Thursday, 30 June 2011

Er... what am I doing now?

Topshop tee shirt and belt, H&M skirt, Office shoes, Tatty Devine necklace, MAC Impassioned lipstick

I know I'm crap and haven't posted in over a week. Everything is very odd and up in the air at the moment. I was hoping to post again once I had heard back about this job, but I probably won't know until tomorrow and thought the blogging could not wait any longer. I'm a little miserable too at the moment; I went to go and see my boyfriend this weekend, which whilst being lovely, only helped to emphasise how hard living apart for over a year would be.

To explain, I just finished my degree in English and Politics (I actually got my final degree mark today, which was a 2:1 as I expected) and am now at somewhat of a loose end. I do want to go into some sort of area in fashion, but not traditional fashion journalism as I once thought. I spoke to a rather intimidating but effective careers advisor before I left uni and she managed to wrangle out of me that the reason I've always been a little unsure about the fashion journalism is because I have ethical issues with fashion as a whole. It's not fashion per se that I like, (could I sound anymore cliched?) but style. I don't want to work and contribute to this endless cycle of consumerism which convinces people they need things that they really could do without, and which damages the environment and often another person involved in the production process. I feel very strongly that there is definitely a way forward from our fast fashion culture, and I want to help participate in that.

So, at the minute, I'm wanting to go into some area of ethical fashion, perhaps on the advertising or marketing side, or helping charities promote and develop their retail outlets as an alternative to the high street. However, I'm not really sure how I'm going to actually get into this kind of work! I'm thinking that the best option would be to live at home for a year and save some money before going on to do some kind of fashion Masters in September 2012. But at the same time as wanting to do this, I also really want to live with my boyfriend, who happens to be 3 hours away now we are back at home. My sister is also leaving for uni in September, and lots of my friends aren't actually here at the moment. I'm also slightly stranded in my village and so my social life whilst at home is pretty much null and void. It's difficult because at the same time as wanting to do this Masters I also really want to feel like I am getting on with my life and moving forward. Living at home (whilst my parents are amazing) is quite depressing. If I do get a job, I know that will help, but right now I am so unsure about everything. It all seems like a big fat mess if I am honest!

Right. Sorry for that massive winge. I just felt it was kind of important to let you all know what I am actually doing with my life right now. Onto the outfit... you've seen the tee shirt and skirt before, but here is a better picture for you of my Tatty Devine necklace and a look at my new MAC lipstick, which I adore. I've got this dreadful problem of now I am back at home, with decent shops and time to spare loitering in town inbetween job interviews, I keep buying stuff that I cannot afford. Although Grant did tell me off with the ultimate put-down earlier- I often tell him off for always smoking when he goes out with his friends, and he did compare my inability to be in town and not purchase stuff as the same as his smoking! Properly got me there I must admit. This belt is one such purchase; although I did get it in the sale and I know it will be so, so useful. For someone like me who never goes out the house without at least one pattern on leopard print is almost a neutral of some sort.

I'm just going to shush now. Sorry for unburdening the crap of my life onto you all. Any wisdom would be appreciated.


  1. I hope you get everything figured out! I'm definitely in a transition period too. Just remember - if you're still interested in submitting an article to my zine then the offer still stands. :)

    The leopard best is boss.

  2. finishing uni is a really confusing time so I hope you manage to find your perfect job. I did a Masters and it's helped me get a fantastic job so I would recommend it, I worked for a year between my BSc and MSc and it really put things ie education and work ethos into perspective which was really good for me. Love the outfit too, the top is great and I do love that necklace x

  3. Lovely lovely outfit, pattern clashing is most definitely appreciated :) I'm a bit confused at the moment too, it's just I'm at the opposite end and worried about getting into uni. I'd like to study english since fashion journalism seems to specific and then find a way into fashion journalism after I graduate. I didn't realise it wasn't that simple until reading your post... I really don't want to end up writing articles forcing people to buy trends that they don't really want. I can relate into wanting to write about personal style and linking that into ethical fashion. Like a published version of blogging... oh well, I've got to get into university first. I hope things go well for you though, confusion can sometimes be good I guess. Better to have lots of options and whatnot than one direct path that could lead to a dead-end job or something :)

  4. Aw man, rubbish to hear you're not feeling great at the moment - hope everything sorts itself out for you soon. I'm in a very similar situation myself at the moment, it sucks.

    Love the Tatty Devine necklace, it's brilliant! x

  5. gorgeous skirt!

    just found your blog, totally love it ! Followed you too!

    visit moi:

  6. Good on you for wanting to bypass the fast fashion disaster on wheels and adopt a more sustainable approach. There's so much room out there for investigative journalists looking into the damage fast fashion causes, but also journos needed in the front row at places like eco fashion week, putting their weight behind the designers, so I've no doubt you'll find your niche :)

    And by the way, this awkward, but your assets are winking at me ;)

  7. Hey.
    Im sorry I havent been reading your blog in a while and gutted I missed you at graduation. You look lovely as always. I really hope you get a good job.
    Also, whenever I see that careers advisor around (which is a lot now Im working at the uni) it is like seeing a psychologist! It is actually kind of uncomfortable after she has torn your soul open to find what job you want. Useful, but intimidating -true!


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