!

    good luck with all the work and don't worry about taking a break from blogging. your degree is much more important as im sure you know haha.

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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