Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paisley, flowers and compost

Phase Eight tee shirt, customised Laura Ashley skirt from charity shop, Cache Cache jacket, really ancient H&M cardi (just seen poking out from jacket sleeves), M&S tights, Boden trainers, Disaster Designs handbag, Accessorize ring, Liberty for Comic Relief scarf in hair from TK Maxx

Wow, that was a loooooong outfit description! Apologies for not posting last week but it was rather manic, what with it being my last week at uni. Packing, doing little day trips, going out to meals with friends... all very busy. I am safely back at home now, albeit with a hell of a lot of tidyng and sorting out to do before the unpacking can commence (my room is not the tidiest of places shall we say, and there is only so much crap you can fit in one room.) Anyway, one of these little day trips included Kathy and I visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology in nearby Machynlleth, a place I visited whilst a kid in Wales for a family wedding. Some of you may know of my fascination with taking as many macro shots of flowers as humanly possible, and I must admit that is what most of my photos of the day consist of. The place is tucked away in the Welsh countryside, and to reach it you have to travel up a steep hill in the little hydropowered train pictured above. The centre is full of various stands and exhibits about alternative energy, composting, growing your own.... whilst some of the stuff is clearly out of date and needs redoing, it is still a really nice day out, wandering around outside and stumbling across various things. Their cafe also does a mean jacket potato!

So, the outfit. The skirt is one I mentioned in a video a while back, but haven't shown you until now. I desperately need to hem it though before it frays all the way up to my bum! I'm thinking about doing some embroidery on it but am not sure yet. To be honest, I based the whole outfit around the headscarf; I'd bought it the previous day when Grant and I had gone on a day trip to Shrewsbury. I wanted one of these scarves around the time of Comic Relief, but wasn't in close proximity to a TK Maxx, and I presumed you couldn't get hold of them anymore. Imagine my glee when I found it in Shrewsbury! It's such a gorgeous print and the perfect size for tying in my hair. The colours are really gorgeous and I know it will go with lots of things. When I eventually get around to making my dress out of some amazing paisley Liberty fabric, I shall pair the two together with much excitement.

Kathy did do a little video of the day and I shall let you know when she has posted that so you can go have a look-see. Also, hello to all my new followers; there's been quite a few of you in the last couple of weeks and I'm not sure why! I realise some of you were probably pushed in my direction from Kathy, but as to the others I am clueless... Also, thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments about my Alexa sketch; I was quite nervous about posting it, and it was so nice to have such lovely feedback. Would you like to see more artwork in the future?


  1. Ah - the Centre For Alternative technology - I've been there too, though not for ages. In fact, I think I've been twice, and it rained each time! However, I loved it and was really inspired. So glad you too have already got Lucy Siegle's book. I'd be interested to know your responses once you've finished it. I felt kind of sand-blasted by the facts and the implications, but I now feel so much better informed in being able to argue persuasively against fast fashion and the human and environmental consequences.

  2. those flowers are so so gorgeous !

    stop by sometime<3

  3. What a cute jacket - I'm totally in love with mine too! Wish I could wear headscarves...

  4. I love your outfit in these photos! So cute and casual! x


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