Sunday, 6 March 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

Next Men's tee shirt, H&M skirt, M&S denim shirt and shoes, Tatty Devine earrings, Swatch watch

Just a quick post before I head off to bed. I just wanted to show you all these amazing Tatty Devine earrings I managed to find on Ebay for £8! They're also a bit rare now, since they're discontinued. I've always been rather partial to the accompanying necklace, but hadn't purchased it due to the rather high prices of their pieces. When I stumbled across these on Ebay I was well chuffed. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the posting due to my stupid hall's postboxes, but I got them earlier in the week. I am planning on pairing them with the lollipop necklace at some point, but, to be honest, I just wanted to wear them and didn't have many clothes at my disposal, so just put this rather random ensemble together. I like to think the 'Back to the Future' tee shirt accompanies the earrings rather nicely. I really love Next men's tee shirts; whenever I get a gift voucher for there, I had straight to the men's section! I got a rather cool Mickey Mouse sweatshirt in a sale from there, and also my beloved Sesame Street tee shirt that may unfortunately be dying (it's doing that horrible bobbley thing under the arms and where you sit on it).

I am also wearing the new Barry M lipstick I bought after trying to find a dupe for the one Marina Diamandis was wearing on the front of this month's Company. I'm quite pleased with it, although I'm not entirely sure my skin is good enough to carry the colour off completely. Oh well. I shall continue to attempt it.

Off to bed now. And not to all bore you with it again, but my dissertation calls me again tomorrow. Night.

P.S. Ooh, and I actually did go the movies tonight! Just remembered that whilst thinking of a title! Finally got to see the King's Speech, and it was fantastic. I really am going to bed now.


  1. Lovely outfit and those are some amazing earrings! Really want to see the King's Speech xx

  2. I think the lipstick really suits you - go with it. It's a good colour.

    Carol x (have a wee peek at the vintage shop too)


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