Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coral Kate.

New Look silk top via charity shop, Silence and Noise skirt from Urban Outfitters, Peacocks cardigan, M&S tights and shoes, pearls a gift from local jewellery shop, bracelet from my grandma

So, this post isn't about our future queen Kate at all, but instead about my favourite Kate (well, actually Bush is pretty awesome too), Kate Nash. Any of my older readers should remember that I am somewhat obsessed with her- her music, her clothes, her hair.... Anyway, so I bought this new coral lipstick earlier in the week (827 Bewitching Coral by Max Factor if anyone wants to know) and was inspired to wear it with black eyeliner a la Kate in the video for Do-Wah-Doo. I'd quite like to try it with the glittery silver eyeliner as well at some point but shall have to go purchase myself some. The outfit itself isn't very interesting really, apart from the jewellery. I love these pearls, but I hardly ever wear them, and I'm not really sure why. I'm making more of an effort to try and wear all my jewellery, because I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again, and when you have a collection as big as I do, that's a shame. I may do a separate jewellery post at some point, just to show it to you all. Likewise with this bracelet. It's one that my grandma gave to me several years ago, and was actually given to her by her best friend. I don't think it's actually worth anything, but I feel it's valuable because it meant a lot to my grandma. Anyway, I don't wear it that often, partly because it's so gaudy, but I kind of love it anyway. I just decided to throw it on at the last minute.

I apologise for not posting in so long but to be honest, my dissertation has taken over my life and my outfits have therefore not been terribly interesting. I'm wearing something now as I type that I shall post later though. Hopefully shall be more productive in a week or so when the bastard is finished and handed in! I hope you're all having lovely Bank Holiday weekends. I did have a little watch of the wedding yesterday and it was rather lovely. I wasn't wowed by the dress myself, but that's probably because it's far too elegant for me! I thought for the occasion it was perfect and she looked so beautiful. The lace detailing was exquisite. Anyway, back to Rossetti. Speak to you all again soon.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Unintentionally Seventies.

Monsoon Fusion dress, H&M waistcoat, Clarks clogs, scarf in hair from charity shop, Topshop earrings

This is a dress I bought back last year from one of my favourite bloggers, Mademoiselle Robot. It's a really lovely dress for the hot weather- good sleeves, nice length, and a lovely light cotton. It's also interesting enough that you don't need much more to make an outfit. This outfit came out looking quite Seventies, completely unintentionally. Of all the fashion decades, I would have to say the 70s is my least favourite. 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s... all great. 70s... not so much. I know I should try and get some flares, because they would do magic things to my figure, but I'm just not keen on the idea. I'd worry they'd make me look short unless I wore massive heels, and in the summer I really can't be arsed with them.

I have included a close up of my face just so you could see my new turquoise No7 eyeliner, and my new Topshop earrings. They're tiny little pink apples! Ah, I'm such a sucker for anything vaguely food shaped.

I could write more but to be honest, I'm really tired. Managed to finally get to the half way point in my dissertation today, and am quite chuffed. However, the hot weather is just totally sapping my energy. I am going to go back to my boyfriend's now and collapse for a bit and watch some telly. Hope you're all having lovely Easter weekends. I wish I didn't have to be doing work and could enjoy the holiday a bit more! Oh well, 2 more weeks and it will be done. I cannot wait people, I cannot WAIT.

Monday, 18 April 2011

I don't like pasties much.

first outfit- New Look tunic, Silence and Noise skirt hiding underneath, Peacocks cardi, M&S tights and shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring, Topshop earrings, Accessorize bangles

second outfit- Phase Eight tee shirt, Monsoon cardi, Firetrap jeans, Converse trainers, Topshop scarf in hair

Just a few outfits from my holiday. Both the tunic and striped tee shirt were sale items; I was particularly chuffed to get the tee shirt since I had seen it previously a few months back and really liked it. It's also just the most perfect tee shirt for the summer;  it keeps my decolletage covered (I don't want a crepey cleavage in my old age!) and has three-quarter length sleeves. It's also very comfy and the combination of florals and stripes is just perfect! It's also got several of my favourite colours in it, such as the purple and navy.

Although talking of crepey skin, look at my hands! The cruelness of macro I suppose! I better slap some Hand Food on...

I don't have much to tell you about the holiday really; we mostly just spent it sitting around, watching the telly, walking by the beach occasionally and eating nice food. I am now nice and rested and looking forward to getting stuck into the dissertation when I return to Aberystwyth tomorrow.

