Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What a mess.

H&M dress, vintage cardi via charity shop, M&S tights, Topshop belt, Dr Martens boots

I would apologise for what my friend Sinead has dubbed the 'Romanian Orphan staring at the ground' pose but to be honest, today my hair and face have been such a mess I don't really care. I was thinking about wearing this with glasses last night, but then was forced into it this morning by the fact that my eyes were really red and uncooperative. I'm not sure whether I like this outfit; on the one hand I think I may have finally something to wear this cardigan with (it's been sat in my room for several months), but on the other I worry I may look like a lesbian. And not in a good way. I really do hate wearing my glasses; they just make me feel so ugly! I know that's really stupid, but they just make me feel such a mess. That plus the fact they look awful with my hair up.

I'm going to go now and shut up whinging, because I bet it sounds like I'm fishing for compliments. Actually, I write a blog, of course I am! Urgh. Let's go answer some questions on Mary Wollstonecraft you ridiculous woman.


  1. I think I look terrible with my hair up too! I'm glad to find someone else who shares my pain- even though you look fine, and I probably do too haha

  2. love this. i also looove the photo in your blog header.

    Helen, X


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