Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The inner 6 year old returns.

first outfit- Topshop dress, M&S tee shirt and tights, Fat Face cardigan-shrug-thing, vintage belt via charity shop, New Look scarf in hair, Converse trainers, Bohm ring

second outfit- New Look dress, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, Laura Ashley cardi, charity shop belt, M&S tights, shoes as before

The last few days have been a classic example of me dressing like the lovely girl in my header. Basically, a 6 year old with too much glitter. For some reason, the sunshine came out and so did my inner little girl, and along with her a lot of pastels and sparkle. I wore my OPI Absolutely Alice glitter nail polish after seeing this tip on Gem's blog on how to remove it without getting through an entire pack of cotton wool. However, I'd forgotten that the other reason I don't wear it is because it chips something awful. I'd taken it off within 2 days because it just looked so skanky. I think it's because you end up applying it in quite a thick layer to get the opacity and then that flakes off quite easily. I also wore this Tinkerbell ring I have been meaning to show you for an absolute age. Sorry the photo is no closer, but this was as close as I could get without that dreaded macro over exposure. The scarf is another one I have discovered is best in my hair- I really love the tattoo doodles, hence why I wore my DIY Mermaid earrings.

Saturday also consisted of me making ridiculously sweet glittery cupcakes and getting very excited in Matalan over their socks- I got all of these for £6! Oh dear. I think I need to get out more.

Other outfit is one from my video the other day, once again looking quite ridiculously twee. I do wonder if this is why people mistake me for 15. But I don't know any other way to dress when it's warmer! I just get excited by stripes and florals and denim. It wasn't even that warm this week, I was just being deceived by the sunshine. Anyone have tips on looking 'sophisticated' (bah, as if I'd ever look that) in the summer?

Have taken pictures of today's outfit for post tomorrow. Shall try and get it done then, and not leave it until Monday!


  1. LOVE the bow on the dress! SO cute!v You are gorgeous, P.S.

  2. The best outfits are usually one that are being dressed chanelling a craziness.. whether that of a 6 year old, or homeless lady (I do this:P throw EVERYTHING i have in my wardrobe on me!) or a disco queen (lots of bright colours! :P) love it!

  3. I've got some glittered nail varnish and have long required an easy method for removing it - success!


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