Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coral Kate.

New Look silk top via charity shop, Silence and Noise skirt from Urban Outfitters, Peacocks cardigan, M&S tights and shoes, pearls a gift from local jewellery shop, bracelet from my grandma

So, this post isn't about our future queen Kate at all, but instead about my favourite Kate (well, actually Bush is pretty awesome too), Kate Nash. Any of my older readers should remember that I am somewhat obsessed with her- her music, her clothes, her hair.... Anyway, so I bought this new coral lipstick earlier in the week (827 Bewitching Coral by Max Factor if anyone wants to know) and was inspired to wear it with black eyeliner a la Kate in the video for Do-Wah-Doo. I'd quite like to try it with the glittery silver eyeliner as well at some point but shall have to go purchase myself some. The outfit itself isn't very interesting really, apart from the jewellery. I love these pearls, but I hardly ever wear them, and I'm not really sure why. I'm making more of an effort to try and wear all my jewellery, because I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again, and when you have a collection as big as I do, that's a shame. I may do a separate jewellery post at some point, just to show it to you all. Likewise with this bracelet. It's one that my grandma gave to me several years ago, and was actually given to her by her best friend. I don't think it's actually worth anything, but I feel it's valuable because it meant a lot to my grandma. Anyway, I don't wear it that often, partly because it's so gaudy, but I kind of love it anyway. I just decided to throw it on at the last minute.

I apologise for not posting in so long but to be honest, my dissertation has taken over my life and my outfits have therefore not been terribly interesting. I'm wearing something now as I type that I shall post later though. Hopefully shall be more productive in a week or so when the bastard is finished and handed in! I hope you're all having lovely Bank Holiday weekends. I did have a little watch of the wedding yesterday and it was rather lovely. I wasn't wowed by the dress myself, but that's probably because it's far too elegant for me! I thought for the occasion it was perfect and she looked so beautiful. The lace detailing was exquisite. Anyway, back to Rossetti. Speak to you all again soon.


  1. I love that lipstick!
    Kate Nash is fab, she's setting up a sdummer school to encourage girls to write more music. x

  2. I love kate nash but haven't listened to her in AGES!!!! Cute top too. Did you get the tights yet? I sent them out on Wednesday? Hope the dissertation is alright, over soon =)

  3. Kate Nash is mental and weird apparently (she played at my SU) your hair and skin look so good though :) xxx


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