Sunday, 22 May 2011

A random day of kites and Alexa.

Yesterday I completed my last exam EVER. Well, hopefully my last. I now have a few blissful weeks in which to really enjoy the last of the time I have in Aberystwyth, doing all those things I have meant to do whilst being here for three years. So, today Grant and I went to see the kites at Nant yr Arian (yeah, I have no idea how to pronounce that either). Unfortunately, today it started raining just as they began the feeding, but thankfully it was still rather spectacular, even if I did get a little soggy and the pictures are a little grey! I didn't take many, mainly because there were all these very serious looking middle aged men with whopping massive SLRs that made me feel rather inadequate with my little point and shoot! Oh well, one day I shall own a proper fancy camera, and then I can take pictures to my heart's content.

The sketch is one I did this evening of Alexa Chung's latest Vogue cover, which I'm sure you've all seen plastered all over the blogosphere. I've been meaning to post some of my artwork for ages on the blog, but have just been too busy to do any really! It was really nice to get stuck into it this evening whilst I helped Grant play LA Noire. I'm aware I've made her eyes far too big (it's something I am constantly guilty of) which has also thrown out the balance of her face somewhat, making her chin look too narrow, but oh well. I'm pretty chuffed with it considering it's the first proper drawing I've done in about 6 months.

I am actually wearing a rather exciting new find from a charity shop today but unfortunately my darling Kathy is away this weekend having exciting times meeting other Youtubers, and I didn't want to fob you all off with crappy pictures. Hopefully there shall be lots of good ones in the next couple of weeks before I have to leave Aberystwyth and Kathy's photography skills forever : (

Anyway, I am going to pop off to bed now. I am still rather tired from the exams of the last few days, and I'd also forgotten how much concentration drawing requires!


  1. Congrats on finishing!! I'm still in revision mode, but a week and I'll be completely finished too -woohoo!!

  2. Congrats on finishing exams! The kites in flight look spectacular. Cute sketch too. Good luck with the last few weeks in college! xx

  3. Hooray for finishing your exams! It's great to finally have some free time to yourself, isn't it?
    Great sketch - you have talent, there! I can definitely see the Alexa in it. Her eyes are lovely.

    x Michelle |

  4. Oh, I am so jealous of you, you lucky lady for being done with your exams! Ergh, I still have two weeks left of school AND exams. Ugh.

    Your drawing of Alexa Chung is so very good and makes me wish so badly that I could draw! It looks exactly like her...

    Thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such dear comments! :)

  5. beautiful photos! i love that illustration!

  6. Lovely sketch you did! And congrats on finishing your exams!!


  7. You're so lucky to have finished your exams forever!! I still have a lot to go! That drawing of Alexa Chung is brilliant, instantly recognisable and you've done her cheekbones exactly right!


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