Saturday, 16 April 2011

The 5 year old fringe returns.

I may have done something naughty. My boyfriend is not going to be happy with me.

My crime? I got a Shetland pony fringe.

Dorothy Perkins top, old Topshop waistcoat of my sister's, Firetrap jeans, Clarks clogs, Pilgrim necklace

Sorry for the slightly dodginess of these photos. First one is a little blurry I think because I cropped it. Second one was taken with a different camera to normal, and I just couldn't stop it being a bit out of focus. But I'd been faffing around outside with it for ages and to be honest I can't be arsed to go take anymore. It's getting chilly out.

Anyway, so, the fringe. I've been wanting to get one for absolutely ages but my boyfriend has this completely irrational hatred of them. I was also a little apprehensive since I had one when I was younger until about the age of 13, and I was worried it would make me look about 5 years old and chubby. I think it's alright. It's growing on me, I think it will just take a little getting used to. And anyway, it's long enough to be swept to the side, so if the boy really can't get over the hate I'll just go back to a side fringe.

I know the outfit isn't terribly exciting but I wanted to show you my new sandals! I'm sure some of you will remember my sandal dilemma of last summer; but unfortunately, those sandals aren't terribly comfy, despite being fabulous. So, this year I thought I'd try and get my hands on some clogs yet again, and wasn't having much luck until I happened to spot this pair in the Clarks window. The problem is so many of the clogs just have no padding in them and have wooden soles; I really wanted something with some cushioning, and a decent heel to help with my funny calves. These thankfully tick all the boxes, and whilst being a teensy weensy bit mumsy, I think they are fashionable enough to counterbalance it. I'm hoping that come wintertime they might also look alright with a thick pair of woolly tights, although the beige colour isn't ideal, but it was the best summery colour so I got them anyway. If they work just as a summer shoe I'll be happy!

Right, I should go, my sister has got her friends round for food (hence the tables outside). I should go show my face again and help with the washing up!

Ooh, and I do have a couple of outfits to show you from my holiday in Cornwall- I'll hopefully post them tomorrow.

(Oh yes, and I forgot to mention, I had my hair dyed black again as well.)


  1. i like your new sandals but i love your new fringe!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. I love the fringe! It looks lovely! And I love how black your hair is too!


  3. The fringe is gorgeous tell your boyfriend to be quiet! xxx


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