Monday, 25 July 2011

Ray-Ban Wayfarers... *drool*

I have wanted a pair of Ray-ban Wayfarers for as long as I can remember (OK, in my sunglasses wearing history). Despite the fact I am one of those people who looks after their sunglasses diligently, and so could justify spending that much on a pair, I have never exactly had the spare £120 lurking around to get myself some. I just adore the retro vibe they have to them, and they are such a versatile item, working with edgier more modern looks or working equally well with girly 50s style dresses. This pair are particularly lovely due to their lighter brown and blue colouring, with turquoise trim; a nice detail that makes them just that little bit extra special.

Imagine my excitement then when Style-Passport got in touch with me offering me the chance to win a selected accessory off their site! I had a nosey and my eyes instantly landed on these. My entry shall be going up on their blog in a few days and I would be so grateful if you could vote for me. This is the first time I have ever been contacted by a company, and I wasn't entirely sure how to approach it; however, when I found out the work would be a competition, with no outward 'freebies', I felt fine in taking part. If you wouldn't mind taking the time to pop over to their blog to vote for me, that would be great; but feel no obligation whatsoever, as I don't want this blog to become some kind of place for me to nag you in order for me to get freebies. 

But saying that, I would be very grateful if you could vote for me!


  1. Oooo fingers crossed you'll get them :) I'ma vote for ya! Although - I myself prefer cat-eyed sunnies or funny shaped ones like hearts/apples/pineapples... even Prada's Baroque pair. GOOD LUCK xx

  2. Ohh... I hope that you get them! I had a pair or Raybans Wayfarers and I do love them! Although, I do panic everytime I go out that they are going to get damaged! xx

  3. good luck - hope you get them!! x

  4. i lovee wayfarers! I'll be sure to vote for you :)

  5. These are amazing, I need a pair in my life!


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