I did just think of something else to mention in relation to the holiday, but I think I may write a special post... *makes note to self* Must trot off to bed, I have a long train journey tomorrow. Hope everyone has good Mondays; even though you may be back at work/school, feel grateful you won't be stuck on a train for 7 and a half hours!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The 5 year old fringe returns.

I may have done something naughty. My boyfriend is not going to be happy with me.

My crime? I got a Shetland pony fringe.

Dorothy Perkins top, old Topshop waistcoat of my sister's, Firetrap jeans, Clarks clogs, Pilgrim necklace

Sorry for the slightly dodginess of these photos. First one is a little blurry I think because I cropped it. Second one was taken with a different camera to normal, and I just couldn't stop it being a bit out of focus. But I'd been faffing around outside with it for ages and to be honest I can't be arsed to go take anymore. It's getting chilly out.

Anyway, so, the fringe. I've been wanting to get one for absolutely ages but my boyfriend has this completely irrational hatred of them. I was also a little apprehensive since I had one when I was younger until about the age of 13, and I was worried it would make me look about 5 years old and chubby. I think it's alright. It's growing on me, I think it will just take a little getting used to. And anyway, it's long enough to be swept to the side, so if the boy really can't get over the hate I'll just go back to a side fringe.

I know the outfit isn't terribly exciting but I wanted to show you my new sandals! I'm sure some of you will remember my sandal dilemma of last summer; but unfortunately, those sandals aren't terribly comfy, despite being fabulous. So, this year I thought I'd try and get my hands on some clogs yet again, and wasn't having much luck until I happened to spot this pair in the Clarks window. The problem is so many of the clogs just have no padding in them and have wooden soles; I really wanted something with some cushioning, and a decent heel to help with my funny calves. These thankfully tick all the boxes, and whilst being a teensy weensy bit mumsy, I think they are fashionable enough to counterbalance it. I'm hoping that come wintertime they might also look alright with a thick pair of woolly tights, although the beige colour isn't ideal, but it was the best summery colour so I got them anyway. If they work just as a summer shoe I'll be happy!

Right, I should go, my sister has got her friends round for food (hence the tables outside). I should go show my face again and help with the washing up!

Ooh, and I do have a couple of outfits to show you from my holiday in Cornwall- I'll hopefully post them tomorrow.

(Oh yes, and I forgot to mention, I had my hair dyed black again as well.)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hipster Hattie.

Next men's tee shirt, vintage Jaeger skirt from charity shop, Laura Ashley cardi, Cache Cache denim jacket, M&S tights, Office shoes, vintage Jacques Vert belt from charity shop

Sorry if I look a little deranged in these photos, the red eye fixer was not being kind to me today. So, here is my midi skirt that I first posted quite a long time ago. I thought I would attempt to style it again today and look hideously trendy. I am aware that this way of styling midi skirts is so horrifically hipster-ish, but it seems to be the best way to remove them from the granny associations, so I did it anyway.

In other news, handed in my Politics essay today and am well chuffed. I have a month to do my dissertation, which is 6000 words, (well, 6000 left) but I'm just pleased I can focus on that solely now, without Politics getting in the way. I'm heading down to Cornwall on Saturday morning to go on holiday with my family for a week, and will probably not have an internet connection, so I apologise in advance for my absence. I think I will have one post to schedule in before then, so hopefully it won't be too long.

Right now, I'm going to go and get a celebratory Domino's pizza (they recently opened in Aberystwyth, and my god, you have never seen a town so excited about Domino's. Then again, not a huge amount happens out here in the back of beyond.) And I think I will also watch the Crimson Petal and the White- Victorian murky underground with prostitutes? I'm sold. (Hope that doesn't sound too creepy, I just find Victorians fascinating. Hence why I'm writing my dissertation on a Victorian poet and painter and his various representations of women.)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just a glimpse was all I needed.

Topshop dress, Laura Ashley tee shirt, M&S tights, Office shoes, charity shop scarf, Tatty Devine necklace

So, I finally have an outfit for you all! I apologise, currently still writing that damn essay. Urgh. Anyway, I rediscovered this beloved Topshop dress the other day, as it had been sat in my washing basket waiting to be ironed. I really do love it, but it is the hugest pain in the arse to iron! As you can tell, the brogues are still very much firmly attached to my legs, as is Rebel lipstick to my lips. Found this really great scarf in Oxfam the other day, it's a little silk square, which turns out to be the perfect size for headscarves.

I don't really have much more to say, and do need to go and finish this essay... I shall be posting another video soon, but hopefully you will all enjoy it, as it will be on something a little more frivolous than foundation and skincare, which I appeciate isn't the most thrilling of topics! Toodles.