Friday, 6 May 2011

Yay, Rob Ryan!

Apologies for not having posted in so long, yet again. However, I have now handed my dissertation in! So, now I am free from Rossetti and his various muses, I shall be able to post a little more regularly again, despite still having some revision to do. This isn't a proper post, but I just wanted to share a few nice things I have bought recently from the Rob Ryan Wild and Wolf range;

I have wanted this notebook for absolutely ages after seeing it in a local gift shop, and my Mum very kindly bought it for me the other week whilst we were on holiday. I have always adored Rob Ryan's work, but always presumed I would be too poor to get my hands on it! Hence I am very pleased about this collaboration with Wild and Wolf. Saying that, I am yet to write anything in it- I am such a sucker for pretty notebooks, but don't wish to spoil their loveliness with my ugly scribblings! Perhaps tomorrow, now I have no academic writing to do, I may venture a doodle.

I happened to see the bag being sported by a girl in front of me in a queue in the Post Office earlier, and then saw it in said gift shop later today, and bought it for myself as a little treat for handing in my diss. It's actually a really decent bag, with really sturdy straps and a good roomy inside zip pocket, so I am hoping to get lots of use out of it this summer whilst lugging all my stuff around.

Right, must go to bed, since I am getting a 9.30 train to travel home tomorrow for my Mum's birthday. I shall post again next week with something that I hope is vaguely exciting!


  1. Love this notebook!! :) x

  2. i love pretty notebooks too! this looks so cute! xx

  3. That little notebook is absolutely adorable!

  4. Oh, it's so great to be rid of your dissertation, isn't it? My boyfriend handed in his last essay the other day and we were overjoyed! So congrats on that!
    Love these picks, they're super cute.

    x Michelle |


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