Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Turn my swagger on (lols!)

ancient Oasis dress, bought from an outlet for a fiver, Chilli Pepper zip up, New Look scarf in hair, M&S tights, Converse trainers, earrings a gift

Whilst at home this weekend, I discovered this zip up jumper thing languishing in a drawer. I must admit, this is probably one of the most under worn items of clothing I own. I bought it about 5 years ago when I was working in a shop that sold Chilli Pepper clothing. At the time of buying, I wore jeans a lot more and was more casual generally; however, even then, I couldn't seem to get over the slight chavviness of this jumper. Despite absolutely adoring the print, the white colour plus the zip up collar just looks a little.... let's just say a little Kelly from Misfits, because I can't think of a better example. My boyfriend told me today that I looked a little pikey, which was a lovely bit of encouragement. But since I paid about £40 or £50 for it, and adore the print, I have never been able to get rid of it. I saw it yesterday and decided to shove it in my bag to bring back in an attempt to reclaim it.

I tried to style it in a sort of 80s way, a bit trendy Cher Lloyd chav, if any of you know what I mean?? (I don't like all of her clothes, but I do like the headscarf thing she has going on) I was planning on doing this tutorial, that I saw on Fritha's blog, but couldn't really be bothered in the end. It might have looked a bit better with that, but oh well.

I also really wanted to wear my new MAC Rebel lipstick I bought (well, my mum did, thank you!) at the weekend. I'd been considering it for a while, but couldn't figure out whether it was more of a plum or a pink; I thought I'd best wait until I could get to a MAC counter and have a nose for myself. It turned out to be a fantastic fuchsia colour that I absolutely adore,and goes perfectly with the magenta lipliner I already have. You may see a lot of this lipstick in future posts, I love it!
(Oh yes, and apologies for the ridiculous over-exposure on the picture of my face, but that was the one that best captured the lip colour, the others I took were far too pink)

Also, apologies for no Feminist Friday last week. Silly me forgot I wouldn't be able to do the post at home without my laptop. I had a lovely weekend at home, although I am still rather sad to be back. I've just got to get on with my work the next month or so, before I get to go home at Easter. Ah, the joys of 3rd year!


  1. your new lippie is lovely, mums are great aren't they lol!! The jacket isn't that chavvy haha the print is cool though

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. I like the jacket, and the lipstick. Isn't it great rediscovering old clothes?

  3. Your lipsticks lovely and I agree with rediscovering old clothes and trying to make them fit into new styles, it means you don't end up blending in with everyone else. Not a bad thing at all


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