Saturday, 30 July 2011

Birmingham, Barbour, and brassy blonde (otherwise known as ginger)

vintage dress, Cache Cache jacket, charity shop belt, M&S tights, Office brogues, Accessorize bag, Tatty Devine necklace

Hhhmmmm.... I don't know where to start this post really. So much to write. I suppose I best deal with the outfit first. This is what I wore to the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up on Saturday, organised by the lovely Claire and Fritha. I would do a whole post on it, but so many people have done much better ones and I forgot to take any photos on the day! But a few pinched photos from the lovely Florrie (who also took the above pictures) and Claire-

 This may be one of my favourite photos of myself ever.

 Luella dresses! But unfortunately as you can see, the fit was pretty awful, and they still cost £200! Also, please excuse my podgy arms, you can now see why I don't wear sleeveless things!

And in the excitement of an actual vintage shop (Cow in this case)... I did buy something but I shall include it in an outfit post in a later date, cannot be bothered to go through all the goodies I got in one post! Although if you would like to have a look at all the lovely freebies we received on the day, Florrie did a rather excellent post.

Overall, I had the most fantastic day shopping with people and meal later in the evening. Everyone there was so, so lovely and my only regret is that I didn't get to spend more time chatting to everyone! I did buy two things but to be honest, it was quite a warm day and I felt slightly awkward holding everyone up with my slow browsing habits... so I didn't get too much really! As I said, I'm sure I shall show you in posts later.

Something else that has happened as a result of the meet up is that I have booked myself on a week long intensive Fashion Marketing course in a few weeks at the London College of Fashion! As you all know, I am a little unsure at the minute as to what direction my life is taking, but when I heard from Fritha that the LCF did short courses during the summer I knew I needed to do one. Its costing me just under £600, which is obviously a crap ton of money, but I had a bit saved and if this helps me decide what I am doing, I don't really mind. £600 now to save me starting a £6000 Masters course which I find I don't actually like is well worth it in my eyes. I wanted to talk to Fritha about it when I saw her at the meet up, and she highly recommended it, so with her advice I booked it on Sunday. I am so ridiculously excited and am hoping this will help me sort out everything. If I go on the course and love it, I am willing to stay at home for a year doing a crappy job to save the money to do a Masters, but if I don't, I can go and get a job somewhere and move in with Grant, knowing that I tried the fashion and it just didn't work for me. Unfortunately the course does start on my 21st birthday, but if I didn't do it then I wouldn't be able to until December and that is just too long to wait!

Oh, and I have had a little fiddle with the blog layout... I still need to make myself a proper title header but am somewhat bereft of computing image skills! Will perhaps draw something and scan it in. Let me know what you think about it- I was just trying to make it look a little less amateurish and also change the background colour so I didn't have horrible white blocks with website photos! Also, if I could just be a pain in the arse and remind you all about the competition I am currently in... if you could spend two secs voting for me that would be fantastic. Also, 104 followers, where the bloody hell did you all come from??! Although it is terribly exciting to be into triple figures. I may perhaps do a giveaway but I'm not sure right now. Few too many other things to sort out. And as much as giveaways are great, I get kind of annoyed when they are on blogs all the time and are just being used to get followers. But I'd like to say thank you to all you lovely people, so who know.

I apologise for this post being so freakishly long, too much to tell you all.... oh yes, I suppose I should mention the outfit, right? I don't understand how I haven't shown you all this dress until now, because I would probably say it is actually my favourite one. I bought it for about £10/£15 from Mademoiselle Robot in a blog sale, probably about a year ago, and it is just divine. I love the little faux hanker chief pocket detail and it fastens just by doing two buttons up across the middle, which is so comfy. Unfortunately the wrap function does mean I have to safety pin it together to prevent any Marilyn moments (that's what the funny lump at the bottom is- also, so sorry Rebecca, I still have your safety pin!) but I don't really mind. I also wore my beloved brogues since I knew I was going to be walking a lot.

And um.... the hair. You know that blond streak I was talking about? Er, so this is it in progress. Let's just say after 4 hours of bleach and about 3 separate washes and an entire section of foils, my hairdresser thought it was best to leave it for a while. I have another appointment in a few weeks, (because my word I am not going to London looking like this) where hopefully they will be able to lighten it more. If it still looks hideously ginger I'm going to dye it purple or something. I was completely horrified at first, but am slowly getting used to it, although I must admit I do feel a little like a tiger. Or a chav home dye job gone wrong. The stupid thing is is that I don't really mind the colour itself; I just don't like it in with my black. Oh well. Hopefully sorted out soon.

Also, speaking of 21st birthday, should I ask for this divine Barbour jacket? I know it would be useful for rain, and would last me for twenty billion years, but at the same time I am worried I won't wear it that much...

Apologies for this being so hideously long. Congratulations if you made it to the end!


  1. I made it to the end :)

    Right, now where to start!?

    Firstly - love your outfit. I'm a serious fan of polka dots. Just can't resist 'em. So definitely approve of that lovely dress!

    And the silver brogues? Oh my. Silver brogues.
    I have rather a lot of pairs of brogues. But silver brogues is something I am definitely lacking in. They are amazing...

    Although £600 is a lot of money, I agree with what you said & think that course sounds like a really good idea.

    Right, this is getting nearly as long as your post, so I'm going to leave it there :)

  2. I also made it to the end! I think the Barbour coat is a great option and also, good idea about the London course. Will pop over to vote for you. xx

  3. Congratulations on the course, I think it will be a really fantastic opportunity! I had a really lovely day at the meet up too :) I love the Barbour, something like that will last for years and I think the price would make you wear it too! :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Really excited for you about the Fashion Marketing course!
    I really wanted to go on a fashion photography one this summer but looks it hasn't worked out =/ I keep feeling like I need to live in London, which is odd as I'm such a country girl.
    I do love your Brum outfit with the dress, and the belt & nails, the tights and the shiny shoes <3
    Lovely post and what a lovely day it was. :)
    Florrie x

  5. The Birmingham Blogger meet looked so amazing - made me wish I was a midlands blogger!

    The Fashion Promotion Course looks amazing, I hope you have loads of fun, and it sounds very sensible to try before you buy!

  6. Long posts ftw! Hate to use that little phrase BUT it's true in this case! The blogger meet-up looked great, especially those Luella dresses. Even "podgy arms" look lovely in one of her dresses!

    The hair looks great too (even if it is in a bit of an awkward phase) and I can't wait to see it properly blonde like what's-her-face from Harry Potter. Draco's mum... I can't remember her name for the life of me!

    Anyway, the LCF sounds good. I went to a course for under-18's on a career in fashion and it was brilliant. Although I'm not going to do a BA in fashion, I still think the college itself is great and I'm definitely considering doing post-grad work after I graduate... although that seems so far off. Alas, it is the dream!

    Hope you're having a great summer and... I wouldn't go for a brand new Barbour to be frank. You could get a vintage one in good condition for about £40 or £50 in some shops I've seen around Brick Lane. Hey, maybe even a hidden charity shop in a country village or something would have a cheaper one! :) xx

  7. Congrats on the job and the course! Any chance of a catch up soon? As you asked for feedback re: new layout, I must confess I liked the old one better ^__^


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