Friday, 22 April 2011

Unintentionally Seventies.

Monsoon Fusion dress, H&M waistcoat, Clarks clogs, scarf in hair from charity shop, Topshop earrings

This is a dress I bought back last year from one of my favourite bloggers, Mademoiselle Robot. It's a really lovely dress for the hot weather- good sleeves, nice length, and a lovely light cotton. It's also interesting enough that you don't need much more to make an outfit. This outfit came out looking quite Seventies, completely unintentionally. Of all the fashion decades, I would have to say the 70s is my least favourite. 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s... all great. 70s... not so much. I know I should try and get some flares, because they would do magic things to my figure, but I'm just not keen on the idea. I'd worry they'd make me look short unless I wore massive heels, and in the summer I really can't be arsed with them.

I have included a close up of my face just so you could see my new turquoise No7 eyeliner, and my new Topshop earrings. They're tiny little pink apples! Ah, I'm such a sucker for anything vaguely food shaped.

I could write more but to be honest, I'm really tired. Managed to finally get to the half way point in my dissertation today, and am quite chuffed. However, the hot weather is just totally sapping my energy. I am going to go back to my boyfriend's now and collapse for a bit and watch some telly. Hope you're all having lovely Easter weekends. I wish I didn't have to be doing work and could enjoy the holiday a bit more! Oh well, 2 more weeks and it will be done. I cannot wait people, I cannot WAIT.


  1. nice outfit, You look great :)

  2. Your dress is so lovely and a Mademoiselle Robot find too which is cool. I'm always checking out her blog shop but have never bought anything. Flares scare, I can appreciate that they look great on some people but I'm kinda short(ish) and think they'd look ridiculous on me plus I'm still obsessed with skinny trousers!

    FYI Did you get my email? You won my giveaway so I need your address =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the sun sapping all energy, I need to work on my dissertation but have so far managed 150 words! Not good!
    You look lovely, love the dress!

  4. love the headband! your blog banner is so whimsical and magical and adorable! =)

  5. beautiful dress! :)
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  6. Your dress looks wonderful! And I love Mademoiselle Robot too! High five!



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